James Spader Talks LINCOLN, Collaborating with Steven Spielberg, THE OFFICE, and More

     November 16, 2012


Expanding into more theaters this weekend is Steven Spielberg’s Best Picture nomination shoo-in, Lincoln.  The period piece is less a cut-and-dry biopic of America’s 16th President, played brilliantly by Daniel Day-Lewis, and more of an examination of the burdens placed on Lincoln to keep a nation from falling apart while abolishing slavery and attempting to hold his personal life together. Lincoln also stars Tommy Lee Jones, James SpaderDavid Strathairn, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lee Pace and Hal Holbrook.  For more on the film, here’s three clips, Dave’s review, a great trailer, and all our previous coverage.

At the recent Los Angeles press day I got to speak with James Spader.  He talked about what it was like to collaborate with Steven Spielberg and the rest of the cast, how he got involved in the project, his time on The Office,  what he’s thinking about doing in the future, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, click here to watch my video interview with  Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

James Spader:

  • Was it an immediate yes when he was offered a role in Lincoln.  Talks about how it was a complicated process for him to be a part in it.
  • What was it like collaborating with Steven Spielberg and the rest of the cast
  • What is he thinking about doing in the future


  • Mark

    Wow, you interviewed Robert California. That was an odd interview. That dead silence would have terrified me.

  • amg907

    Wow. Getting caught masterbating to the little mermaid by my mom was less awkward than that.

  • Javier

    Please transcript of your interviews! I always get excited, press the continue reading and its only video. Im always hoping its the guy that puts both.

  • OP Hip

    —The 6th –7th? recent Lincoln retread?

    Surely the ONLY relevant aspect of Lincoln yet to be examined
    was his quite possibly –FATAL– diss of Global USURY banking.

    CHECK OUT ‘MoneyMasters’ documentary online. 22 MILLION
    already have. —Get it to everyone.

    It leaves this latest Hollywood PC moral alibi —in the dust.

  • Chris

    Another reason to thank Lincoln…He got James Spader out of The Office

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