Robert Downey Jr. and Kevin Feige Talk IRON MAN 4; Downey Says He Wants to Launch a New Non-IRON MAN Franchise

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Though Iron Man 3 only just hit theaters a couple of weeks ago (and crossed the $1 billion mark at the box office today), many of the conversations surrounding the film have revolved around the prospect of Iron Man 4.  A fourth film in Marvel’s most prominent—and successful—franchise seems like a no-brainer, but there’s the tiny matter of star Robert Downey Jr.’s contract.  His agreement with Marvel is currently up for renegotiation, meaning there is no guarantee that he’ll don the Iron Man suit again.  The actor is said to be in negotiations to return for The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3, but an agreement has yet to be made regarding another standalone Iron Man film.

Downey and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently talked a bit about the prospect of seeing Iron Man 4 pop up in Marvel’s Phase Three slate of films, and while Feige is confident that the character will live on no matter what happens, Downey seems keen on taking a break from Tony Stark for a bit.  Hit the jump for more.

iron-man-4-robert-downey-jrSpeaking with the folks at EW, Downey admitted that the lengthy amount of time in between Iron Man movies might prove difficult for the 48-year-old actor to return:

“I’d go start another one tomorrow, but it’s not tomorrow. And there are a lot of other considerations. But I also don’t like the idea of leaving people hanging or leaving people in the lurch.”

Downey went on to note that he wants to launch a new, separate franchise that has nothing to do with Marvel:

“My intent is to launch another franchise, independent of any that I can even imagine right now. My intent is to dominate the playing field for as long as I can, with my own challenges, with myself.”

The actor doesn’t exactly sound assured about returning for Iron Man 4, but then again the contract negotiations with Marvel are said to be rather heated so this could all be part of some negotiating tactic.  Downey certainly isn’t at a lack for projects, and he’s hoping to soon start production on a new Pinocchio film based on an idea of his own that Ben Stiller may direct.  There’s also another Sherlock Holmes film to consider, in addition to any other exciting new offers that come his way.

iron-man-4As for Feige, though, he’s confident that Iron Man will return in one form or another:

Feige says Marvel Studios is talking with Downey about if and when he could reprise the character. But if it doesn’t happen, we could find ourselves with a reboot. It has happened before, though rarely with a character so singularly identified with one actor.

“I believe there will be a fourth Iron Man film and a fifth and a sixth and a 10th and a 20th,” the producer says. “I see no reason why Tony Stark can’t be as evergreen as James Bond. Or Batman for that matter. Or Spider-Man. I think Iron Man is a character just like that.”

Luckily Phase Three is still a long ways off, but Iron Man is most certainly the golden goose for Marvel so the studio will be approaching the fourth installment very, very carefully.  We should hear more firm word about the film’s fate soon, and it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel proceeds should Downey opt not to return.

Check out a recent update on Ant-Man from director Edgar Wright here. And here’s Kevin Feige talking about BLACK PANTHER, PUNISHER, GHOST RIDER, BLADE, INHUMANS, DAREDEVIL, RUNAWAYS and MARVEL ZOMBIES Movies.


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  • JK1193

    Definately go back to Sherlock. I loved Game of Shadows so much and I’m sure a lot of people are waiting for the third one, even with Benedict and Jonny Lee Miller’s takes being prominate right now, Downey’s Sherlock is king.

    • chandler Bing

      no its not. Downey IS iron man. Cumberbatch IS Sherlock.

      • shadypotential

        according to who? shut up

      • Alan Burnett

        Jesus, I can’t even look at an article to see you telling someone to “shut up” just because you disagree with them.

      • chandler Bing

        according to a lot of people apparently. its sad that you’re not one of them.

      • shadypotential

        Cumberbatch is an actor. that is all

      • conradthegreat

        He is also a man.

      • shadypotential

        you’re his lover?

      • conradthegreat

        wow…..awful burn

      • shadypotential

        thank you

      • lackofpotential

        is hate on good ideas all you do? Cumberbatch IS Sherlock. That’s just the plain truth. Downey is good. Benedict is better.

      • shadypotential

        no that is your opinion which i could not give a shit about

      • chandler Bing

        maybe you should consider applying it to yourself before you go around telling people to shut up

      • shadypotential


      • chandler Bing

        great comeback *slow clap*

      • shadypotential


      • Chad Duerksen

        Actually, Basil Rathbone IS Sherlock. Anyone else is leftovers.

    • Chris

      Oh please not another awful Sherlock movie. I hope he returns in the Avengers, but since IM3 was a pretty dumb action movie I am fine with him doing something else for a while. That Pinocchio project with Stiller sounds interesting and I also like him working with Favreau again.

  • JD

    Downey doesn’t have to actually be Iron Man in the films if he’s so concerned about not doing stunts.

    Stark/IM is a part of the Illuminati in the comics, so there’s no reason why the character couldn’t just play a support role – like Fury – and still be true to the character. Meanwhile, Marvel can continue to introduce new characters and rotate out the original Avengers line-up.

    The absolute worst thing Feige can do is try to “reboot” or recast the the backbone of the MCU in the middle of their grand scheme of Phases.

  • Kaiser117

    Honestly I’m cool with RDJ coming back for just Avengers 2 & 3 and then getting a new actor. I love love love RDJ as Iron Man but no actor should be expected to carry any franchise for too long. The Harry Potter actors were only at it for ten years, and since Avengers 3 should come out around or after 2018, it’s only fair. Phase Four will be a whole new animal.

    Finish off a Sherlock Trilogy!

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  • Mark Marino

    We need Fin Fang Foom

  • sunshine

    that’s not a reboot, it’s a sequel with another actor… ala james bond… not that hard to figure out…

    • bidi

      well the james bond stuff is more just pulp adventures. none of the movies really have anything to do with each other. Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace kinda did, but even earlier than that they were mostly just one-off stories. which works for Bond, but not what Marvel is trying to do

  • Alex

    If downey is out im totally leaving Iron Man movies, Tony Stark is Robert Downey Jr., pure it

    • LEM

      Tony Stark is a fictional comic book character.

      • Alex

        Dude, i know ¬¬

    • Naveen Kumar

      ya, I totally agree wit u, I love RDJ as Tony stark but nothing else.

    • SuperSam64

      I agree. Pay the guy whatever the **** he asks for, casting anyone other than Robert Downy Jr. would be a mistake. I can’t imagine anyone being a better fit.

      On the other hand, I thought Jack Nicholson played a great Joker till I saw Heath Ledger. Different company, I know, but the analogy is relevant. Just saying, big shoes to fill.

      • Alex

        yeah but how many years passed after the Jack Nicholson´s joker? this guys want to replace Downey like Edward Norton or Eric Bana

      • Guest

        That would be a terrible decision. I like those guys, Norton in particular is a fantastic actor, but he could not pull off Iron Man like Robert Downy Jr. They need to renew the contract or they’re going to be in trouble.

  • James Sawyer Ford

    RDJ is Tony Stark. No other way to put it. Marvel might save money by recasting the role, but they will no doubt lose money in box office draws. Tony Stark is Iron Man, RDJ is Tony Stark, thus RDJ is Iron Man, aka the flagship character in the Marvel Universe. Cutting off their nose to spite their face is not a good way to do business. Fingers crossed Downey and Marvel make nice for at least Avengers 2&3 even if there is no further Iron Man standalone films.

  • Sean

    If they want Iron Man 4 and the Avengers 2 and the Avengers 3 to all do good in the box office, then they will have Robert Downey Jr Return for those 3 movies!!!

  • Jonathan Rios

    As much as I enjoy these films I’m looking for the day when we don’t have 5,6,7 sequels to movies. I was in Junior High when Spiderman came out and year after year its been one super hero after another. Yes, I don’t have to go see them if I don’t want too, but I don’t see Hollywood putting out much of anything else. I can only handle so much indie dramas, but they’re really over doing it with these super hero films. Kevin Feige just sounds like someone who is going to milk this market dry.


      Just don’t go see superhero films then. The superhero film genre isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, let’s be real. There’s way too many superheroes that need their own movies. There’s other film genres too. As long as people keep the superhero film genre fresh, then they can keep it coming. No need to stop.

    • mr_teaspoon

      Yes, I don’t have to go see them if I don’t want too, but I don’t see Hollywood putting out much of anything else. I can only handle so much indie dramas, but they’re really over doing it with these super hero films.

      You don’t really sound like a movie-goer if you think it’s nothing but ‘indie dramas and superhero films’.

  • jarvis3205

    Look…franchises come & go with actors bowing out due to loss of steam. This film asked uss: Do the suits make the man, or the man makes the suits, so look: that man is Iron Man…RDJ will make &/or will break these films. RDJ is Iron-Man.

  • Bob

    Only bring him back for cameos and Avengers 2 and 3.

    • Bob

      No more Iron Mans. Leave it as a trilogy. There getting worse and worse.

  • LEM

    A reboot would hurt the character. RDJ has defined Iron Man and become the face of Marvel Studios. They’ve only got maybe 10 years left with him being able to play the part so they should get as much done as possible before changing actors.

  • Scotty

    I think they should just leave it. Iron Man 3 felt like a nice conclusion for the Iron Man films and it’d be a shame if they continued it just to get a larger paycheck. That being said, Iron Man should still be featured in The Avengers films.

  • Christopher

    Marvel should call it a day with Iron Man until a hypothetical Phase Four, and then simply recast the character.

    • mr_teaspoon

      I imagine that is what will happen, minus appearances in The Avengers (maybe not 3, but 2 for sure).

  • melanarus

    Do you really think that Marvel are not in talks with Downey about Iron Man 4,5 & 6? Iron Man brought about the start of successful films for Marvel, and Downey was in the top two Marvel films – Avengers (1.5 B) Iron Man 3 (1 B+). Downey is on fire right now and Marvel hates not having control over stars and directors, easily replacing them when they ask for more. If Downey got 50 Million for Avengers, they are trying hard to lowball him and sign him for another 5-6 movies as soon as they can. You can read between the lines of Downey’s statements above, he’s holding out for the big bucks!

    DO you think if Downey does Avengers 2 & 3 over the next 5 years they are not going to try and squeeze in Iron Man films every other summer (while Iron Man is super hot) and make another 4-6 BILLION?

    They are in talks with Downey for sure for Iron Man 4,5,6. He’s not replaceable when he is the key ingredient to BIllion dollar Marvel movies. Kevin Feige (Marvel guy) however IS replaceable. It’ like the Disney President when he was saying if Johnny Depp didn’t do Pirates of the Carribean 4 that he was replaceable. Yeah RIGHT! No one is going to see Jack Sparrow played by anyone other than Depp. The funny thing about the Disney President’s “replaceable” remarks were that his predecessor was “replaced” by him not a year or two before, what f#$%ing irony!

    Warner Bros. would take back Nolan and Bale for another Batman for 10% off the backend. If they did another Batman, it’s another BILLION plus bucks in the bank for sure. A Batman reboot/actor change, who knows if it makes 300-600 Million at most. But It’s for sure not going near a Billion without Nolan and Bale.

  • Alexson Philip

    PSH. Just chill for a couple months. I am very sure this is just, as the article even states, RDJ trying to use tactics to get Marvel to pay him and his team higher. He very much wants to be in the universe. Marvel knows RDJ is one of the main highlights of their movies and all this will get them nervous and…yeah. If anything, RDJ will quit and Marvel will kill his character off and make someone else don the suit.

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  • pronstar

    I really think it would be awesome if Stark just produced suits for War Machine and he was in the Avengers movie.

  • Tony Stark=RDJ

    Iron man 2&3 was good films. RDJ is Iron man. He can’t give up the role. If Marvel Reads the Internet about this they should know by now The fan Demand RDJ be Iron man or the films probably Won’t sell well. even though he is getting old, we all will grow old with him. if you want to Stop the films. at least do the Iron man 4, Avengers 2, Avengers 3, and Finally Iron man 5, (where he finally dies in a blaze of Glory.) maybe one of those could be a iron man and Hulk standalone. maybe Iron man 4?

  • Tonya Stewart

    It would never be the same without robert d jr it wasnt same without terrance howard

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