JACK REACHER Sequel Unlikely to Move Forward

     January 15, 2013


We’ve got some bad news for Jack Reacher fans.  Though Paramount’s feature film adaptation of the popular Lee Child book series character made a respectable $15 million on opening weekend and now stands at just a hair over $70 million for its total domestic gross, apparently the film’s box office performance isn’t likely to warrant the production of a sequel.  The Tom Cruise-starrer was developed as a potential franchise given the bounty of Jack Reacher source material in Child’s books, but a new report states that the current $153 million worldwide total gross of director Christopher McQuarrie’s pic is short of Paramount’s benchmark for moving forward with a sequel, and the possibility of a follow-up now hinges on the film’s performance in other international territories.  Hit the jump for more details.

jack-reacher-2-sequel-tom-cruiseSources tell THR that McQuarrie’s adaptation of the novel One Shot must do “exceptional business in key Asian territories” in order to justify moving forward with another Jack Reacher film.  Against a reported budget of $60 million (not counting marketing), the pic’s worldwide total now stands at $153 million.  Apparently Paramount says the film must make $250 million worldwide in order to warrant a follow-up, which means the actioner has a ways to go when it opens in the Asian territories.

Cruise has always been a draw in Asian markets and the film stands to make some serious coin when it hits theaters in Japan, China, and Korea, but whether it can manage $100 million or so remains to be seen.  If the film does hit the magic number, THR cautions that the studio would still need to negotiate a deal with Cruise that would keep the sequel’s budget at about the same number as the first film.  In short, the odds look to be stacked against Jack Reacher 2: More Reaching.

Jack Reacher was in no way a bad film, and McQuarrie showed particular talent in crafting some exciting action and fight sequences, but the pic just didn’t make the waves that Paramount was hoping.  We should hear more word on the sequel’s status as Jack Reacher starts opening in the Asian territories, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a follow-up.  Cruise isn’t exactly at a lack of future projects, though, as he and producer J.J. Abrams are developing another Mission: Impossible film with McQuarrie reportedly being eyed for the director’s chair.


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  • EDDIE134

    The movie is still a hit though 60 mil budget 153 ww so far vs

    Moneyball 50 mil budget 110ww

    Safe house 207ww 85 mil budget

    Dragon Tattoo 90 mil budget 232ww

  • EDDIE134

    Dont forget Argo 45 mil budget 167ww

    • Irastev

      Argo is prestige fare that is getting Oscar and Golden Globes attention. Additionally, Argo wasn’t supposed to start a franchise and (as far as we know) there is no Argo 2 in the works.

  • Lens Flares Suck

    Maybe if the lead wasn’t a 50 year old, crazy, gay midget it would be done better at the box office.

    • The kid

      Your an idiot

    • mrnateathon

      Tell that to MI:4′s box office, bigot

  • Weeks

    What a shame. It’s a great movie. Word of mouth was that it was ‘slow’ in the middle but I didn’t find that description accurate. Some critics just don’t get it.

  • jackd.

    The same 50 yead old, crazy, gay midget did MI4 with almost 700 mil. worldwide.

  • Jake

    I always thought that if the domestic total exceeded the budget, then that should warrant enough for a sequel, especially if a sequel was being considered. Reacher was released at a bad time. Right in between The Hobbit and the Christmas releases of Django and Les Mis, they should have known better than to think that in this season, Tom Cruise could have carried this on his own. Mid February or early March and an extra 10 million in marketing probably would have gotten their 250 worldwide total. I enjoyed the film, though not as strong as other recent releases.

    • Tyler

      You’re spot on with the bad time release, but there were some other factors as well. The opening scene, in particular, was very reminiscent of the shootings that happened a short time before, and when the media catches onto something like that, they love to blow it out of proportion. Another factor was the title change. I’ve read the books, so I know who the character is, but someone who hasn’t wouldn’t care or know who Jack Reacher is. Disney had the same problem with John Carter. The last problem I can think of is marketing. Sure, there were a lot of trailers for it, but they highlighted the film as an action film. Yes, it did have a fair share of action, but it was not an action film. I really hope it exceeds expectations because I thought it was a really good film.

      • Sean

        I didn’t think the marketing was very good either. I’m not familiar with the source material, but the marketing didn’t make it seem like anything other than a generic Tom Cruise action film (which I enjoy those but I don’t rush out see all of them). The people that I’ve talked to who’ve seen it really liked it and they’re probably less inclined to like a Cruise film.

  • Scott

    This movie surprised me. It was really good. Smart, funny, action packed and a good plot. I’m pretty sure it will do well in the DVD/Online market as more people see it and spread the word. Hopefully they’ll change their mind and realize this character deserves another go.

  • Ronnie Rubin

    The key is the lead actor. Cruise just isn’t right for this character. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but Jack Reacher stands 6’5″ tall & weighs 225 pounds. No way Cruise would have pulled this off, and he didn’t. I think this series can continue, but a new lead actor needs to be Reacher. Someone like Dwayne Johnson would work.

    • Ryan Kadlec

      The Jack Reacher Series needs to be Rebooted and focus on Reacher’s Origin from a Drifter to a Not-so good Military Police Cadet.

    • MisterED

      “No way Cruise would have pulled this off, and he didn’t. I think this series can continue, but a new lead actor needs to be Reacher. Someone like Dwayne Johnson would work.”

      ^^^^ Troll harder.

      I for one are incredibly glad that this film was not tailor made for the sheeple. The type of people that only see action films that are in no way smart, but stupid and ridiculous.

      • buckr

        Actually, this film is the opposite of smart, It was made for people that need to have a big star shoe horned into a part that he is wrong for because they can’t go to see something that is just accurate to the source material.

  • Hunter

    What really needs a sequel and franchise is Dredd.

  • Ryan Kadlec

    Reboot the whole thing and focus on Reacher’s Origin

  • Dude with the hat

    I’ve not seen the fim and I have no intention of as the trailers just didn’t excite me and I just cant buy into the ‘Tom Cruise action hero’ scene. His ego eats up the screen half the time and hes too short to pull it off. The fact that he pulled it off in the MI movies is a miracle in itself as the first one was just downright awful and utterly predictable (not to mention the stupid channel tunnel chase at the end) How they got to 4 when the 2nd was even worse than the 1st is beyond explenation.
    He’s not a bad actor but he just couldn’t pull this off.
    Reacher is out of his reach.

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  • Spook

    I agree. Dredd was an underrated movie. It seemed like it was a good setup for a potential franchise. Plus I enjoyed the visuals a lot.

    This movie wasn’t that great. It’ll be one of those movies you’ll see on FX or some other channel. You won’t be mad that you watched it, but you won’t remember it until you see it pop up on tv again.

    I’d rather see a Reacher TV series or mini-series. Something similar to BBC’s Luther or even Sherlock. Those are smart detective shows. This wasn’t.

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