James Cameron and Michael Bay Talk 3D and Show 15 Minutes From TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON – UPDATED

     May 19, 2011

James Cameron and Michael Bay TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON sliceDARK

Incredible.  That’s the only way to describe the opening five minutes of director Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  In the first few minutes, we get to see the Autobots and Decepticons fighting on Cybertron, and then we cut to Earth in 1961.  Over the next few minutes, we’re shown the real reason why President Kennedy wanted to go to the Moon…

But let me back up a second.

Tonight at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, I got to attend a very cool event which featured James Cameron and Michael Bay talking about 3D and then showing around 15 minutes of footage from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Included in the presentation was the new trailer (which is attached to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides this weekend), the opening five minutes, and then a montage of scenes from the entire movie.  While some of the footage wasn’t in 3D, a bunch of it was.  And it looked insane.  I don’t know how anyone is going to walk out Transformers 3 and think they didn’t get their money’s worth.  Hit the jump for a lot more.

UPDATE: We’ve got a few minutes of the event on video. It’s after the jump.

As some of you might remember, a few months back I got to visit the Transformers editing room and was blown away by what Bay showed us.  During that visit, Bay spoke to us for a long time, so if you’re looking for quotes…click this link.  Unfortunately at tonight’s event, we weren’t allowed to bring audio recorders, but we’ve been told that in the next few days we’ll be getting some video clips.  Once I get those I’ll post them.

Until then, here’s a video blog that I recorded with Peter from Slashfilm on the Paramount lot after we left the presentation.  We talked about what we saw, what we thought, what Bay and Cameron talked about, our thoughts on 3D and the recent spell of bad 3D post conversion, and we’ll also show you a bit of the Paramount lot…

Again, the footage tonight looked incredible, and I’m extremely confident the two biggest films of 2011 are going to be Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  You can argue with me in the comments below…

Video of Bay and Cameron talking after the video blog.




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  • Mason

    It looks like it will be a really intense film and much darker in tone while less camp than the first two films. It’s played a lot more straight but still really epic.

    John Malkovich and Patrick Dempsey seem to have intriguing roles in this that are being kept under wraps.

    • Michael

      Saw an early review of this and it confirms my belief that this movie will indeed be the best of the trilogy. Plus, it also says that Dempsey will be playing the boss of Sam’s girlfriend, who apparently tries to put the moves on her a lot. It also said that he has a little bit of a want to dominate the world. Once Sam graduates college, he starts to look for a job. He does get one, and the boss is played by John Malkovich.

  • Jeff T.

    Wow, two of my favorite directors talking about 3D. Steve, you’re one lucky SOB.

    I need to know more about this! Hopefully they’ll post a video of the conversation.

  • Capone

    It’s fun to listen to people talk about TRANSFORMERS 3 who haven’t seen the whole film. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/49648

  • wev

    wow, thanks for the spoiler warnings…still, sounds good though

  • wev

    …hmm, its so not about the 3D!!!!!

  • SnackBar

    Did they say if they had managed to solve the darkness problem with 3D? It’s like wearing sunglasses while watching the film. It is the biggest drawback (not withstanding the extra cost, the headaches, the annoying glasses, etc). During Pirates 4 there were scenes that were so dark you could hardly see what was going on.

  • JuanCarlos

    Yes they solved the darkness problem. I’ve been following this movie closely and they say  the 3D is the best since Avatar. And Cameron is supporting this, so it is true. Becouse it’s 75% real 3D and the convertion is the best that it could be, so we wouldn’t have to deal with those things. Harry Potter will have the same issues that Pirates I’m sure. Becouse they didn’t have Cameron’s help! Like Michael Bay did
    I knew that will happened to Pirates thanks for confirm SnackBar

    • Tmo

      Because** and Conversion** thank you!

    • Ted

      Sources close to the production have said that less than 30% of the film is native 3D with the rest converted. I don’t know where “75% real 3d” came from but it is misinformed. That said, I’m sure they are giving the converted footage the time it needs to cook and make it look good. And neither Cameron nor Bay are geniuses, they cannot get around physics that says that dark scenes shown with dark exhibition will be, well, dark.

  • Kurt

    Steve, great video. Only thing I have to say and this isn’t a knock against Peter but he needs to let you finish and not cut you off so much. Seems like we missed a few points you were trying to make because he interjected.

    Secondly, speaking as a theatre manager and IMAX projectionist. Light output is everything with 3D like you guys said. You were off on how the lightout put works on digital and what the Head of AMC said isn’t really the truth. Its to much to talk about here and explain in a story talkback.

    Great job and I’m excited to see how this looks in IMAX when we build it up next month.

  • Dogg

    As a committed 3D hater I offer this compromise: Since Cameron’s got such a boner for it, let him do it and him alone. Do that and I’ll never bitch about it again. Hell, change the name to “Cameron-D”. It would actually be MORE accurate that way.

    • Aurora Vampiris

      Erm… the studios aren’t exactly evil corporations that impose their will upon us (*cough* Umbrella *cough*). The give us what we want. And the world says 3-D is here to stay… for now. 3-D is the only gimmick keeping films like Priest and Resident Evil: Afterlife afloat.

      • ringbearer1420

        I hope things are fun in unicorn land.

  • rocky

    Love it, great job guys. Really pumped me up for this. Can’t wait to see it in I-Max.
    I love 3D but you guys are right about studios doing this cheap rush post conversion jobs that’s giving 3D a bad name. Even so I’ll take bad 3D post over 2D anytime

  • KorbenDallas

    Fat guy is annoying. Steve he kept moving into your space, which is very rude, until the point you were barely in the frame. Also the interruptions were rude, and further the interruption many times would steal your point then use hand gestures in front of your face.

    Fat guy has some inferiority issues. I would have watched more, but Steve I’d rather heard from just you.

    • NickSwinger

      Peters domineering attitude can be easily explained, he’s obviously the pitcher and Steve the catcher. Their body-language confirms as much.

  • reviewer

    Hey Fans here is what i seen in this film:
    Brains & Wheelie are the new twins for the film.
    Sentinel Prime dies by a cosmic rust gun by Megatron
    Carly & Sam get a ring at the end of this movie
    by Bumblebee. -Facts vs. Rumors for Fans

    This franchise instead hits a bad, predictable note with “Dark of the Moon.” Transfomers! rolls out, this robot party is over. 1 star

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  • Banekilla

    I couldn´t help but laugh, when Cameron said: “I saw the whole movie, and it´s pretty great.” The smile on Michael Bays face is priceless, like a son wanting the approval of his brilliant but stern father.

  • MrRich

    Business must be boomin’ @ Collider if Capone is linking in his review here. (May not actually be Capone,but have no evidence otherwise).

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