JACK REACHER Sequel Possibly in the Works at Paramount and Skydance

     February 22, 2013


Back in January, we reported that a sequel to writer/director Christopher McQuarrie’s Jack Reacher was looking unlikely.  That was also about $50 million ago.  Now that the film has crossed $200 million worldwide, Paramount and Skydance are reportedly in the process of building the scaffolding for another installment.  The previously cited box office target was $250 million, but when you’ve got a proven draw in Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher marks his 19th film to hit that total), it makes those dice easier to roll.  Now that the (anti)hero has been introduced to a wider audience than only those familiar with the Lee Child novels, Deadline reports that the studios are at least running the numbers on the potential franchise.  Let us know if you think they should go ahead with another Jack Reacher in the comments below!

  • Doug

    Jack Reacher was pretty by-the-numbers, but it was a decent flick. I wouldn’t mind seeing another one. Despite his eccentricities off-screen, I like Tom Cruise as an actor.

    • Weeks

      I actually thought the opposite, that it had a lot of little touches that made it refreshing and set it apart from your run-of-the-mill action movie. Really hope they make that sequel, and one for Dredd too, which I think was the best action movie of 2012.

  • Brian

    Yes, please. Big fan of the books who was won over by the film. Tom Cruise always gives it his all, and managed to stay true to the character–size notwithstanding. There are so many good stories to choose from for a sequel.

  • Cody B

    Yes! I was a huge fan of Jack Reacher. I’d LOVE to see Cruise back in this role

    • Anonymous

      Your an idiot

  • Ciprian P.

    JACK REACHER II, please!!!

  • jim mcgrath

    Absolutely. But go back and do one of the books when Reacher was still active duty before Cruise gets to old to realistic in the role. “The Affair,” would be good. But either way do number 2!!!

  • David

    I guess I’m one the few who does not understand the appeal of Tom Cruise, one of the most overrated actors Hollywood has vomited out in the last 30 years. He plays the same role again and again. He has no range, no ability to lose himself in a character. It’s like watching white paint dry -dull and deadly boring. There’s got to be a better way to spend your money, boys.

    • Brian

      I must respectfully disagree. Take a look at Collateral, Magnolia, War of the Worlds, or Tropic Thunder… to name a few. Shit, add in the opening scene of MI:3, if not the whole movie. With Reacher, he was still “badass Tom Cruise” yes, but in a completely different way. Those are all examples of range and talent. He never half asses it. Even in a shitty movie like Knight and Day, you can see that he is performing a number of crazy practical stunts himself. That alone is entertaining.

      • Weeks

        Don’t forget Last Samurai. Possibly his best performance ever.

  • Joroelcapo

    Yeah! Jack reacher was a great film and Tom did an amazing work with this character.
    One of the best of last year. Better than almost every overhyped blockbuster

  • Thinkaboutit!

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Cruise was superb – these needs to be a franchise. So much potential and as Trumbore says the character has been introduced, it will be embraced on DVD and Blue Ray and the sequel will be an even bigger hit. Role on Preacher 2!!!

  • Addy

    This a good news. I really enjoyed the film, and I was hoping it would turn into a franchise. Most of the tools who whine about Cruise’s height never even heard of “Jack Reacher” before the movie was announced.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t wait for a sequel. Except I’ll be waiting for the reboot sequel when they cast the role correctly. Tom Cruise is NO Jack Reacher. It’s too bad we’ll have to for a decade before they get the film right.

  • alexgk

    I didn’t read the books, but went with my Dad to check it out. I thought it was a solid movie, and I loved the ending. It had the same effect on me as Casino Royale, where I immediately wanted to watch a sequel.

  • KingKong

    I’m game. His hilarious turn in Tropic Thunder aside, Jack Reacher was really the first film since Collateral where I felt like Cruise was really trying. I liked the character because while he is the hero of the story, and he really is a “good” guy in the movie, he is darker than most movie heroes and we as an audience have to accept that. Also I got the feeling that he was hiding something from his past or personality that he hasn’t yet revealed to anyone. It almost makes me want to pick up a Reacher book and read. Almost.

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  • Too Right

    Do it.

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  • Jimbo

    Yes please. First one was a good solid thriller – hope we see another.

  • Anonymous

    I can\’t wait for a sequel. Except I\’ll be waiting for the reboot sequel when they cast the role correctly. Tom Cruise is NO Jack Reacher. It\’s too bad we\’ll have to for a decade before they get the film right.

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  • Macbeth

    Jake reacher was one of tom cruise best movies, along with the mission impossible sequel. I think I say this for everone, we want there to be a sequel to jake reacher.

  • i

    No one likes you.

  • RM

    I think if you go into this movie automatically hating Cruise because he’s not the super tall, blonde Reacher, then you are automatically disappointed. I started reading the books AFTER I saw the movie, so I didn’t go into it with those expectations. Tom Cruise is a fabulous actor, and he was so believable in this role. I would definitely welcome another movie in the franchise. Now when I read Reacher, I imagine Tom Cruise!

  • RM

    And you can’t spell. If YOU’RE going to insult people, you should at least spell right, since that makes YOU look like an idiot!

  • RM

    “He has no ability to lose himself in a character” ???? What?! Are you 12 or something? Did you even see Jerry McGuire?! “He has no range”??? ummmm, Jerry McGuire, Last Samurai, Vanilla Sky, Far and Away – just to name a few – quite a range of characters.