J.J. Abrams to Direct STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

     January 24, 2013


It’s finally happened, folks.  After weeks of shortlist stories, rumors, and denials, it appears that J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars: Episode VII.  Lucasfilm Chief and Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy has apparently been courting Abrams for a while, and Abrams himself “revealed” in December that he turned down the directing gig because he’d “rather be in the audience not knowing what was coming, rather than being involved in the minutiae of making the film.”  So much for that.  Hit the jump for more, including who else was in contention for the job.

star-wars-episode-4-poster-drew-struzanThis bombshell of a story was broken by the folks over at The Wrap.  Ever since Disney first announced that they were purchasing Lucasfilm and moving forward with a new series of Star Wars movies with Kennedy spearheading the franchise as a producer, rumors have understandably been swirling over who would be directing the franchise.  Our own Matt Goldberg made a list of five directors who he thought would be well suited for the gig back in October, and Abrams made the cut with Goldberg noting that it would be “the most secretive production in history.”  If the hubbub surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness is any indication, that’s probably exactly what we’re in for.

Speaking of which, it’s kind of crazy to think that Abrams will be behind the two largest sci-fi franchises in history: Star Trek and Star Wars.  I’m not a diehard fan of either one, but I’ll be interested to see what the hardcore Trek and SW communities think of this decision.  Abrams is an incredibly gifted visual storyteller with a knack for exciting, adventurous, and heartfelt films, so I’m pretty happy with this choice.  The Wrap’s report notes that Ben Affleck was also in consideration for the job, which is interesting.  Affleck has proven himself to be an incredibly solid filmmaker, but he’s yet to make a lighter, more commercial film in the vein of Star Wars.

So, now that we have a director, here’s what we know about the new Star Wars so far:

  • Michael Arndt is writing the screenplay.
  • Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are writing screenplays for other Star Wars films that could either be sequels to Episode VII or spinoff movies featuring other characters.
  • Zack Snyder may or may not be directing a spinoff Star Wars movie set in the same universe as this new trilogy.

Click here to catch up on all of the previous Star Wars news and rumors, and strap yourselves in for a very long, secretive wait for Star Wars: Episode VII to hit theaters in 2015.


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  • Mr. Orange

    So it’s also safe to say Khan is the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness?

    • Steve

      Khan is also the villain in Episode VII. And I think he’s going to be in Expendables IV.

    • Anonymous

      YEEEEEEEEEEES ! Who else is that badass ? That should be Khan and no one else.

  • No Khan

    Awesome news!

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  • Sean

    I will believe it when I see something official.

    • Ryan D

      This is why journalism is so bad, why are you guys writing “confirmed” for this….can you edit this to say it hasn’t been confirmed yet. This is like the Zack Snyder crap. All you are looking for is click throughs.

  • hmmm……

    so jj abrams is being entrusted with the next installment???????

    really? they should just call it “lens flare episode 7″

    horrible mistake by kathleen and disney- not sure if affleck could’ve handle this either.

    i would have gone with g.d.t. or nolan- both would have been able to handle it.

    • Figured this would come up

      I’m curious about what in Nolan’s catalogue of films leads you to believe he’s the guy for Star Wars. Seriously, nothing about his films says “this guy would make a fun sci-fi serial.” He’s great, but Nolan-ites need to realize that he isn’t the guy for everything.

      Now, del Toro is a guy I can get behind for Star Wars. Abrams, too. Hell, he’s already made the greatest non-Star Wars Star Wars film yet.

      • Chris

        i love you

      • Grayden

        Which film was that again?

      • wes

        Agreed Star Trek by Abrams was the best Star Wars film since episode 5

      • Star Wars is dead.

        star trek remake is crap, I hate that movie it ain’t star trek.

      • Ur mom

        Del Toro has been approached for Star Wars VII, but he declined cuz there’s other projects he wants to work on.

    • DREDD

      Nolan? For Star Wars? You crazy? He couldn’t make proper sense out of the last Batman! He has one style and it involves lots of talking and people in business suits. Nolans visuals are sterile and his attempts at humor are corny and his characters don’t fully express emotion. I wont go into his plot holes and missed opportunities. I’m not saying hes terrible, but he certainly aint as great as many make out. Keep him away from Star Wars! JJ is at least a fan! Nolan wasn’t a fan of Batman which explains why theres so many missed opportunities, its like he was trying to make a Batman film that wasn’t one. I look forward to the reboot, until then I have my Arkham city game.

      • ap30

        Missed opportunities? Lmao some people crack me up. The guy picked Batman up out of the ashes and made a trilogy that can go up there with the greatest trilogies of all time. The man basically re-invented the comic book movie genre…seriously what opportunities did he miss that you could have thrown into a Batman movie to make it so much better? Gtfo here bro.

      • Anonymous

        Dredd is aboulutely right, nolanites are in denial and don”t want to see the 101 ways in which rises could be improved, from the small but important details to the greater story arch, and months later after they’ve been listed they demand you recite them again, frack them.
        rises is the one low quality movie in nolan’s filmography that didn’t live up to the epicness of it’s posters.

        BEGINS and KNIGHT are masterpieces, and I don’t compare them to anything. frack the nolanites. long live the first two proper films.

      • TwoCentsTooMuch

        I’d like to see you try and come up with 101 legitimate improvements to Nolan’s script for Rises. Rises isn’t perfect, but the script is already more believable than the first sentence out of your mouth. Opinion masquerading as fact and laced with hyperbole is at worst drivel and at best hard to take seriously.

      • Anonymous

        Look Dredd, they’re like roaches.

  • MainFragger

    Newsflash: J.J. Abrams found dead..apparently the Star Trek geek inside couldn’t get along with the Star Wars geek inside and he beat himself to death…

    • MCP

      HA! That is fucking hilarious, but yes I think the same way.

    • DREDD

      Ha! But wouldn’t happen! Trekkies are weaker so would have been beaten out, they rely on stiff logic rather than action. (Also JJ was not a Trek fan, he said it before he made the first film. )

  • Pingback: Anonymous()


    Perfect!! (possibly) I remember before he did Trek he said he was more a Wars fan than Trek, and his Trek had some things in common with Wars, much to the dismay of some trekkies.

    Also there are plenty of Star Wars references in LOST which shows how in tune with it he was, I’m hoping this will knock it out of the park like the original films and hopefully will have zero in common with the prequels.

    My advice, keep the dialogue good, use more models and sets than cgi. And bring back puppet Yoda!!! (in ghost form of course.) One of the main things i and many loved about the original Star Wars was the amazing spaceship models and used gritty lived in world. Completely missing from the last 3.

  • Tony

    Great news!!

  • TheHOYT

    I would’ve preferred Bird, but this is a safe bet. JJ will give us a solid outing in a galaxy far, far away. And, hey, it’s a trilogy, so maybe Bird for eight or nine?

    • Nope

      Bird for 8 and del Toro for 9 would be grrrrreat.

  • Bryce Forestieri


    Shit. I went from cautiously excited about this project to not giving a fuck anymore. Now they only need Lidelof to turn this into the fiasco of the decade.

    • Star Wars is officially dead.

      Exactly! JJ and lidelof are hacks. Star trek remake, and pro-homo-meateus were and are shitts!

      • Pocketses

        So…you think that Prometheus pun was clever? Hmm…

  • Nate

    Holy shit!!! I’m officially over the top excited!!!

  • J

    Should have picked somebody interesting and fresh who has never had a bad movie, like Matthew Vaughn.

    • Fabs

      What?!?!?! Good god have ever senn STARDUST?!?!?! What a piece of shit!!!!!!

      • J

        I’m not saying i love Stardust, but it is a VERY good family film. Matthew Vaughn has said that he’s glad he did that movie, but his real passion lies in action and sci-fi and that’s what he wants to do from now on, Layer Cake and X-Men: First Class were great movies (First Class did what ST did but for the x-men franchise) and Kick-Ass is one of my favorite movies… ever. It just felt so FRESH and FUN and had an enormous amount of HEART. Not to mention superb memorable action scenes on a small budget.

    • Star Wars is dead.

      Agreed, Mathew Vaughn would have been an excellent decision, X-Men : First Class is awesome!

  • John Harrison

    First mistake… Believing anything on “The Wrap”. This is soooo not true, it isn’t even funny. Can’t believe everything you read. PS – I am an Augment of sorts.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Both Brad Bird and Matthew Vaughn were far superior choices from a filmmaking point of view. They are both better at technique, DESIGN, action, form, keeping interesting/engaging/entertaining. Also both more appropriate for the should of star wars. Just because Abrams looks like a nerd and handles a few talking points doesn’t mean he\’s the go to guy for this genre now. Both Bird and Vaughn more appropriate choices for Star Wars. And if they wanted to go “modern”; or “edgy” or whatever the fuck they\’re thinking there was always Duncan Jones.

  • NFP

    Couldn’t be happier! Screw you haters! JJ gets the magic of movie making. Instant upgrade from prequels, with a solid director, who has a working relationship with Kennedy.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Seriously? Why is my comment being banned?

  • amg907

    Terrible news.

  • sterwerd

    Official announcement or f**k off.

  • Nate H

    I was very surprised to hear this! It’s a tad shocking that Disney was okay with the director who reinvigorated Star Trek directing their reinvigoration of Star Wars. But Abrams’ Trek had a lot of Star Wars overtones. I think Abrams will do a great job with it.

    Del Toro would be good for episode 8 or 9, but I’m glad that he’s not the one setting the tone for the new trilogy. Also, Nolan would be horrendous directing this, so Nolan lovers need to chill.

  • shill

    Worst news ever, I knew Disney was going to PHUCK THIS UP. George Lucas should not have sold Star Wars!

    JJ Abrahams is a jewish hack, he ruined Star Trek, now he will ruin Star Wars.

    There should be no more Star Wars movies, 6 was enough and this shittty news proves it (and there will only be 6 movies). There should be no more Star Trek movies, 10 was enough (there are only 10 anyway).

    • sense 11

      Thanks for the racist comment you piece of $h!+

      • Shill

        Your welcome you dummbass, shitt for brains, piece of shhit, shitt head, you dumb shiit!

      • sense 11

        its amazing to me that people like you still exist, have fun with your sad pathetic existence.

      • Shill

        Just commit suicide you pathetic shiit. Your life is a waste and is useless, admit it, you are nothing and will never be anything! Just because you can not admit you are nothing does not mean you can spout false shhit, just because like I already said but I will say it again because you are an iidiot and so dumbb, but you are nothing and a piece of shhit! Go on little sshiit kill yourself.

      • sense 11


      • Star Wars is officially dead.

        Wow, now you are laughing at your own pathetic demise, that’s sad and pathetic, you shiit

      • shill

        You started this nonesense sense what ever you name is. I stated the truth, jj is awful and this movie will be an abomination.

      • sense 11

        you introduced racism into this thread, you cant be a geek and racist, it doesn’t work that way
        Grow Up

    • shit

      how about you cut off you limb and go FUCK yourself with that detached limb till someone pull that shit out and crowned himself the next king arthur

      • Nate

        haahaa, this guy is probably Kevin Smith or someone pissed off that they were not choosen to be the director.

    • Ur mom

      Shill, come on down!! You are the next contestant on World’s Biggest Asshole!! ^_^

    • Chris

      shill, you have to find your own happiness man

  • Star Wars is officially dead.

    I hate this news, jj is a no talented hack. He only did one good thing, and that was write ‘The Rocketeer’, I have officially lost interest in Star Wars. Thanks a lot Lucas, couldn’t you have stayed for one more trilogy damn it!

    Star Wars officially has 6 movies, what ever Disney hacks up next ain’t and never will be Star Wars.

    I don’t coun’t JJ’s star Trek movie as Star Trek 11, there never was a Star Trek 11 and never will be.

    • Fabs

      Rockeeter?Are you crazy? That´s Joe Johnston

      • Star Wars is officially dead.

        He wrote it, not directed, read my message again!

      • Fabs

        My bad, sorry man! Yes he did write it….

      • hating those too lazy to check imdb

        Abrams did NOT write “The Rocketeer.” Rachel Bilson’s daddy should punch both of you lazy pugs in the mouth for saying that.

      • dogg

        Whoever wrote that crap should deny it. Only good thing was Jennifer Connelly’s rack.

    • REALLY?

      Either you’re Shill or you and Shill share a brain. Either way, you’re dumb.

      • Star Wars is officially dead.

        What the hell are you talking about?

        You are dumb, I can not have opinion on a crappy director like jj? Then go to hell you sh*t!

      • REALLY?

        You forgot to switch back to Shill before posting in response to sense 11.

        So very dumb.

      • Star Wars is dead.

        You like to make sh*t up apparently. I posted that, not shill. I am guessing you are shill and want to make a lot of sh*t up.

      • Star Wars is dead.

        I posted under Star Wars is officially dead, but then had to change it to ‘star wars is dead’ because it would not post that way, you dumbaas.

      • ap30

        Aren’t dumb people so interesting? It always amazes me how they don’t realize how stupid they are. “Shill” a.k.a “Star Wars is officially dead” you my friend, lack a proper working brain. Please don’t respond…reading your responses might actually be lowering my IQ.

    • ScaredForMovies

      The Rocketeer sucked ass!

  • sense 11

    This is good news, it could have been a lot worse

    • Star Wars is officially dead.

      IT is worse, Star Wars is dead now. Cancelled my subscription to Star Wars Insider simply because of this news about this hack.

      • sense 11

        Good for you

    • Gollum…or Smeagol?

      We is thinking this is a bad idea, oh yes preciousss. This is very bad. Very, very bad. gollum. No good when peoples is making more trilogies than needed!

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  • GunsOfNavarone

    All the JJ haters need to calm the eff down. I mean ok, he overuses the lens flare at times but I’ve never actually found myself sitting there counting them. Mission Impossible 3 was ace, Star Trek was ace, he let the ball slide a bit on Super 8 but no more than Nolan on The Dark Knight Rises. Considering the amount of directors out there that could have got this gig, I am happy that they have bagged one of the better ones, and hell… it can hardly be worse than Lucas’s prequels now can it?!

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  • evan

    I am not over-the-top excited for this, but I’m not mad either. I was hoping for an inspired, refreshing choice for a director.

    It’s not like J.J.’s Star Trek movies were really Star Trek. They were Trek in name only.

  • Hamza

    I wanted him to do it from the beginning. He is the perfect choice!

  • sloan

    I came for the story, stayed for the comments.

  • MainFragger

    Well, the only J.J. Abrams movie I thought sucked was Mission Impossible III…which I thought was ironic since he had just finished Alias.

    But in all honesty, I like his interpretation of Star Trek enough that I think I actually trust him to make a good Star Wars episode VII…Lens flares and all…

  • Johnny Blaze

    I like Abrams and I loved his Star Trek reboot (saw it twice in IMAX and can’t wait for Into Darkness!) so I trust him as a filmmaker! I think he can pull this off at turn a new generation of fans onto Star Wars!

  • aj

    man… those light sabers are going to have a lot of lens flare….

  • FILMfan

    I have a bad feeling about this

    • Weeks

      That’s no director. It’s a one-trick pony!

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  • Albert

    *randomly adds comment about how J.J. Abrams is not capable at all and that this other director can do it better and some overused comment about lens flare and blah blah blah*

  • Tgritz

    I find it humorous all of the people bitching about this decision. We have suffered through 3 shittttty prequel films and countless changes to the original trilogy at the hands of Lucas. Yet somehow JJ is going to ruin Star Wars??? Lmao…what a joke. It might not be the perfect film but it will most certainly be better than anything else Lucas would give us. Lets just be happy we are getting more Star Wars from outside talent that isn’t named Lucas or a Lucas yes man.

  • S

    Uninspired choice. I was hoping for something better. He won’t make it terrible, but it will also miss the chance to be great. I would have preferred Edgar Wright, Genndy Tartakovsky, Gore Verbinski, Joe Johnston, Alfonso Cuarón, but that is just off the top of my head. The key to SW is the ability to balance likable character interaction with epic tone. JJ is not bad, but he’s a bit reliant on gimmicks, so his movies usually lack some key unifying element. They are enjoyable, but lack depth. SW on the other hand, had a depth that was earnest yet not forced. In a JJ film I am very conscious I’m being manipulated. I’d be more comfortable with him in a producer role on this, but here we are. If the script is amazing, his limitations won’t matter, but anything less, and he will make it or break it by luck.

  • Bob

    Now all they need to do is tagline “From the director Star Trek” hahahaha lol.

    But seriously, great choice. I think Abrams will most likely(I said most likely) bring Star Wars back to greatness.

    • Bob

      Meant to say “From the director of Star Trek” lol.

  • TrilogyMaster

    Please, anyone but Abrams. His storytelling ability makes us yearn for the neanderthalls that grunted tales around the cave fire pit, and he is so artistically stunted that it’s a wonder if he’s ever even seen one of his films.
    Maybe Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Mouse should search for someone unknown. That way he/she is free to succeed or fail brilliantly and the powers that be can ensure even more revenue, because people won’t boycott it due to a closed mind. Perhaps people have forgotten that George Lucas was virtually unknown when Star Wars came-out. Granted, he’d made THX and American Grafitti, but neither of those (certainly not THX) made Lucas much of a name. So why not give someone a chance who hasn’t already ingratiated his/herself to the psychotically screaming masses.
    Regardless, it’s a rather moot point, considering Mel Brooks has already made Spaceballs, so there isn’t much need for ANOTHER parody of Star Wars ;)

  • Beware Vogons!

    This will be a century long remembered, it has seen the end of Star Trek, it will soon see the end of Star Wars.

  • Smeagol’s Say

    We are very sad, aren’t we preciouss? No, no. Not good at all. gollum. It is never good when they is making more trilogies than needed! We is waiting for VHS release!

  • The Punisher

    I am shocked reading the nasty comments about today’s announcement. The news has good and bad emotions. Abrams is NOT my top choice to direct. A director from an indie film should be given a chance to make Episode 7. I personally think the saga should stop where it left off at Ewok 6.

    Thank God Affleck did not get the job. Episode 7 could become Gigli 2. Or Forces of Nature 2. Or Reindeer Games 2. THIS is why Affleck did not receive an Oscar nod this year. The Academy does not forget shitty films, Ben! Affleck should just be happy he still has a career after Armaggedon and Daredevil.

    The Disney corporate will still go to Hell for making the next three sequels. Disney will not stop at three movies. Anybody remember how many dog movies Disney made (Santa Paws, etc.)? The sale of independent Lucasfilm to corporate greedy Disney just makes me sick.

    • Sean

      Umm he didn’t direct any of those films. Afflecks acting resume has many blemishes. His directing career is solid. Why are you holding him choosing to act in Gigli against him as a director?

    • Fisher

      What are you smoking?

  • Nate

    Abrams was no where near my top choice, but he is a solid pick nonetheless…

  • hating those too lazy to check imdb

    Abrams did NOT write \"The Rocketeer.\" Rachel Bilson\’s daddy should punch both of you lazy pugs in the mouth for saying that.

  • Weeks

    Is today April Fools Day?

  • alx

    WHaaaaaaT? that bitch must be crazy…don’t ruin it for me kathleen

  • Truf

    Boy oh boy! I just can’t wait for the Star Trek version of Star Wars!


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  • Weak


    • Quell Versa

      Funniest comment on this entire page

  • Scott

    Here’s hoping Abrams won’t simply copy the look and feel of his Star Trek and apply it to Star Wars. And since he is a Star Wars fan, I’m confident that he knows exactly what Star Wars fans want to see, which isn’t a reboot filled with lens flare. Star Wars doesn’t need the same treatment that he gave Star Trek, it just needs a great story with great actors, and a great director who understands what makes Star Wars great.

  • Grayden

    There’s that phrase again: “Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ wasn’t ‘ Star Trek’. It was ‘Trek’ in name only.”

    Seeing a lot of that. Curious as to what all these vocal dissenter think “Star Trek” is…

    • jennym

      You are obviously not a Star trek fan if you do not see how jj’s remake is nothing like star trek

      • Mark

        Greyden, Star Trek has been many things over the course of its almost 50 year run. If it takes place in space, portrays a future filled with great technological wonders, exploration, and hope, if it has action, adventure, strange new worlds, and emphasizes character and storytelling and plot, then it’s Star Trek.

        Anyone telling you otherwise is an uber obsessive fan with myopia. A very very very small but vocal minority at that.

      • Grayden

        I am a Trek fan, but I’m not an obsessive-compulsive fan who think’s just because JJ’s Trek wasn’t the same as Shatner’s Trek, that it somehow isn’t Trek. So the new Trek was flashy and lots of explosions and a young cast. So what? They didn’t have the luxury of those things back in the 60s, but I’m pretty sure with a little imagination you could see the Enterprise looking all futuristic instead of some phony, cheap-looking, sterile set piece.

        I get the feeling that people fell in love with the show; how it looked, sounded, etc. Fell in love with the cast. As a fan, I looked beyond that and fell in love with the universe Roddenberry created. That future that humanity reached. For that reason, TNG speaks to me more than TOS. Humanity had truly arrived, whereas in TOS they were still bumbling around. I respect that people have a specific idea of what Star Trek is, but like any concept or idea it evolves. It changes with the times. People didn’t care for DS9 because it wasn’t on a ship. Doesn’t mean it’s not Star Trek, because those core principles and ideals are still present.

  • Nolan Super Fraud

    Thank God that Rancid whore Nolan didn’t get it. He turned in a film worse than the Phantom Menace with The Dark Knigth Rises

  • jennym

    I too just cancelled my subscription to star wars insider because of this rancid and horrid news.

    Oh well, it was nice to have star wars while it lasted. Knew disney was going to f this up, just did not think it would be their first decision.

    • Steve

      Jar Jar didn’t make you cancel your subscription, but this did? Hilarious.

      • jennym

        Dual of the fates, action/battle scenes, the effects, the music and Darth Maul saved Episode One, what is hilarious is that you think that a fat nosed crappy director with no imagination can polish a turd, which the turd is what his episode 7 will be, ain’t star wars.

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  • JandS

    It’s good that he’ll probably use film to get far away from the look of the last 2 Star Wars flicks. Some lens flares would be fine with me and give a great cinematic vibe to the lightsaber duels! But perhaps he won’t go with anamorphic lenses. Maybe 3 or 2 perf would look cool for SW.

  • Pragmator

    “Only now at the end do you see. Like Star Trek before … you … are … MINE, Star Wars!”

    I cannot wait to see how this turns out! Very interested.



    No really, I was masterbating. Whats all this about Star Wars??!!

  • Slice

    Star Wars: IMPOSSIBLE

  • Matt Goldbergs Mom

    For those bitching that he is going to kill STARS WARS, He can do no worse than Lucas. I’m willing to give him a shot. Star Trek was great. Haven’t liked anything else he’s done. That Superman script he wrote ages ago was awful.

    • Liam

      star trek remake was completely awful

  • Nick

    I have yet to see a reason any of you hippster pieces of shit are hating on JJ directing other than Shill who at least has the guts to let everyone know his effed up reasons. I don’t see how anyone can see the last Star Trek as anything but a gift to fans of a DEAD franchise. Hope he does even better with Star Wars

  • JM

    This choice of director is pretty safe and by the numbers. Don’t forget Lucas/Kennedy undoubtedly wanted somebody who can balance action and character moments, handle special effects heavy material, but not be a loose canon in terms of where they take Star Wars. JJ is a safe ‘by the numbers’ director. They want somebody who they can keep tabs on. Wouldn’t surprise me if Lucas ends up ‘ghost directing’ through JJ like he did in Return of the Jedi. JJ to me just doesn’t have his own directing ‘voice’ or style. He’s a film geeks director – i.e. he apes the style of Director’s he loves instead of having his own signature style.

    I’m really not a fan of what he did to Star Trek (turning it into just another action movie for the brain dead! He made it popular with the masses, but ‘real Trek’ was never about mass appeal and action over content) but I could see his style would suit Star Wars very well. As long as the script is a solid one, and he doesn’t fill this with lens flares and gets us back to the gritty look of the original films, perhaps we’ll at long last have a truly decent Star Wars film to look forward to…..

  • tarek

    Good choice. It will be Star Wars : A new Breath
    Maybe I will start loving again the star wars universe

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  • abs

    JJ has already directed a beta version of Star Wars, it’s called Star Trek.
    Remember the plot : A orphan farmboy who lives with his uncle is told by a wise old man to join the rebellion/starfleet. He rides his hover cycle, there’s a bar scene full of aliens. There’s this bad dude who’s got a massive space ship that destroys planets. He meets a friends along the way. There’s a big battle and the space ship is destroyed. Then there’s an award ceremony at the end.

    PLUS if JJ is director then you’ll be guaranteed that that John Williams Jr (Michael Giacchino) will be providing the music.

  • ScottieDog

    This could be great!!
    Does this also mean that John Williams will pass the torch onto Michael Giachino? JJ normally uses Michael and I think his scores for TV and film has been extraordinary. Maybe John Williams will want to score the film but I have a feeling we may see Michael. Still very early!!


  • Jockolantern

    The smallest consolation I can take from this news is that Michael Giacchino will probably be scoring Episode VII, if not the two following.

    That’s the only good news out of this situation; J.J. Abrams taking on Star Wars after having just turned Star Trek upside down is not only a bizarre jump from one beloved sci-fi series/universe to another (either of which the fans do not often intertwine) but a sure-fire bet of what we’re in for with [Lens] Flare Wars.

    Perhaps the only other good piece of news would be that Orci and Kurtzman aren’t writing Episode VII so perhaps Arndt’s screenplay will save the film from Abrams’ spastic shooting/editing practices– but I doubt it.

  • Hamza

    Gee I wonder how many of these people will be complaining once the movie actually comes out…

  • T

    Thank You S! I scrolled a long way down to find someone who would mention Genndy Tartakovsky. He made BY FAR the best 2 Star Wars films out there! The dude is genious. The action, direction and story- worlds better than any of the six live action. I think people would be blown away were he to direct the 7th.

  • Mike

    I think they should test him out on Goonies 2 first and if he can make that a hit I would trust him to touch Star Wars.

  • SimonZ

    Good news!
    And thanks for placing my poster next to Drew’s. ;)

  • Martyn Conterio

    I think it’s a rubbish idea. Abrams is overrated. Star Trek sucked.

    I wrote why this whole thing is stupid, yo: http://cinemart-online.co.uk/features/64987/why-jj-abrams-should-not-direct-star-wars-episode-vii-2/

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