MGM Plans to Release the Next Bond Movie Within 3 Years; Director Will Be Announced Soon

     March 19, 2013

james bond 24 sequel

Fifty years later, the Bond franchise is astoundingly stronger than ever, as Skyfall joined the $1 billion worldwide club in December.  MGM understandably wants to jump back into the series sooner than later.  On a conference call with investors, MGM CEO Gary Barber promised:

“We are currently developing the screenplay and working with our partners.  We look forward to developing the script soon and signing a director.  We are hoping within the next 3 years it will be released.” [Reuters]

Skyfall director Sam Mendes will not return, but Barber says they “look forward to announcing a director soon.”  Mendes hatched a story idea with John Logan before he left, and Logan will stay on to write Bond 24Daniel Craig is signed for at least two more films, so the immediate future of the Bond series is bright.


  • Anonymous

    I’m in Love with this phase but I am very excited for the near future when Idris Elba could done the suit.

    • sky

      Not going to happen with idris. He is already 40 yrs old and Craig is still signed on for 2 more films which at the earliest wont be out for 2 to 3 yrs a piece making him 45 -46 by then at the earliest and that’s if Craig does not sign on for more.

  • Harry

    Have David Fincher direct it with a plot centered around a serial killer terrorizing the streets of London.

    • Leo Spaceman

      It sounds like it would be a cool film to watch, but Bond is not a cop / detective. 007 would not focus on something like a serial killer.

  • 3 years????

    really sometime in the next 3 years?????? how about we go into production late this year with a release date in summer 2014???? 3 years???? what… does everyone smoke the same stuff as cameron???? 3 years and craig is what 50 ish????

    to anon.. sorry to burst ur bubble ,but idris et al…will never be bond. just like craig, cooper, jackman, and dicaprio will never be shaft….

    • Jeff

      Totally agree.

      Bond films are a license to print money. Even the bad ones turn a huge profit.
      Why not write the script in 6 months and start filming this year?
      No offense, but these stories are pretty standard adventure pulp type narratives. A villian, a femme fatal, a MacGuffin, some exotic locales, two or three extraordinary stunt pieces and a few twists…bam. Script done.

      Also, Daniel Craig is aging rapidly. He already looked too old when they cast him in Casino Royale. He was 38 and he was supposed to be 28, but he looked 48.
      Crank out two back to back.

    • Alek

      Great comment! Do we have to wait 4 years for every Bond? Good old Moore-era Bonds! And black Bond is the nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    I heard they got JJ Abrams.

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  • Keegan

    It would be a DREAM if Christopher Nolan tackled a Bond film, but i think with him directing Interstellar, it won’t happen. I hope he at least directs one with Craig. Fincher, Nicholas Wending Refn, Danny Boyle, Kenneth Branagh. I think these would ideal choices but here’s hoping Deakins doesn’t depart with Mendes.

    • Matt

      Nolan already made his Bond films with Batman.

  • -

    I don’t really care that much about Bond as a franchise, I think it’s pretty overrated. But if the next one is anything like Skyfall, it’ll be worth watching.

  • amg907

    Danny Boyle could direct an interesting bond.

    Craig has been, by far, the most profitable bond. It’s understandable that the studio may have a hard time departing from Craig since he’s very much reeling in some money.

    But….. the guy looked old as fuck in skyfall. Terribly old.

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  • Johnson

    Can’t wait for the next one! I hope it gets out no later than by the end of 2014. The competition would probably hideous in 2015 and I don’t think anyone wants to wait until november 2016… The producers also have to be very careful who they ask to direct – as we’ve seen in the past, not everyone can do it. As for the story, if Mendes and Logan have an idea and Logan is still onboard, why the hell would it take 3 goddamn years to finish it?! He’s an amazing writer, he’s got a great resume, just have him sit his butt down and start writing – it’s his job! And if it turns out the idea for the story isn’t that good, why can’t they adapt one of the books – there’s like a ton of them? Or they could finish up the QUANTUM story – that would also look amazing in today’s world. As Jeff said, the scripts to these movies have a specific formula that’s not so hard to follow. Just don’t make us wait till (the end of) 2016.

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  • DougW

    Sounds like they think the four year wait ended up benefiting the box office for “Skyfall.”

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  • valentine

    i guesss they should replace dianel craig and have some some with a new james bond luk and as for tht they should be some new cars and some new kind of cell phone in the next bond 24

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