Jake Scott Set to Direct Jeff Buckley Biopic

     April 8, 2011


Director Jake Scott (Welcome to the Rileys) has been tapped to helm a biopic about musician Jeff Buckley. Deadline reports that Scott will work from a script by Ryan Jaffe (The Rocker), with Buckley’s mother acting as an executive producer on the film. As part of the deal, rights to Buckley’s songs come with the package, and producers Michelle Sy (Finding Neverland) and Orian Williams (Control) have also optioned David Browne’s book Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley as a resource.

A star on the rise, singer-songwriter Buckley rose to prominence after his tragic drowning at the age of 30, and is probably best known for his haunting cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Buckley spent his early career performing in small clubs and cafes in New York City, shunning the spotlight as best he could. Scott got his start directing music videos for acts such as The Smashing Pumpkins and R.E.M. before his feature debut with Welcome to the Rileys.

  • Ryan

    I could see James Franco play a good Jeff Buckley

    ha and I guess I’m not alone

  • Jo

    Jeff Buckley = James Franco (no other choice).

    Look at all the Youtube videos of Jeff excellent work and it’s James.

  • Aaron

    James Franco literally is the one perfect choice to play this role, although if they’re going for a young buckley, they may not choose him

  • Roy

    James Franco would be horrible. Simply HORRIBLE. He would be an obvious choice for the role were this a parody of what a terrible, cynical Jeff Buckley biopic would look like. He has none of Jeff’s sensitivity or elegance and bears only passing resemblance to him. He happens to be famous right now, but that should not be the criteria for a film which will stand or fall on the basis of it’s central performance. They will need a hell of an actor.

    Really I don’t know who could pull this off. Jeff is almost as much an icon for his looks and unique personality as for his music. Kris Lemche would be worth an audition, but no one else really springs to mind.

    • Jo

      Please tell me your joking about James Franco being horrible and making the biopic a parody?????????? One of the best actors around will make a parody of Jeff Buckley. James takes his work way too seriously to disrespect him, if he got the chance to play him.

      You do remember that James Franco played James Dean, Allen Ginsberg in Howl and Aron Ralston 127 Hours.

      Somehow, I think he can handle Jeff Buckley no offence to Jeff (yes, agree icon and unique) but he played James Dean and I would like to see the best for this biopic.

      The fact that you go on various different blogs and almost all have James Franco name mentioned at some point, makes me think yes, it should be James Franco.

      @ Aaron – Age shouldn’t be an issue regarding James Franco. I think he’s either 31 or 32 years old and Jeff Buckley died at 30 years old not that much of a difference.

      The final choice better be good though.

  • Antoine

    KRIS fucking LEMCHE!
    Just LOOK at the pictures damn!