Is Warner Brothers Howling for A TEEN WOLF Remake?

     June 18, 2009

teen_wolf_01.jpgIt was only a matter of time really.  With all the classic 1980s properties that are currently on their way to your local theatre, you had to suspect that it wouldn’t be long before someone thought of “Teen Wolf”.  The 1985 comedy starred Michael J Fox as a teenager who discovers that he is a werewolf – and that he is excellent at channeling John Travolta.  Moviehole is reporting that Warner Brothers (who picked up the rights to the original a few years back) is currently looking for writers for a “Teen Wolf” remake – though they’re apparently not too sure “which way they’re going to go” with the project.  Really??  How many ways can you go with a script about a hairy teenager who is really good at basketball?  Oh wait. That sounds sort of like “High School Musical”, doesn’t it?  So I guess they do have some sorting out to do before they settle on a final concept then.


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