James Preston Rodgers Would Like to Wield Mjolner’s Hammer in THOR

     April 29, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Thor could be a star-making role but it’s not one that everyone can play. While there was a wide swath of actors to choose from for a role like Spider-Man, Thor has a unique build and character that no amount of camera trickery can make happen without seriously distracting the audience and potentially ruining the illusion. It’s hard enough to make people believe that there’s a Norse god running around without trying to hide the fact that the actor is a munchkin (sorry Munchkins; you will never play Thor).

But bouncer turned wrestler turned actor James Preston Rodgers believes he’s the right man for the job and he recently spoke with Popdose about his campaign to get the role. Here are a couple choice quotes from the interview:

Aside from the obvious (more leading man roles, prestige, etc.), what is it that draws you to the character of Thor? What makes you want to play him?

RODGERS: Thor is one of the most complete characters that I may ever play, being 6?Œ6??. There?fs more to him than, say, Conan or He-Man. His is a true character arc. Maybe as close as I?fll get to playing Hamlet, especially with Branagh attached to the project.

You?fve been a bouncer, a member of the WWE and now an actor. What drew you into acting? What is YOUR passion about?

RODGERS: I enjoy being creative. The whole film and TV process I fell in love with right away. I just have a need to express myself, and this is a great outlet.

Click here to check out the full interview. It’s a good read.

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