Paramount Planning JACKASS 4: BAD GRANDPA?

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It appears that another Jackass film is on the way, but with a possible twist.  Per Paramount has been registering domain names for titles like “”, “”, and “”, suggesting that a fourth entry in the Jackass franchise is in the works.  Those wondering what the “Bad Grandpa” subtitle means probably haven’t seen the first three movies, as a prominent sketch features Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze hitting the streets in high quality old people make-up and participating in various shenanigans.  Hit the jump for more, including a clip of the sketch.

Though the Bad Grandpa sketch is really funny, I’m not sure it could sustain a feature length film.  I’m hoping this fourth entry in the franchise will still include crazy antics and stunts from other castmemebers, as well as the hilarious and increasingly dickish pranks they pull on each other.  Though no Jackass 4 has been officially confirmed, the domain registration that Fusible stumbled upon (via /Film) is a good indicator that an announcement is imminent.  There are some great gags and stunts in all three Jackass films so far, but it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic of the group has shifted (if at all) since Ryan Dunn’s passing.  Watch a Bad Grandpa clip below.


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  • Henry Pym

    No Ryan Dunn, No Jackass 4. ‘Nuff Said.

  • Henry Pym

    No Ryan Dunn, No Jackass 4. ‘Nuff Said.
    RIP Dunn.

    • Ethan


    • anom

      LOL u idiot, if anything dunn would want another 4 of them

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  • R. Sole

    That title just isnt good enough. I was hoping they would go for something to comemorate Ryan Dunn. The best I could come up with was;

    Jackass 4: We’re not Dunn yet

    • bria

      thats an awesome idea!

  • jflatty

    i like that title you’re suggesting–and i really hope they dont do an entire feature film about irving sistman or spike jonze old woman–won’t be the same whatsoever

  • Jeff

    I really like your title,and I do think there will be a jackass 4

    • Carol K. Sartor

      Love to have Jackass4.

  • kathia

    I Would love jackass4: we’re not Dunn yet R.I.P ryann Dunn you will be miss <3

  • wat

    oh please. “We’re Not Dunn Yet” has been circling around ever since he passed. I highly doubt you’re the genius behind it.

  • d3suScr3aM

    can’t believe it

  • jake greggs

    Great idea love bad grandpa but Jackass will NEVER be the same w/ our RANDOMhero,he’s missed daily.Keep it coming face fuckers luv ya!!!

  • Trisha

    there isn’t going to be a Jackass 4 unfortunately. paramount was just trying to push the idea, but Knoxville shut the idea down quickly. He’s too busy and there’s age problems with all of them…

    • Jay

      LMFAO how the fuck would you know, bitch? Oh right…. I forgot you’re Johnny Knoxville’s spokesperson – Look here everyone, Trish knows what’s going on so just ask her!

  • unknown

    There will be a 4th film, the 3rd movie made a ton of money, and they already have a ton of footage ready. Most proberly a dunn tribute movie

  • mikey

    You guys are sick.

    “We’re Not Dunn Yet” is the WORST name you could use.

    It implies that they will all die in drunk driving accidents. They just haven’t, yet.

    That’s a sick joke you guys are trying to spread around to mock the death of Ryan Dunn.

    I hope there is a Jackass 4 and it’s just the text “All of you who mocked Ryan Dunn with the we’re not Dunn yet joke can fucking choke on our dicks” layered over a picture of the group flipping the audience off. Hold that frame for 1.5 hours and roll credits.

  • Jeck

    Johnny Knoxville will still be doing Jackass when he’s 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    they also said they werent doing jackass 3d

  • Stephanie “Pachii”

    Jackass 4 is in the making. It’ll be released with in 2013. There is no specific date. Jeff Tremaine has yet to release a specific date. The crew will be reunited.

  • Benjamin

    I got one words for it “Amazing”….. jackass 4

  • Benjamin
  • Nikolai

    Hope it will be releaed soon…

  • Carol K. Sartor
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