‘It Follows’ Director Wants to Discuss Quentin Tarantino’s Notes over a Beer

     August 28, 2015


A few days ago we shared some quotes from a recent Quentin Tarantino interview during which he called David Robert Mitchell‘s It Follows a movie that is “so good that you start getting mad at it for not being great.” He went into more detail pinpointing specific elements of the film that irk him like mythology inconsistencies and problems with Keir Gilchrist‘s character Paul, and then, as one might expect, Mitchell found out about it and he decided to use Twitter to respond to the comments:

It’s a ballsy move because you can certainly read that as Mitchell snapping back at Tarantino or as a playful jab, which is probably why he quickly clarified his intentions with this follow-up tweet:

Beer and feedback with Tarantino sounds like an absolute dream, but do you know what would be even better? A more formal panel or discussion between the two directors so that we can all experience it. First off, I get the impression that it would be an especially enlightening conversation and, second, I would be very curious to hear Tarantino defend the points he made in that Vulture interview because I don’t agree with the large majority of them. If we don’t get that, at least this back and forth might inspire some of the folks who missed out on It Follows to finally check it out. I certainly recommend it! You can give the trailer a watch below:



Image via RADiUS

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