James McAvoy to Possibly Star in Ian Fleming Biopic

     December 29, 2009


Pajiba reports that Palmstar Entertainment and Animus Films are developing a biopic of James Bond author Ian Fleming with James McAvoy attached to play the lead.  Currently titled Ian Fleming, the biopic would focus on the years that gave Fleming his inspiration to create the twelve novels and two story collections featuring MI6 super-spy James Bond.  Apparently, Fleming was just a playboy in his early days but his experiences in World War II changed his life and caused him to become the creator of the semi-autobiographical 007.

McAvoy sounds like a solid choice for this role.  He has the charisma to portray a playboy but perhaps with a little delusion that he’s as charming and as lethal as his fictional counterpart.  The actor has been keeping busy as he wraps production on Robert Redford’s The Conspirator, and is attached to Wanted 2 and to co-star with Seth Rogen in the drama-comedy I’m with Cancer.  Pajiba speculates that the $40 million biopic could slide between these two movies, but I always work under the impression that the film that gets full financing first wins.  If Ian Fleming has the money it needs, then it’s good to go once a director comes on board.

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