Penelope Cruz to Play Bond Girl in JAMES BOND 24

     June 2, 2013


Skyfall set high expectations for James Bond 24, but the right pieces are falling into place in order to meet the challenge.  Last week, we learned that Sam Mendes would likely return to direct Bond 24 (and possibly James Bond 25), and now Bond has his girl.  According to Yahoo! Movies UK, Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz will play the Bond girl in Bond 24.  Yahoo!’s story notes that when she turns 40 next year, Cruz will be the oldest Bond girl to date (and therefore charmingly age appropriate to the 45-year-old Daniel Craig).  Her age is a fun bit of a trivia, but getting to the actual casting, Cruz is a fantastic choice.  She’s sharp, she’s sexy, and she can easily hold her own against Craig.  Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson reportedly tried to get Cruz in the past, but were unable to do so due to scheduling conflicts.

Filming on Bond 24 is set to begin next summer.  While a 2016 release had been mentioned, if the film shoots in summer 2014, then a 2015 release could be a serious possibility.

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  • Alex Hajna

    In my humble opinion, this is stupid. Yes, she’d be great as a Bond girl, but they’re just gonna…make up a part for her? They don’t even have a script yet. This is what we call forced plot devices. Not good.

    • RiddleThemThis

      So wait, having a female love interest for James Bond is a forced plot device that they should avoid? They’re called Bond Girls for a reason, its something that is consistent throughout the entire franchise.

      • Jamesy

        I think what Alex meant is, if you have a completed script or rough script with an idea of the characters then you go ahead and audition actors/actresses that fit best for that specific role. Not the fact that the movie will include a Bond girl, he means now that the actress is already cast without a completed script, does that mean they have to write the character to fit with Cruz? I think that’s what he was getting at?

      • Alex Hajna

        THANK YOU! I feel like I’m being surrounded by torches and pitchforks, here.

      • Agent777

        You know in the books the Bond girl fits the books. I don’t think they were made up, but came about organically with the story. That’s what he meant.

    • Bob

      What the hell is this guy talking about? All bond movies have a bond girl. Every single bond movie. This comment was one of the dumbest comments I have ever read in collider’s history.

      • Alex Hajna

        Easy there, chap.

        Yes, every Bond movie has a Bond girl, but what if the girl they write isn’t supposed to be Latina? What if the girl they write is supposed to be 25? Now they have to write AROUND the fact that they cast her already.

      • Bob

        What are you talking about. So if she was black they would would have to write around that to? You could say that for every race or anything, what if she was french or german….I dont get what your saying. They cast a bond girl. Its that simple. Before every bond movie they announce the bond girl like always.

        And no that was a dumb comment. Guy was freaking out they cast a bond girl in a james bond film. Saying adding some girl takes away from the story. That was really such a dumb comment. Every bond film bond has an interest in some girl, hence the “bond girl”.

      • Bob needs to chill…

        I think you’re getting a little too worked up over this.

      • Bob

        Im not getting worked up. I just hate dont like dumb comments. And when people try to back up dumb comments.

      • Mikel0459

        it really wasnt that dumb of a comment though. it makes sense to the rest of us

      • Bob

        I think it was. Hes saying make up a part for her? Forced plot devices. There is no making up a plot for her, theres always a bond girl plain and simple. Also forced plot device? What? Theres always a bond girl, its not forced at all. Just dumb comments.

      • Agent777

        WOW so 50% of film fans have NO CLUE HOW FILMS ARE WRITTEN! If it hurts to think about it then don’t.

      • Bob

        Ok. I do understand. Do you think no other James Bond filn has ever casted a bond girl early? If not your delusional.

      • Norbert Korzus

        If they have a wishlist they wrote the roles around their aimed choices. Though if movies were made like you think they would colapse every time they don’t get their first pick.

      • Chad

        How do you know they don’t have a script or a story worked out? They probably have a rough draft, or at least a story treatment by this point, so they would know roughly who the characters are.

      • Peve

        Penelope Cruz is not Latina. She’s Spanish, last time I checked.

    • Jack

      Yes they do have a script, remember reports of bond 24 and 25 being the first two part, connected James Bond movies? But even if their wasn’t a script you could pretty much guarantee that a BOND movie will have a part for a sexy young lady

      • Northern Star

        No they don’t Jack… you’re confusing the difference between a story outline and a full script draft, the two are completely different things! At the absolute most, John Logan has a (very) rough draft of the script finished but probably no more than that (if even that), he only started work on it late last year or early this year. That whole two-film storyline rumor has been categorically denied by Daniel Craig himself, stating unequivocally that it’s “impossible to work on one film while thinking about the next” (or words to that effect)… they’re only working on the next Bond film and nothing else, and at this stage in it’s development, it’s only a rough story outline at best.

        Have some patience, 2016 will be here before you know it, better they get it done right than just getting it done, don’t you agree?

    • jack

      1. they already have a script written by john logan
      2. making up parts is kinda how you make movies
      3. Bond without Bond girl = not Bond

    • LEM

      Most movies are cast way before the script is finished. I wish they took writing and story telling more seriously.

    • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

      Everyone who has read this comment thinks your an idiot.

    • Matt Hardwick

      All parts in films are made up. That’s how film works.

  • Hop

    I approve.

  • NephewOfAnarchy

    I’m calling bullshit. Seems WAY too early for this kind of casting, especially with no director even confirmed(?)

    • derpderp

      Mendes was confirmed

  • Atlas2036

    This is crap, why post this on the site? This is like the rumor the Daily Mail once had about Eddie Murphy playing The Riddler in Dark Knight Rises. Mendes isn’t even confirmed to direct 24 yet and there is no script.

    • Northern Star

      Exactly! It’s clear that Mendes is likely to do the next Bond film, but he hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet, even if he does he’ll not start work on the film until well into next year (meaning a late 2016 release), and there may be a story outline treatment or even a rough draft of the script but certainly nothing nowhere even remotely close to being production-ready… this report is utter hooey, don’t give it the time of day!

  • Person

    Couldn’t get her in the past cuz of scheduling conflicts, but thankfully her hubby was the villain in the last movie haha. Seriously though, this could be pretty cool. She’s like the perfect modern day femme fatale, just hope she gets a more substantial part than Berenice Marlohe got in Skyfall (and I’m sure she will, given her caliber as an actress).

  • Sean

    I hope that Penelope Cruz will still be in Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

    • Eweisze

      I hope she doesn’t land any of the roles. She sucked in Pirates 4 and don’t want to even imagine her in Bond. What’s doing Craig that avoids him to enter his wife Weisz in this movie?

      • Sean

        @Eweisze:disqus I hope she gets her role again in Pirates 4, after she was in Pirates 4. But, I just don’t want this Bond move role to effect her being in Pirates 5. I don’t think she sucked in Pirates 4 at all. In fact, she was great in it.

      • Eweisze

        Each one to his own I guess! :)

      • Sean

        @Eweisze:disqus Whoops! I meant “I hope she gets her role again in Pirates 5, after she was in Pirates 4. But, I just don’t want this Bond movie role to effect her being in Pirates 5. I don’t think she sucked in Pirates 4 at all. In fact, she was great in it”

  • poppincherry


  • sense11

    How age appropriate

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  • me

    I am sorry but this woman cannot act. She was terrible in pirates of the caribbean.
    She is one of the few latin american women that I cannot stand to hear talk. Her accent is annoying and drives me nuts. She is definitely attractive but will be cheesier than denise richards when she stunk up that movie.

    • Eweisze

      I agree.

    • Sean

      I completely disagree with you on all that. But, I do agree with you about her being attractive.

    • Michael H.

      She CAN act, but I can’t stand her accent either. It’s like she’s too stubborn to learn to speak English. I mean, wtf is that? Ahnuld speaks better and sounds more American than her, which is just a ridiculous fact. English might not be my native language, but her thick accent is all too clear. All I hear is “ratatatata”, she might as well be speaking Spanish. But she is quite a good actress though. Maybe she should just play in a Guillermo del Toro film. One that is NOT a Hollywood blockbuster *coughpacificcoughrimcough*…

    • Peve

      I don’t know where you got it, but Penelope Cruz is Spanish, not a Latin American woman.

  • JackD

    So what! I enjoy the new face Bond girls more. The sweet red-head and the lovely black girl who is the new Moneypenny. Never saw either before the latest couple of Bond movies. That’s more interesting to me. I love Penelope, but I’ve already seen her everywhere.

  • Yiddak2342

    She is the hottest peace of poon that cruz ever had

  • Eweisze

    Excuse me, but the oldest Bond girl to date is Dame Judi Dench.

    • Agent777

      No she is M, the oldest is Maud Adams, and she was two different Bond girls. So give the Swede her credit.

      • Michael H.

        Umm, they probably meant at the time of being cast… or starring even.
        They might be “Bond Girls” for eternity, but of course it counts more when they’re actually in the role.

      • Andy

        Actually, Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore was the oldest Bond girl, at the age of 39.

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    I always been a fan of the James Bond movies. I was hoping they would release the blue rays in the future for all the previous 23 Bond movies put together. I always wanted to watch all the films and collect all of them. The thing that is missing in the James Bond movies is some of the classic inventions and fun things which made the James Bond movies fun. A lot of the cool things like the awesome gadgets and super villain with incredible technological advanced places has been taken out. Also i will be honest they need to re do the James Bond tribute in the Oscars which was lame. Put all the James Bond actors together on stage and do a real tribute next time for the fans since all the James Bond actors are alive. They definitely should sell all the Bond films for a special collection for all the fans to see all 23 Bond movies. That would be so awesome, like having all the Star Wars films put together or Rocky films or Indiana Jones movies.

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  • Don

    Could be ok if they do something about her accent. I don’t want to have to take a chainsaw to the theater to cut through it.

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  • Michael H.

    Shit, two bad decisions; Penelope Cruz, a too well-known actress as a Bond-girl, which is just something I don’t like, cause the mystery is gone or whatever…
    And also, Sam Mendes apparently returning, even for two movies. While earlier I was happy to read he decided NOT to come back. But I guess > money.

    I’m sorry but I don’t like how ‘Skyfall’ turned out and the way it came together. I much prefer ‘Casino Royale’ to this day and also the creators and approach of that excellent film.
    Well, screw it, I guess I’ll just stick with that movie as a one-off, and the others more like a one-time theater spectacle. Cause I’m not exactly wanting to see ‘Skyfall’ that badly again. And in all honesty, the same counts for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘The Hobbit’, ‘Iron Man 3′, and on an on. Overrated spectacles is all they are. Most of the predecessors of each and every one of them were much much better and just excellent films.

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  • derppityderp

    Generic spanish chick.

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  • stylus59

    I would rather have an unknown actress as per tradition but having an exotic accent is also an attribute of a Bond girl, so Penelope is an okay choice.

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  • ardeetz

    They couldn’t have found someone new, being mysterious exciting? Nah just the woman Javier is married to.. Typical hollywood connections. She’s been around forever..I’m way over her this isn’t her Blow days…she better AT LEAST be a villain..and not just a girl 007 sleeps with otherwise that is poor on her career…i dont’ even think that’d be possible for Sam Mendes to allow that. She better be a very twisted character..Javier Bardem style..otherwise I’ll be disappointed and bored like her movie with javier in yawner ..whats it called..see i dont even remember. the one with Cameron diaz that was so boring and led to nowhere.