James Cameron Rocks Out to HEAVY METAL

     June 6, 2009

james-feature.jpgThe remake of “Heavy Metal” is attracting some major names. Already attached to direct segments from the film were David Fincher and Zack Snyder and today Film School Rejects is reporting that James Cameron has signed on to direct a segment as well.  I can’t believe this much talent is coming on board a project I have no interest in.  It’s not that the original “Heavy Metal” is god-awful (although it’s certainly more a novelty than a real movie) but why are some of the most interesting directors taking time out to work on a remake?  I guess if you’re a “Heavy Metal” fan you’re beyond jazzed at this line-up which also includes Gore Verbinski, Jack Black, and Mark Osbourne (“Kung Fu Panda”).  I remain indifferent but maybe once these directors start talking about why they’ve been drawn to this project, I’ll start paying closer attention.

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