J.J. Abrams Grants Terminal Cancer Patient’s Dying Wish to See STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Early

     December 28, 2012


Every once in a while we get to post a human interest story that is just barely related to movie news, like Ron Perlman dressing up as Hellboy for a Make-a-Wish patient or President Barack Obama reacting to a pint-sized Spider-Man’s web.  Now director J.J. Abrams has reportedly answered the dying wishes of a terminal cancer patient by arranging a screening of Star Trek Into Darkness well ahead of its planned debut of May 17, 2013.  While it seems like a small request from an obvious fan whose time on this Earth is being cut short, it’s even more impressive considering how famously secretive Abrams is concerning his projects.  It’s refreshing to see that he’s got his priorities straight in this case.  Hit the jump for more.

star-trek-2-sequel-klingon-jj-abramsThis story was first brought to our attention by Grady Hendrix on reddit.  Hendrix, a friend of the patient in question, is also a writer and founder of the New York Asian Film Festival.  Here’s what Hendrix posted:

I just wanted to say that I know and work with Dan (the guy who’s dying) but I don’t know the OP. Dan’s been running the New York Asian Film Festival with me and a few other guys for years. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of all of this, I use my actual name as my Reddit name, and you can visit the NYAFF (New York Asian Film Festival) page on Facebook. If you still have doubts that are keeping you from helping, feel free to email me:grady@gradyhendrix.com

Followed by:

Thanks everyone, and a huge thanks to OP ideeyut for posting this. JJ Abrams just called Dan’s wife and left a message. He’s going to try to arrange a screening for Dan, either of the film or at least of the 9 minute promo reel…I’ll never say anything bad about JJ Abrams again. Seriously. He is now beyond reproach as far as I’m concerned.

While I’m really hoping that Abrams manages to screen the whole film for the guy, it’s respectable that he responded at all.  It would have been far easier for him to ignore the story or chalk it up to a hoax.  It’s nice to be reminded that Hollywood types still have hearts, even if this story is destined to have a bittersweet ending.


  • Dave

    JJ is awesome. I don’t care what anyone says. Star Trek 2009 was a fantastic film and Into Darkness is going to be even better.

    It’s funny how everyone is dissing JJ & his Star Trek films when George Lucre made the Star Wars prequels and everyone knows that they are absolute rubbish.

    • MisterED

      LOL So you are calling out the haters of JJ for bashing him despite him having a heart of gold and yet you are doing exactly that to George Lucas. Bashing him for pretty much the same reasons haters hate him (ruining their childhood). Hypocrite much?

      BTW, George Lucas & Lucasfilm have indeed done things for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the past (google that to read some examples). Also, Lucas is giving away the bulk of the 4 billion dlls he got from Disney. You forgot about that one, didn’t ya?

      Haters… sheesh.

      ANYWAY, I always respected JJ and this just puts him with the best in the business.

      • Steve

        The funny thing about the Internet is that a few loud and noisy malcontented fans voice their disdain for something and suddenly it appears that “everyone” is against it. C’mon now. Have we not learned to be smarter than that? The Internet is where angry people go to type angry things over and over again. It in no way reflects reality. It merely skews it.

        (and yes I realize the irony of typing an angry comment in the message thread of an Internet movie web site.)

    • To Dave


      Most people liked or enjoyed JJ’s Star Trek. So it’s not ‘everyone ‘ since its mostly positive.

    • Scott

      Everyone I know really liked Star Trek. I was never a trek fan but JJ turned me into one. I even went back and started watching the old Star Trek episodes. JJ did something that I never thought could happen, he gave Star Trek a mass appeal, similar to Star Wars.

  • axis

    like Bale this year. some respect for this 2 guys after this year.

  • jk

    No question, Abrams is a class act.

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    Jealousy is a grave sin and so many wannabe’s are jealous of anyone who is successful. I like and respect anyone who achieves what they want to do. I am your basic American failure but I don’t begrudge anyone’s accomplishments. I like Lucas, I like Abrams, Cameron, and all the others who have made it in whatever area they have chosen. I may have problems with certain movies or TV series or parts of the same but I don’t ‘DIS’ everyone because I might have done it differently. Amazing how hateful a lot of people are in this day and age.

  • Eduardo Victoria

    I had the pleasure of meeting J.J. at a screening of Super 8 earlier this year. He was one of the nicest, most polite, inspirational, and welcoming people I’ve ever met. Last year, by complete coincidence, I met his family at the Hollywood Bowl and it’s no trouble to see where he came from. What a great guy.

  • Strong Enough

    how f*cked up it would be if J.J. just screened him the 9 minute version? lol

    • Wrath of Colin

      Why? The studio may not allow him to show the whole movie. Why he has been given creative control, they still own the product and he will need their permission before he can show any of it earlier than the agreed release date. It was decent of him to try to arrange a screening to begin with.

  • gal

    Abrams needs this positive publicity cause he looks like a douche, lol.

    • Um, yeah

      Says the troll, without the least hint of irony.

  • Brett Rankin

    This is really something special. One of those those stories that makes you feel good about other human beings, while still being bittersweet.

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  • Gabriel

    Bale should’ve, kinda’, been, sorta’(Empire of the Sun) mentioned on this article there Mr. “Biased” workings. :-D The pic of Mr Sorrento with child is a cute photo op., but as an entertainment news site.., yeah.

  • Gabriel

    JJ has always tried to be the most down to earth person that someone with his upbringing could be. Thanks for doing this JJ, sincerely!

  • Gabriel

    There’s no reason why he can’t sit in the editing room with him for a day or so; producers sit in the same space and do nothing so it should not be that big a deal; pray they don’t start thinking, ’cause we all know when producers do that, good tales are out the damn window.

  • Scum

    Star Trek kicks ass seen every thing that is trek and recovering from cancer myself, mate if ya going to go out then JJ will take you out in style.

  • sense 11

    That man just earned himself a lot of good Karma

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  • dogg

    I’m glad to hear he’s screening it…but can we please stop acting like he’s Mother Teresa for this? If you’re not committing more charitable acts than this a few times a year, you need to get off your ass.

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