BOND 24 Villain Could Be a Bigger Adversary for Daniel Craig

     August 23, 2014


I’m one of the people who thought Skyfall was an incredible Bond film.  Between that and Casino Royale (I sort of consider Quantum of Solace to be an interstitial film, almost a short) I actually feel like James Bond is almost a current, relevant character (despite some of the old-fashioned fan service).  So I remain excited for Bond 24 even though it feels like something of a troubled production (the delays, the extensive reworking of the script etc…) because I think Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig really got it right last time.

We last heard that  Léa Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color) was in talks to join the film and now we have another bit of casting info on one of the villains of the piece that doesn’t result in a particular performer just yet, but it does indicate a certain (almost retro) direction the franchise could be headed in.  Hit the jump for more on the latest Bond villain.

james-bond-villainPer MI6:

Casting has begun for the main assassin, with the search specifically focussed on someone extremely physically fit and over 6′ 2″. Whoever wins the role will have several altercations with Daniel Craig’s 007 throughout the film and also a driving sequence. Former sports athletes will be under consideration along with anyone ‘very unusual’. The character has the working name of ‘Hinx’ (which may change before shooting starts) and is said to be between 30 and 45 years old.

While the report goes on to clarify that “Hinx” is in no way related to Jaws (pictured above),  this news does have a throwback feel with the idea of Bond battling such a bruiser.  Rest assured though, this will be a henchman, not the mastermind villain of the film.  While we’re on the topic, what’s your favorite Bond villain?  Is there any one from the franchise’s past you would like to see resurrected?

James Bond Movie 24 Villain

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  • Matt

    Really…you don’t say…

  • Matt1

    I loved ‘Jaws’ in the old Bond films! Obviously a lot of the audience did as well since he’s one of the only villains to be in multiple movies!!

  • Grayden

    Maybe because it was the first Bond film I saw in theatres, but Alec Trevelyan, to me, was one of the best Bond villains, if not the best. Simply because he was another 00 agent. He was a mental and physical challenge for Bond; being cut from the same cloth.

    Also, it was the first time in a long history of watching Sean Bean die onscreen.

    • MCP

      Very good choice! Mine will always be Jaws, grew up with him and the shark, hah…

      My first death with Sean Bean was Patriot Games, another good one.

      • Sten

        Aah, good old times. I remember my first Sean Bean death being Patriot Games as well. Followed by GoldenEye. Memories…

  • AdeoAdversary

    Casino Royale and Skyfall were awesome bond films, made the character relevant for current generations and not a ridiculous comic book like character. However, this villain news has kind of a Bane/Dark Knight Rises feel, but could still be cool.

  • autopilot

    Man I can’t picture anybody but The Rock for this role now.

    • dnwilliams

      …you can picture The Rock in a Sam Mendes movie?

      • dodge hickey

        Could you have pictured Sam Mendes directing a Bond film?

      • dnwilliams

        After Marc Forster, yeah. I mean, he’s no Sam Mendes, but it was a similar jump from more staid dramatic fare to perhaps the most pulpy franchise there is.

      • dodge hickey

        Yeah I can kinda see it, I do love the approach they are making since the reboot about turning the franchise into a more character based series. I would love another Martin Campbell Bond before he hands up his directors cap, GoldenEye and Casino Royale brought Bond back for new generations.

      • dnwilliams

        I’d kill to see Joe Wright take a swing. Chris Nolan too, but I feel like that’s less and less likely to happen every day and that he’s doomed to join the ranks of Spielberg and Tarantino as “would’ve if they could’ve” Bond directors.

        I understand the fondness for Campbell based on his two efforts, but I can’t help but think they’re kind of flukey based on his other work, I think he’s a workmanlike director that’s only as good as his material.

      • dodge hickey

        I wanted Nolan a long time again but now I am not so sure, I prefer his earlier works over his bigger studio stuff. Joe Wright is an interesting choice, Hanna was a solid film. Yeah, Campbell can be more miss than hit!

  • Christian Grey

    IMHO. Skyfall is by far the best bond movie of all time.. if, only, you leave out Javier Bardem’s over the top acting. I loved his performance in Biutiful and No Country for Old Men. But, he just annoyed the shit out of me in Skyfall.. And, that too from the greatest director of this generation, Sam Mendes. Watching, THAT performance is like watching a B Grade indian movie and not in a good way. Hope, Sam Mendes do justice in this movie directing the Villain maybe a little subtle to play the, so called Bigger Adversary, for Bond. Whoever they choose. My Pick would be Chris Hemsworth. He might make a good bond Villain.

    • Dan

      Hemsworth would definitely be out of left field but after thinking about he would actually be FANTASTIC.

      • brNdon

        That would actually be pretty awesome. Similar to the blonde guy from Tomorrow Never Dies.

      • dnwilliams

        Daniel Craig was courted for the role of Thor at one point too, so there’d be a nice little meta thing going on there. No way Hemsworth is going to be playing a bad guy’s sidekick in a movie at this point though.

      • Christian Grey

        WOW!!! never knew at any point Daniel Craig was shortlist to play thor before… thanks for that info.
        But, they are calling this the bigger adversary for bond. And, its Sam Mendes we are talking about.. Chris Hemsworth wont be a just another bad guy’s sidekick when Sam Fuckin’ mendis is involved… Trust Me..

        If not Chris Hemsworth, it should atleast be the Great Kevin Fuckin’ Spacey.

      • CJ

        So that would have been when Matthew Vaughn was going to do THOR?

      • dnwilliams

        I guess, yeah. Makes sense with the Layer Cake connection.

      • dvjason8

        I think he will not be in this movie {Helmsworth} due the fact he will be one of many actors to be the next Bond.

    • Hoedown at OK Corral

      Seeing as how he’s only played heroes, it would be a great opportunity to expand his resume. I think every actor who’s played a hero should play a villain at some point (and vice versa).

      Trevelyan is my pick for fav for the reasons mentioned above. Really gave that film some serious espionage and turned the tide of having only big-bads.

    • the king of comedy

      I loved Skyfall, but I think it`s a little overrated and people sometimes forget about the much superior Casino Royal, wich I consider to be the best bond movie to date, they screwed up Quantum of Solace but it`s good that they got back on track with Skyfall, hope we can continue with these amazing Bond movies, and now that you mention it, Chris Hermsworth would be a great villain.

  • appolox

    Silva is without a doubt the best Bond villain. I’d also really be interested in a new younger spin on Blofeld played by someone like Dane Dehaan.

    • Agent777

      I think you should read the books. Silvia is much closer to how the book villains are. Ian Fleming knew some evil people very closly, and it tanslates into some marvelous villain.

      The Blofeld of the films has little in common with the Blofeld of the books.

      • appolox

        I’ve read a few of the books. But unfortunately none with Blofeld. But if they were to do a more true to the novels version in a film who do you think should play him?

      • Agent777

        I think you can get a book called The Blofeld Trilogy which collect all three books. Very intresting character arc, which I will go over briefly, as it relevant to who/how you’d pick an acotor

        In the books Blofeld is Polish and Greek. In his first apperence, Thunderball, he is very comfortable and settled. He has a black crew cut and is a huge man, though were told he was once quite fit. Of coruse his big plan is foiled, and he then has to go on the run.

        In his next apperence, in For Her Majesties Secret Service, he is on the run, and has also had plastic surgery. He now appears tall, slim and has long, silvery hair. His plan is again foiled, but this time he kills Bond new wife as in the films.

        In his last apperence he is in hiding in Japan and has completly lost his mind. He is now muscular and goes around wearing samurai armor. I won’t spoil the rest though.

        I think given this arc, Tom Hardy would be a excellent choice but I’d prefer they cast a European actor who is relativly unknown here, in which case I don’t have a recomendation. You;d need an actor who would not shy away from makeup and changing there apperence three diffrent times for each film. They should roughly stick to his story arc, in broad terms at least. It would set him apart from the Bald-guy-with-a-cat image of Blofeld.

      • appolox

        Yeah having the same actor under makeup would be much more consistent than having 3 different actors. It would really come across as the same person better. Tom Hardy would definitely be a good fit, although I can also imagine Dennis Haysbert or Michael Shannon.

      • Agent777

        I was thinking Michael Shannon also.

      • appolox

        At some point I would love to see Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Kingsley, and John Hurt play villains in future Bond films.

    • Hoedown at OK Corral

      Silva too! I had to look up who that is, as I forgot his character’s name. Up there with Trevelyan for the same reasons, with the only difference being we didn’t see Silva play both sides. I would definitely LOVE to see a prequel to Skyfall showing his history. +1 for Dane Dehaan as a young villain! Absolutely love him. He’s so damn talented and charismatic.

      Only complaints with Skyfall is its length. Felt like it could have been tighter. Really irks me how long movies are. You feel exhausted by the end of them and have to plan when you’re going to rewatch it. I guess it’s because they spend so much money on these blockbusters they really want to juice as much out of the budget. Especially since we only get each franchise every few years.

    • OscarDiggs

      I really like that idea about Dane DeHaan playing a younger Blofeld.

  • Agent777

    I think nearly every villain from the books should be revisted, especially Hugo Drax, Mr. Big, Red Grant, Ernest Stavro Blofeld and his ‘lover’ Irma Blunt. Most of sadistic, warped, and intresting things about these characters were dropped from the films, often replaced with ‘over the top’ elements.

    The twin Spang brothers from the Diamond Are Forever book could be cool. They were dropped completly to make room for Blofeld. I’d love to see a less campy version of their henchmen, Mr. Winter and Mr. Kidd. One of them was played by Crispin Glover’s dad so it could be a good excuse to get Crispin Glover in a Bond film.


    blofeld would be awesome, and they could use the character to connect back to casino royale and quantum of solace, having quantum as the modern equivalent to spectre. as far as the henchman goes, i think chris hemsworth or tom hardy would be awesome choices (yes i know hardy is 5 foot 9 but they disguised that pretty easily in most of his physical roles)

    • Christian Grey

      Tom Hardy is a good choice considering he pulled of a tall villain character like Bane beautifully, before.. But, Chris Hemsworth is my number one choice. And, also Tom has already played kinda Villains in Bronson and the dark knight rises.. so, he should not be typecasted.

  • CJ

    Lea Seydoux is very pretty and a great actress, but she still looks like a teenager.

    They should get Ingrid Bolso Berdal, as was also rumoured. She’s beautiful, immensely talented, a great physical performer and looks like a real woman in her mid 30′s.

  • Agent777

    Jason Momoa would be an excellent Bond villain.

    • Daniel O’Reilly

      A good henchman. He doesn’t really have the charisma to be a lead villain.

  • Colin Christian

    Dr No and the Moonraker baddie.

  • Strong Enough

    so no Chiwetel Ejiofor ?

    • appolox

      This is just for the main villains henchmen. Assuming he got the part Ejiofor will be the mastermind while this Hinx guy is gonna be the muscle.

  • boobies are great

    Dominic Purcell fit this build

  • lord jim

    Robert Shaw and Telly Savalas, both are in my all time favourite Bond movies too.

    • Agent777

      Robert Shaw nailed Red Grant. Great actor.

  • chris

    IDRIS ALBA… or Josh Brolin(fake his height)

  • GunzOfNavarone

    We need an unknown actor in for this role, not a current actor. I would hate to see a well established face in this role, it doesn’t have the same impact.

  • Daniel Burgess

    if they bought back jaws I allways though they should get the great kali from wwe to play him his got the hieght build and the chin for it

  • jj

    Michael Shannon would be an epic villain-has the jaw for jaws.

  • jj

    Daniel Day LEwis would probably make the best villain ever.

  • matt

    Kevin Durand… very versatile actor, been in a bunch of quality films and shows. Needs a breakout role. Was little John in Rildley Scott’s Robin Hood, was also in 3:10 to Yuma. Currently in the tv show The Strain. Oh and he’s 6’6.

  • calzoney

    Looking for a giant bond villian? “The mountain” from game of thrones

  • Chris

    Sorry nobody gets me to pay money to see a human cardboard like Daniel Craig to act on screen. BOOOOORING!

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  • Christopher Sims

    I think Chiwetel Ejiofor would be incredible in the role of the villain. His performance in 12 years was incredible and his villain on Serenity was top notch.

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  • Sequence 82254765

    How bout no