James Franco’s SNL Documentary SATURDAY NIGHT May Be Released by Focus Features

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It was nigh on three years ago that one mister James Franco, a largely unknown film student at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, presented his behind-the-scenes documentary of Saturday Night Live to the delight of audiences at SXSW. Entitled Saturday Night the film charmed audiences and critics alike once again at Tribeca, (link 1) was then picked up by Adam Yauch’s Oscilloscope, and then… silence.

Until today that is. Hit the jump for news straight from the Franco’s mouth.

In Mike Ryan’s interview at Huffington Post for Franco’s latest film, Oz the Great and Powerful, he asked the actor about whatever happened to Saturday Night. Franco replied with a hope-charged answer:

“…We sold it to Oscilloscope. And then, really sadly, Adam Yauch died, so then all of the projects with Oscilloscope were kind of tied up in a weird way. So, now we’ve sold it to Focus Features …

Which has the same ownership as NBC and Universal …

So maybe that’s in our favor. So we’re just working out the final logistics, and it will come out. I don’t know if anyone who is featured in the documentary is still on “SNL” [laughs], but there’s a few — Hader — a few people hanging on. But it’s still a very interesting view into that world.”

Always the man of a million talents, Franco’s look into SNL is sure to be unique, and with SNL currently NBC’s only scripted show with a decent sized and devoted audience, this doc just may have some legs.


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  • scurvy

    How was James Franco largely unknown 3 years ago?

    • Keyvon

      I know sarcasm doesn’t translate well to the internet, but it’s not very tough to pick up on his sarcasm when he says Franco was a “largely unknown” film student.

      • Twojawas

        I actually had to reread it a couple of times to get the ‘joke’. Sarcasm does work on the Internet, this attempt was just poorly written.

  • Andrew

    How can he be largely unknown after being Peter Parker’s best friend in 2 Spider-man movies?

  • Anonymous

    He’s been known since 1999

  • TheEman22

    I would 100 percent want to see this movie! I love SNL and james franco!

  • Derek

    Who is James Franko?

    • tarek

      He is the cousin of Franco Nero

      • Keyvon

        …and the son of Franco American. He bought his way to stardom with all of that Spaghetti-Os money.

      • Anonymous

        He is the white Donald Glover

  • tinypony

    I think Ben Umstead was too young to be allowed to see the first Spider-Man trilogy, hahah.

  • your average reader

    Nigh are some posters here adept decipherers of mister Ben Umstead’s sarcasm.

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