BLADE RUNNER’s James Hong and GLEE’s Mike O’Malley Join R.I.P.D.

     August 25, 2011


Casting continues to take shape for director Robert Schwentke’s (Red) adaptation of Dark Horse Comics’ R.I.P.D.. Already starring Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon, Mary Louise-Parker, and Stephanie Szostak, the supernatural pic added Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller earlier today and has now landed James Hong (Blade Runner) and Mike O’Malley (Glee). For those unfamiliar with the project, R.I.P.D. centers on dead cops who work for the “Rest in Peace Department” where they are responsible for taking on stubborn spirits who aren’t quite ready to crossover.

According to Heat Vision, Hong will play a character named “Grandpa Chen,” Reynolds’ avatar and the person humans see when Reynolds is on the job. As for O’Malley, Empire reports that he will take on a smaller role as the “ghostly character” Elliot. R.I.P.D. is currently scheduled to hit theaters on June 28th, 2013.


  • jymmmymack

    Blade Runner’s James Hong?

    More like Big Trouble in Little China’s James Hong.

    • Steven

      Exactly. He will always be David Lo Pan first and foremost.

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  • Cipher000

    More like Wayne’s World 2′s James Hong! SCHWING!

  • Bill

    More like Seinfeld’s Chinese Restaurant episode James Hong