BAD TEACHER Screenwriters and Director Jake Kasdan to Reteam for Untitled Comedy; Plus an Update on GHOSTBUSTERS III

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I still can’t get over how much I liked Bad Teacher and how hard and consistently I laughed throughout.  It’s not one of my favorite movies of the year, but it was certainly the best surprise thus far.  That’s why I’m delighted to hear that screenwriters Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg and director Jake Kasdan are re-teaming for an untitled comedy at Sony.  Here’s the logline according to Deadline: “After a Supercuts manager advises his best friend to break off his engagement, he unexpectedly falls in love with the jilted fiancee, testing both his new romance and his friendship.”  I imagine the worst part isn’t the risk of losing your girlfriend or your best friend.  It’s the realization of working at Supercuts.

There’s no word on a sequel to Bad Teacher even though the film grossed $215 million worldwide off a $30 million budget.  If a sequel doesn’t happen, I would be completely okay with that. In a related story, Eisneberg and Stupnitsky worked on the screenplay for Ghostbusters III and Deadline has a discouraging update on the long-in-development sequel.

According to Deadline, rumors that the movie will start production in spring are unlikely because Sony refuses to make the movie without Bill Murray attached.  In February 2010, Murray said he would only return if he got to play a ghost, but “as recently as last month, he had not read the script, or if he did, he has not reached out to get the deal making started.”  It’s pretty great that Murray, who no studio would rest a blockbuster franchise on at this point in his career, is the one stopping Sony from going forward on the sure-to-be-lucrative Ghostbusters III.


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  • RyanC

    Supercuts manager = Jason Segel
    Seriously though he was not in Bad Teacher enough.

  • I cry u smile

    I love bill, but why does he have to be such dick about ghost busters 3?

    • Dean

      Because maybe he’s hesitant about starring in what will most likely be an inferior film?

      • Nick

        Gurentee GB3 still would be better then the crap he’s been in latley…

      • kyle

        Crap he’s been in lately? Are you talking about the life aquatic? broken flowers or get low? his cameo that made the movie worth while in zombie land? even city of ember is an understandable misstep based on the premise.

    • tornado victory

      maybe the script is just plain awful?
      do you know any recent sequel to an 80´s franchise that´s been any good?
      i´d be a happier man if harrison ford would have stayed away from the last indy or if bruce willis would have stayed away from that so called die hard sequel.they just do them for cash not because someone has not even just a good idea but an idea that has to be i am very happy that bill has the character to say no to this bullsh*t and i hope it never happens, i´d rather watch the life aquatic a thousand times or the
      old ghostbusters movies.hollywood´s lost, i mean what´s next, a sequel to groundhog day?or a remake?f*ck them.
      excuse my not perfect english

    • Agent_Black

      For the last 20 years or so Bill Murray has been able to credibly pick his films based on the script and the content rather than the pay cheque and to a lot of people there is a perception that sequels are generally made to cash in. As an actor, I assume that Bill just wants to further develop his craft rather than cash in given that Ghostbusters was a truly entertaining original film and Ghostbusters 2 was a predictable re-tread with cheap laughs.

      @Nick. I Gurentee you watch shit films.

  • mil

    i love bill. thank you for stopping the abomination that GB3 would be!

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  • Scared for Movies

    Bad teacher was just all right, nothing more. It doesn’t exactly give me confidence that these guys can make a great Ghostbusters movie. Murray seems to choose his roles very carefully(Other then Garfield of course). My guess is he thinks the script blows. I respect him for not bowing down to Hollywood’s demand to make unnecessary sequels that try to fill the creative void left by money grubbing producers.

  • Edward Lee

    Thank God for Bill Murray, one of the last legitimate stars left in Hollywood, for pulling the wheels of GB3. GB2 was punishment enough.

  • The Train!

    he was in the ghostbusters video game, and while it wasn’t a spectacular game, i thoroughly enjoyed a new chapter in the ghostbusters story and all of the voice actors were great. if i never get GB3, at least i got that.

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  • Grimcicle

    They should just do it without him. He was one of the highlights of the original Ghostbusters, but come on. Since the film is eseentially going to “pass the torch” to new ‘busters anyway, do they really NEED Bill?

  • Phil Beta

    Bill’s my new hero. He has more brains than all Sony Pictures executives.

  • batmanrules

    The article says he hasnt even read the script yet maybe he just thinks the idea of GB3 nowadays is just a bad god awful idea!

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