SKYFALL Director Sam Mendes Still Not Locked for JAMES BOND 24

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Earlier this month, we reported that Skyfall director Sam Mendes was not only locked for James Bond 24, but was also looking likely for James Bond 25.  This was a welcome change from his previous stand of opting out of the sequels to focus on other projects.  Unfortunately, you may want to hold off on that celebratory martini.  At the premiere of his stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mendes spoke with HeyUGuys, and said, “In answer to the question you’re going to ask, I don’t know yet. I’m in discussion over the ‘B’ word and I won’t make any decision until this is open. It’s taken a long time to get this open and this has been my focus.”

That doesn’t mean he’s out of the running, but he’s definitely not locked down.  I assume this must be a little frustrating to Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. WilsonSkyfall was the biggest hit in the franchise, and it would be nice to quickly follow up on that success.  Audiences won’t lose interest in Bond, but after Skyfall, we want to see 007 sooner rather than later.

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  • jackjack

    Still not enough money for you, Sam? It looks like Broccoli & Wilson are a couple of niggards.

  • Still a fan

    I’d be happy to see Bond later rather than sooner if it meant we get a GOOD Bond movie. I loved Skyfall, I don’t want a repeat of Quantum of Solace

  • lordjim

    i still think that casino royale was a much better movie than skyfall, and though my main issue was a script that didn´t even try to disguise its plotholes while seemingly having james bond only as an afterthought i wouldn´t be sad if somebody else would climb the director´s chair next time.i´m still a bit surprised if they didn´t kick bond out after skyfall, not only that he had a completely stupid plan to protect “m”, he got her killed too, so i´d hope they would forget about everything that happened in skyfall including its so called miss moneypenny (what a stupid joke), and start again like skyfall and quantum never happened.

    • Person

      I get what you’re saying, but his plan wasn’t really that stupid. The whole point of going to Scotland was to isolate themselves so Silva couldn’t kill any civilians (Man of Steel coulda learned something from this btw). M dying was unfortunate and, now that you mention it, I’m surprised Bond wasn’t held at least partly liable for it, but in the end he killed the terrorist and I guess that’s what’s supposed to count more. Casino Royale is definitely better (objectively speaking, as in not as a Bond nut, it’s probably the best film in the franchise), but Skyfall is also awesome. Easily the most entertaining film of 2012 for me.

  • Person

    What does he mean by “open”? Is he talking about the opening of his play or getting the budget/his salary for Bond out in the open or something else entirely?

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