First Full Trailer for New James Bond Movie SKYFALL Plus the New International Trailer

     July 31, 2012


A full trailer for Skyfall has been released, and it looks like Bond is back in a big way.  Anyone who was disappointed by Quantum of Solace (about 90% of the population, myself included), will likely be back on board with director Sam Mendes‘ take on the franchise.  The upcoming flick looks like it has everything audiences want from a James Bond picture: style, big set pieces, sex, and more style.  Mendes looks like he knows what sets Bond apart from other action stars and taken full advantage of it.  If you’ve been let down by the majority of this summer’s action movies, there may be an excellent one this November.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film stars The film stars Daniel Craig, Bérénice Marlohe, Judi Dench, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Helen McCroy, Albert Finney, Ralph Fiennes, and Javier BardemSkyfall opens November 9th. [Update: We have now added the equally bad-ass international trailer, which contains footage that's not in the new domestic trailer; specifically, it has a little bit more of Javier Bardem's terrifying villain]

Click over to Yahoo! Movies to see the trailer in HD.

Via HeyUGuys:

Here’s the official synopsis for Skyfall:

Daniel Craig is back as James Bond 007 in Skyfall, the 23rd adventure in the longest-running film franchise of all time.  In Skyfall, Bond’s loyalty to M (Judi Dench) is tested as her past comes back to haunt her.  As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.


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  • mattinacan

    damn that looks good

  • Mars

    yay Sam Mendes made a film that isn’t about the trial and tribulations of suburban white people.
    And Bardem looks anything but “terrifying.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw him with that hair.

    • A

      Yea I agree this looks awful, back to the old villian of the week formula.

    • Aiden_Rush

      You mean like how all Spike Lee does is make movies about the trials and tribulations of black people???

      • stove

        or how M. Bay makes movies about the trials and tribulations of robots, i’m counting Armageddon…. thought spike lee does make a film or two about other subjects as well: serial killers, edward norton in prison when he is not a nazi, oldboy (does that count, it’s not really his) uh…. i can do this with out IMDB… Uh… no i can’t, hold on…. wtf?! PAVAROTTI AND FRIENDS?

  • mattedscreen

    yup, officially stoked now.

  • Fed23

    You know who would’ve also made an amazing Q? (and kinda looks like Ben Whishaw’s big brother) …Benedict Cumberbatch.

    • eowyn

      I was thinking of the same thing!!! Haha. Hope Cumberbatch gets the new Fleming biopic by Duncan Jones. That’s a perfect role for him.

  • ozzie

    I love the way Matt assumes 90% of the population agrees with him that Quantum Of Solace was bad. Being in the 10% I gladly await the 3rd movie in the series :)

    • Flyersfan20

      haha I agree. I actually like QOS. Wasn’t as good as Casino Royale but enjoyabe none the less. That 90% is probably alot lower :P

  • Yoej_YrneH

    STOKED! I’m glad the “reboot”/”character development” portion of Daniel Craig’s 007 is evidently complete. Now, Craig is Bond, complete with gadgetry “Bond, James Bond” introductions, tuxedo’s cuff link adjustments & womanizing.

    “Skyfall” could be for Daniel Craig what “Goldfinger” was to Sean Connery.


    • Person

      All that’s left now is Moneypenny.

  • Armando

    For a second I thought Bardem was Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs” lol

  • drod

    Looks like an Epic Scale Bond what more could you ask for? Also Matt not everyone hated QOS, I thoroughly enjoyed it. However Skyfall looks to be the best Bond we’ve seen since Casino and may even top that.

  • Warpcrafter

    Gotta love the part where the backhoe tears open the train car, Bond leaps in and takes a moment to adjust his cuffs. And I was stoked to see how Javier Bardem looked. Bond villains have a long history of creepy fashion choices. That’s how you know they’re the bad guys.

    • JPA

      Yeah,I know the Craig Bond films are more serious,but it’s still a James Bond villiain. Remember Le Chiffre? Yeah. But don’t even remember the name of that guy from Quantum of Solace.

  • DES

    Mendes rules. Chris Nolan, learn a thing or two from Mr. Shakespeare about storytelling, and not try to bunch up images to make any sense, or a movie, for that matter! This trailer is better than TDKR entirely.

    • Vesh

      This doesn’t even make any sense. Moron.

      • DES

        Are you Christopher Nolan, that you have taken this personally? My comments are to him, not you sir, an audience member at best for perpetuity, with little input in the craft of filmmaking.

        Your reaction is one of a republican party member who doesn’t know to what and why he’s objecting, just enough to know that objecting is the rule to follow, rather than based on reason.

    • AManWithAKilt


      I mean, I get the very basic gist of what you’re saying: Mendes is better than Nolan. But the rest is indecipherable.

      I get it, TDKR wasn’t as good as TDK so everyone on the hate bandwagon is all: “SEE I TOLD YOU!” However, and I know this is hard, it was still a good movie. You may not have liked it but it was still well-crafted.

      I’m not a fan of Mendes, I didn’t like American Beauty or Road to Perdition, but I recognize that he is a skilled filmmaker and I am still excited for Skyfall because I know he’s got a lot of talent.

    • Alan

      Huh? If you’re going to insult someone, DES, then at least learn the principles of grammar and vocabulary. Vesh does know why he’s objecting to your nonsense: it’s because your writing is a series of fanboy rants masquerading as an argument.

      • DES

        Your insults are worth less than the fart coming out of your fat ass you blurt out in the theater seat you pay to watch the films that I make.

        It’s your money in my pocket, and your fart in the cushion.

  • alex715

    it looks epic can’t wait !!!!! i wish it was in 3D though.

    • stylus59

      No. Just no.

    • Jazzy Jace

      3D is for douchebags.

  • daveyboy

    What.The.Fuck. Is up with Javier Bardem’s hair?

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    Daniel Craig is looking OLD. Time to recycle the the actor even if he does still have 2 movies left on his contract. He looks terrible.

  • Mavro

    Daniel Craig still looks amazing. Can’t wait.

  • Nate H

    Looks awesome! Quantum of Solace wasn’t terrible, but it was pretty weak. Looking forward to another strong Bond entry here.

  • terry

    Ha ha! I am stoked. I bet this is better than that trash, TDKR!
    Horrible flick.

    • DES

      I am with you sir, a man of high integrity to know quality when he sees it.

      • filmmaniac111

        Bringing up TDKR on a Bond thread? Oh you guys are so good for each other.

  • Alan

    Huh? If you\’re going to insult someone, DES, then at least learn the principles of grammar and vocabulary. Vesh does know why he\’s objecting to your nonsense: it\’s because your writing is a series of fanboy rants masquerading as an argument.

  • Strong Enough

    Nolan must have f*cked this guy DES’s girlfriend or something. dude is on 2 articles complaining about Nolan lol

  • Hunter

    Nolan should direct a bond movie down the line sometime I think he would make a really good one. This looks really good though Mendes is an excellent director cant wait.

  • batmondaynighties

    Amazing what this material can turn into on the big screen given the right director and the right casting choices. This looks tasty indeed. It already looks so much better than the last outing, and thank goodness for that. I hope the villain/s is/are nailed.

  • Jazzy Jace

    @ A: Villain of the week, really? What did you expect Sam Mendes was hired to do for Bond’s 50th? If anything is awful, it’s your fucking stupid comment, you fucking fucker! Hahaha.

  • Marc

    What’s wrong with you Matt? You’re out of your mind! Quantum of Solace is great!

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