James Franco and Anne Hathaway Tease a GREASE Reenactment for Oscar Night

     February 23, 2011


The hiring of beautiful youths James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host the Academy Awards this Sunday has drawn criticism in some circles as a shameless attempt to pander to young viewers.  I don’t know that that’s true.  But speaking as a young viewer, it’s working.

I think Hathaway will do a fine job, but I’m very curious to see what professional oddball Franco will unveil on the most public of stages.  Franco got the jump start with a 19-second clip posted to YouTube that is much too artsy for what it is: footage of Franco and Hathaway reenacting the carnival scene from Grease.  Watch it after the jump.

I know Franco likes to go crazy with behind-the-scenes footage, but what is this?  (Better question: Why have I watched it seven times?)  Grease is likely one of a number of classic films our hosts will be inserted into, though THR was not able to ascertain if the segment will make the final cut.

The 2011 Academy Awards air live 8pm ET/5pm PT February 27 on ABC, at which time I’ll apparently be eating out of the palm of Franco’s hand.

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