James Cameron’s JURASSIC PARK Would Have Been “Nastier, Much Nastier”

     September 13, 2012


Sometimes it’s fun to take an alternate route through history and swap directors or actors for now famous films.  Take, for instance, James Cameron, the visionary director of the top two highest grossing films of all time.  Once upon a time, Cameron wanted to film Jurassic Park, but someone named Steven Spielberg beat him to the adaptation rights.  The Jaws director bested Cameron by a mere few hours.  So how would Cameron’s adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel differed?  Hit the jump to find out!

James-Cameron-jurassic-parkIn speaking to the Huffington Post at the Titanic Museum in Belfast, Cameron confessed to trying to win the director’s chair for Jurassic Park. Although Spielberg beat Cameron to the rights by only a few hours, the Titanic director holds no grudges, saying:

“But when I saw the film, I realised that I was not the right person to make the film, he was. Because he made a dinosaur movie for kids, and mine would have been aliens with dinosaurs, and that wouldn’t have been fair.

“Dinosaurs are for 8-year-olds. We can all enjoy it, too, but kids get dinosaurs and they should not have been excluded for that. His sensibility was right for that film, I’d have gone further, nastier, much nastier.”

While a nasty version of Jurassic Park only exists in a parallel universe, Titanic fans will be happy to know that Cameron still has a place in his heart for the infamous vessel and the film he crafted around it.  The director talked about how he’s still moved by the numerous stories of heroism that survived that fateful night.  Here, he speaks candidly about the engineers about the Titanic and how they helped to save lives:

“We found we couldn’t replicate the sinking of the ship, without it rolling either one way or the other, and concluded that it must have been human intervention that led it to sinking straight downwards. That was the engineers on the ship, who sacrificed their lives, moving water around to stop it listing, which meant the lifeboats could be lowered, so they saved hundreds of lives.”

And here’s a gentle video reminder that Titanic is now available on Blu-ray in 2D and 3D:


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  • Bb

    First the avenger and now this.. This guy is seriously a pompous ass. Shut up, you didn’t make these movies, get over it.. Stop subtly insulting the movies. Jurassic park is a sequel that far surpasses all of your films. Avatar is as much a kids movie as it is for adults… I can’t stand this guy

    • Ryan

      I agree with you completely. He says that he just wants to focus on Avatar so stop giving back handed compliments and focus on your work. He acts like his films are the end all for movies.

      • Josh

        There’s no way Jurassic park is better than Aliens or either of the Terminator films. Jurassic park is a mere decent film, Aliens, and the terminator are masterpieces.

    • Josh

      Im sorry, but there’s no way in hell Jurassic park is better than Aliens, or either of the Terminators. Cameron might be a pompous asshole, but he directed three masterpieces in a span of 10 years.

      • Ryan

        I enjoy JP, Terminator and Aliens equally, but my problem comes with this back handed comments. Would it have been cool to see a much darker JP hell yeah. The problem comes with he has such a bloated head after Avatar and Titanic topping the charts. Neither of those movies were masterpieces in my eyes.

    • Matty

      Another informed opinion. Give me Aliens or The Terminator over Jurassic Park any day

      • dogg

        But what has he done for me lately? A half billion dollar remake of Pocahontas, and a bunch of BS about how he revolutionized 3D, when it was really just the same old crap. And I’m still waiting for him to give his Malibu mansion back to the native Americans he stole that land from. Or was that whole Avatar ethic just for us peons? So add hypocrite.

    • cloud720

      It is an interview, he is asked about other films and he gives his opinion. He doesn’t go around blurting this stuff out on because he fells like it. He is asked, and is expected to give an answer. He didn’t say anything bad about avengers or Jurassic park. Jurassic park was made so kids can enjoy it and he said that was a good thing. I don’t see what the problem is.

  • Ramone

    “…mine would have been aliens with dinosaurs…”
    I’m assuming the author meant to capture Cameron’s quote as “…mine would have been ‘Aliens’ with dinosaurs.”

    …an important distinctions, since I’m guessing he didn’t mean to introduce extra terrestrials to Jurassic Park!

    • Twojawas

      I was just about to write the same thing. I had to read that sentence twice to get what the hell he meant. I was seeing some epic battle between aliens and dinosaurs when I first read it and I thought Cameron was more insane than he actually is.

  • Danny

    I would still much rather see the “Aliens” version of Jurassic Park, I find that the JP films over all are kinda, dare I say, boring. They do have ‘moments’ but overall find them lacking. Their is definitely potential for a fun, horror/action here. Here’s hoping JP4 will add some much needed adrenaline to the serious. Or say to hell with it and make a Turok movie.

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  • rainestorm

    And stupider, much stupider.

  • Matt

    well Jurassic Park is the movie that made me love movies, so…

  • Angmal

    What a bunch of berks. Jurassic Park is an outstanding adventure film, one of the few movies with CG from the 90s which still holds up. I love most of Cameron’s work, and in fairness to him my memory of the book is that it is much gorier, but Spielberg’s movie is a popcorn classic. John Williams’ score alone makes my spine tingle. Intelligent but exciting, it’s not just for kids, it’s for anyone of any age – an inclusive blockbuster, one of the best examples of its kind.

  • John

    Oh what could have been. We could have seen Muldoon drunk off whiskey running around with a LAW rocket launcher shooting raptors, like in the novel. And the entire staff of the park would have been there…not a skeleton crew for the weekend like SS used.

    Remake Jurassic Park, and rate it R.

  • Nick

    Didn’t realize Jurassic Park was for kids.
    I suppose Avatar is probably too advanced for my brain capacity.
    I’m actually having trouble writing about James Cameron. I feel like I’m not worthy.

  • mrnateathon

    Why are people getting their panties in a bunch? Cameron simply said he wanted to make it “nastier” like the books which are pretty violent. He also praised Spielberg’s direction and said it was a better choice.

  • ScaredForMovies

    He’s right about Jurassic Park. Spielberg made it a movie everyone could enjoy. I saw it when I was young and it was an amazing experience. But the book is much more adult and violent. So I think Cameron would have kept it closer to the source material. Why anyone is getting so bent out of shape over this is hilarious. He didn’t insult Spielberg’s Jurassic Park by saying he made it more family friendly. It’s a fact he did, but that didn’t stop it from being an amazing movie.

  • Ben

    JP is a masterpiece and is WAAAAAAY better than Aliens. Terminator 2 is the best action movie of all time, though.

  • voice of the people

    Cameron owes Spielberg in every aspect of cinema. Spielberg should bow down. You’re all just mad cause a Canadian filmmaker tops the charts each time he drops a movie. You pissants all saw Titanic and Avatar so shut it. Cameron is the Anderson Silva of cinema and Spielberg is the Chael Sonnen. Spielberg talks a good game but if he steps to Cameron he’d get knocked out (cinematically). Cameron should make Jurassic Park 4 to expose Spielberg for the wanna be punk sentimental fool he is.

    • 13steve13

      I was kinda nerding out on this, both directors having a huge influence on my adolescence. This spastic bullshit is hilarious. A pissed off Canadian MMA enthusiast box office junky tough talking a billion plus people made my day. I don’t usually savor this kind of fail but… well done.

      • the obvious

        You’ve been trolled brah

    • Quinton hill

      To all the stupid young kids on this site that thinks Cameron is a better director that Spielberg. I just going to say this Et,Jaws,Schindler list, Saving Private Ryan The Indiana jones movies close encounters of the third kind the color purple Empire of the sun.

  • Strong Enough

    Cameron>>> Spielberg

    *kanye shrug*

    • Anonymous

      Indiana Jones and Saving Private Ryan beat out anything Cameron’s done. And that’s coming from a big Aliens fan.

  • DES

    The number one and greatest movie ever made by the hands of man is Titanic. Period. Next is Vertigo, then Raiders of the Lost Ark. These movies embody the three main genres of human emotion of sympathy, mystery/fear, and thrills respectively.

    As much as I love and believe Cameron is a far far better director than Spielberg, in consistency, depth, detail, innovation and technology with his sweeping grand masterpieces that to date no one has come close to making anything like the Titanic, neither one is even close to Hitchcock. Hitchcock is the one and only Master of Cinema.

    He categorically stamped the art with a style completely invented by him that neither of these two giants in their own rights can come close. Done. Hitchcock is the DaVinci of cinema. Period. Both Cameron and Spielberg will gladly sit that the ottoman of Hitchcock to take lessons.

  • The Dude

    This coming from a guy who (rumor has it) calls people who may of dissed him in his past before he was famous and says, “Hey, I’m James Cameron.”

    Nothing out of this guy’s mouth surprises me anymore.

    • Guest

      Be honest. You would do the exact same thing.

      • Quinton hill

        You have to be young or just stupid to think Cameron is a better director than Spielberg.Here are just a few of his classic films the Indiana jones films the color purple, Jaws, ET,Close encounters of the third kind Saving private Ryan Empire of the sun Schindlers list

  • Black Convoy

    Wait a minute. How is he bashing Jurassic Park? He said that he would have went dark and that he was not the right person for the job and complimented Spielberg for making Jurassic Park a movie that the whole family could enjoy.

    • Guest

      Because Jurassic Park fans are a bunch of whiny, self entitled, ego-maniacal little brats with the reading comprehension of eight-year-olds?

  • Michael Horne

    I’m sure there are a lot of directors who missed out on directing a movie and had their own visions – look at Alien 3! Cameron saying what his vision would have been is an interesting little nugget, not an epic insult or ego trip (for a change). Calm down – Cameron’s made some great films, some good films and some awful films. Spielberg has made some great films, some good films and some awful films. They’re just two very different directors! The biggest difference is that one knows to stick to directing and not writing and the other can’t stop himself, regardless of the quality of the writing ;-) Oh, and Spielberg’s cinematography is vastly superior. And he has John Williams, which always helps!

    As for Jurassic Park… I liked that kids could see it, though here in the UK it had to have special dispensation to allow that – it was right on the borderline at the time to getting a higher rating. And it was a thrill to watch. I can’t say the same thing for Aliens because they are very different movies. They are both ‘popcorn’ movies, they are both crowded with large scale action, violence and gore, but the balance is different. You can’t really compare the two.

    I still prefer Spielberg’s work, but then I am sentimental. On the other hand, I do love Titanic and Avatar, Aliens and especially The Abyss for their scale and the way they focus on the more adult end of audiences. I think it helps that Spielberg has done more movies than Cameron and doesn’t say “I’m going to restrict myself only to Indiana Jones movies, because that’s what I want to focus on from now on.” If you ask me, Cameron has always been an obsessive kind of person, and he’s chosen to obsess on Avatar for better or for worse.

  • Muh

    Wow, Matt Lane’s a real douchebag.

    • thrillainmanilla

      he’s just telling the truth with sarcasm

  • Michael Horne

    @Muh This is true

  • miguel rodriguez

    who the hell asked you ? Just because you did Avatar , which was alright, doesn’t give you the right to insult other movies. and for the record, Jurassic Park is better than avatar.

  • Steve

    Cameron’s Oscars, his box office success and his film’s critical acclaim sort of give him the right to be a bit pompous. He’s earned it. And nothing in the Hipster Handbook is going to convince me that hating on Cameron will change any of that.

  • Van Iblis

    Weird coming from Cameron…dude hasn’t been “edgy” or “nasty” in years. I’d love a more gritty, violent JP. But Jim ain’t the guy who would have done it.

  • Gavin

    wow my opinion of cameron just dropped severely. what an asshole! Jurassic Park is a master-pice, and it’s 100 times better than any of his overrated shit.

  • Richard

    Well, The Lost World is kinda “Aliens” with dinosaurs, so Cameron’s version sorta got made.
    Instead of Colonial Marines with big guns hunting aliens, we got mercs with big guns hunting dinosaurs.
    Also, Spielberg didn’t write JP, so he really didn’t make it kid-friendly himself, he just directed the script that was given to him.

  • vic mackie

    People are such bitter tools especially on the internet, that’s why. They go out of their way to find reasons to bash artists when they have no talent of their own. To be clear, i’m all for constructive criticism, but this isn’t michael bay this is James m’f'n’ Cameron. If none of his movies entertained you than I feel sorry for your hipster attitudes. end rant.

  • Fray Parabellum

    “But when I saw the film, I realised that I was not the right person to make the film, he was”.