New Trailer for JACK REACHER Starring Tom Cruise

     October 17, 2012


A new trailer for director Christopher McQuarrie’s thriller Jack Reacher has been released.  Like the teaser trailer, the new trailer is predicated on whether or not you can buy Tom Cruise as a bad-ass.  Not an action hero—the character even says he’s not a hero—but as a take-no-prisoners, borderline anti-hero.  Personally, I’m just not seeing it.  I like the premise of an army investigator looking into the framing of a sniper, and I’ll show up simply to see Werner Herzog play the villain, but ultimately, Jack Reacher is looking like it will suffer from seriously miscasting its title character.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Robert Duvall, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, and David Oyelowo.  Jack Reacher opens December 21st.

Click over to Yahoo! to watch in HD.

Here’s the official synopsis for Jack Reacher:

When a gunman takes five lives with six shots, all evidence points to the suspect in custody. On interrogation, the suspect offers up a single note: “Get Jack Reacher!” So begins an extraordinary chase for the truth, pitting Jack Reacher against an unexpected enemy, with a skill for violence and a secret to keep.


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  • Jack

    Don’t bother with your thoughts Goldberg. None of us care.

    • Tyler

      Reacher, is that you? On a serious note, I like the look of it. Tom Cruise has the uncanny ability to use his physique to his advantage (Collateral), so I have no problem with that. Outside of that, it looks like a good Cruise movie.

  • Marty

    I always imagine that Jack is a big guy like Marv or Clive Owen from Sin City with heavy noir voice. I like Cruise but it looks weird.

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  • MajorUndeclared

    I think they’re clever to not show the suspicious onlooker in the trailers. Save that surprise for the climax.

  • anthony

    Once again Goldberg thinks people will care about what he says. If you can’t see Tom Cruise as a bad-ass that you probably haven’t seen Collateral

    • Alan

      I assume he hasn’t read the novels, but still thinks he knows more about the character than the filmmakers.

  • Nate H

    Would it be a little easier to suspend your disbelief if Reacher was a larger guy (like the book says) or if it was someone more naturally BA – like Brad Pitt circa Fight Club or the Rock? Sure. But Cruise is a good enough actor to pull it off. I actually think it works better if Reacher is not this monster of a guy. Where’s the suspense in a ripped, 6’5” guy walking around beating people up? There’s no danger there – you know he’s always going to win. Imagine Rocky IV if Rocky was the same size as Drago. Boring. I’m buying in – for now, anyway.

  • Kanwar

    haha…Loved the last Scenes…

  • Matthew

    I have read every Jack Reacher book, a few of them more than once. I think Tom Cruise as Reacher is actually a brilliant casting choice. Few actors today commit to roles as deeply as he does. While Reacher’s size is mentioned repeatedly in the books, far more frequently, his power, strength and precise, crushing blows in his fights are what make a bigger impression to the reader. He is extremely smart, and uses his size to get a psychological advantage in confrontations. Considering they were looking at Denzel Washington at one point, I don’t think they were going for Reacher’s physical analog, but someone who can embody the quiet menace that Reacher is capable of projecting, which I think Cruise did masterfully in the shots in the movie. He’s not a blustery action hero, he is a quiet and focused fighter, and again, that is all on display in this trailer.

  • Josh

    Why cant Goldberg present the news without giving his opinion? No one cares what you think of the trailer. Just present it and give a summary.

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  • Mars

    Collateral proved he can be a bad ass, but that film was very layered. JR looks kinda corny. I will say Tom Cruise is clearly one of the few actors who actually looks like he really knows how to use guns. I often cringe at the way some actors hold assault rifles or shotguns.

  • Chris

    Not visiting this site again unless I see Alexander Rhodes listed in cast.

  • Lob Taylor

    Whatever, I think Tom Cruise is about as badass as badass can get.
    he is the epitome of BadAss Cool.
    So I’ll be going to see this movie….hell ave seen all his movies

  • Roland Deschain

    I’ve read and loved all of the Reacher novels. I don’t mind Cruise being cast at all. Looking forward to this.

  • wacko3205

    Looks great…but I’m a TC nuthugger from the floor up.

    Dying to see All You Need Is Kill.

    Loved Collateral & Ghost Protocol…Cruise still has it that’s for sure.

  • Person

    Cruise seems fine for the part, it just looks like they’re changing some of the book. I’m not normally one for slavish adaptations of books for the screen, but with thrillers like this, where pieces need to fall into place in a certain way, it might not be a bad idea…

  • deno

    What a difference cool little energetic track in a trailer makes.
    Even Tarantino should learn fromt his

  • murphyslaw

    Herzog is gonna be the standout in this one

    Do wish it was rather R, many times that kind of thing doesn’t both me, but the way they’re selling Reacher (as the violent, anti-hero type) seems to require a more brutal take. The baseball bat-tub fight looks to be a hand-to-hand highlight, but I can see a scene like that being cleaned a little bit and becoming tamer than it should be.

    However, I’m always game for a surprise, so hopefully this turns out to be one.

  • Rightsaidfred

    Many plants in here. This isn’t an adaptation of a Lee Child book, it’s a standard actioner with Tom Cruise in it. Nothing here looks right from the books and I’ve read them all. I’m sick of Cruise apologists (studio plants or scientologists) trying to make this sound better. It’s all wrong and I hope it fails big time. Lee Child has sold around 40 million books, I think there’s a big audience out there for a good adaptation and this ain’t it.

    • tgritz

      I find it odd that people like you automatically assume anyone who disagrees with your opinion about TC in the role must be a plant or scientologist. I wasn’t even going to post until I read your comment. I am neither and I have read SOME of the Reacher books and enjoy TC’s films. Granted, I didn’t start reading the books until I read about the film some time ago. I can tell you after this trailer some buddies and I will certainly be seeing this. I also suppose you hate Lee Child now because he LIKES the casting choice…he must be a sell out or scientologist or plant or something of the sort because he liked the casting enough to sell the rights to them in the first place right?

    • gregperry

      The force-feeding continues.
      After the audience and I who saw the trailer for Jack Reacher stopped laughing, I realized a few things. One: HE IS NO STEVE MCQUEEN. Then, I realized I had seen someone trying hard to sell their “star” as someone so tough, it would make Dirty Harry die of laughter–HE IS NO CLINT EASTWOOD. Then, I recalled another cringe-worthy piece of “reporting” from a few weeks ago, that he was planning on remaking The Magnificent Seven, with himself in the lead role, and realized–HE IS NO YUL BRYNNER.
      But whatever his camp wishes to force-feed us, there are still plenty of cinema-goers who are not going to spend a dime on this “comedy.” BTW, another spin piece on him being the “highest paid” last year–is that salary or earnings (makes a difference considering others were paid higher salaries)?
      Also, this controversy DID occur before, with Ann Rice, who felt “Huck Finn” was playing her character; that controversy was gone, after Ms. Rice was to receive a considerable monetary deal for the adaptation with Cruise.
      Rock of Ages bombed. MI4 earned most of its money overseas, especially in places such as China, where most well-crafted US action films make a profit, regardless of its star. And why, why–do we have to keep being bombarded with PR-placed “theories” as to whether or not audiences will choose to see his films or not because of what they feel about his personal life? Is it not possible that they choose to not see his films simply because they have little interest or have a distaste for the films themselves?
      “Doing all his own stunts.” Please. The insurance and production would never allow it. And why not give the credit to his stunt people who are very hard-working, too (and more humble)?

      Lessons learned: Question what you read now more than ever in this digital age, and don’t be afraid to laugh out loud in a movie theater.

  • Jay

    The part on the phone—the “you think I’m a hero?” reminds me of Liam Neeson’s TAKEN dialogue, “I have a particular set of skills” etc. Like they’re trying to duplicate the TAKEN box-office magic. Ehhhh, I dont think its gonna work.

  • Joseph M

    Cruise was actually quite believable in Collateral, but a lot of that had to do with direction, music and cinematography. Jack Reacher has that generic Tom Cruise vibe; corny lines before and after killing someone, always too cool to slip in any way and the music and DP work is characterless. Jason Bourne still reigns as cinemas best bad ass because you believe in him.
    Last thought: Why would a ‘ghost’ like Reacher drive around in a glaringly conspicuous sport-striped hot rod? Nah, this is a lame duck.

  • JodieNar

    can always count on Cruise to give one hell of a performance

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