James Wan in Talks to Direct Supernatural Thriller THE CONJURING

     June 22, 2011


Director James Wan has a knack for low-budget horror films. He helmed the first Saw movie, which was so profitable it spurned 67 sequels, and he directed this year’s low-budget hit Insidious. Now Variety reports that Wan is in talks to direct the low-budget thriller The Conjuring. The pitch was inspired by the supernatural events that happened in the home of the Perron family in Rhode Island. Andrea Perron has written a volume recounting her family’s incredibly creepy supernatural interactions in a book called House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story.

No production start date has been set for The Courting, but Wan is also attached to direct a supernatural thriller called Spectre with Nicole Kidman in talks to star. Hit the jump to read a super spooky synopsis of House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story.

house-of-darkness-house-of-light-book-coverHere’s the synopsis for House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story:

Roger and Carolyn Perron purchased the home of their dreams and eventual nightmares in December of 1970. The Arnold Estate, located just beyond the village of Harrisville, Rhode Island seemed the idyllic setting in which to raise a family. The couple unwittingly moved their five young daughters into the ancient and mysterious farmhouse. Secrets were kept and then revealed within a space shared by mortal and immortal alike. Time suddenly became irrelevant; fractured by spirits making their presence known then dispersing into the ether. The house is a portal to the past and a passage to the future. This is a sacred story of spiritual enlightenment, told some thirty years hence. The family is now somewhat less reticent to divulge a closely-guarded experience. Their odyssey is chronicled by the eldest sibling and is an unabridged account of a supernatural excursion. Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated this haunting in a futile attempt to intervene on their behalf. They consider the Perron family saga to be one of the most compelling and significant of a famously ghost-storied career as paranormal researchers. During a séance gone horribly wrong, they unleashed an unholy hostess; the spirit called Bathsheba…a God-forsaken soul. Perceiving herself to be mistress of the house, she did not appreciate the competition. Carolyn had long been under siege; overt threats issued in the form of fire…a mother’s greatest fear. It transformed the woman in unimaginable ways. After nearly a decade the family left a once beloved home behind though it will never leave them, as each remains haunted by a memory. This tale is an inspiring testament to the resilience of the human spirit on a pathway of discovery: an eternal journey for the living and the dead. [Amazon].

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  • John

    You wrote that he helmed the first two Saw movies when in fact, he only directed the first one. Better check your facts!

    • Adam Chitwood

      My mistake. Fixed. Thanks!

  • Belch Time

    Well the synopsis for the book is so overwritten and vague that anyone interested in the project hopes the book isn’t the same way. Referencing the Warrens makes me feel so much better about this story. I’m sure James Wan will put his world class talents to good use. Otherwise there are always some Geico commercials that need to be made.

    • Andrea Perron

      The synopsis was written specifically to entice a reader into the story and based upon its accruing sales, has served its purpose well. The film in development is based upon the memoirs of Ed and Lorraine Warren and does not necessarily reflect our own recollections. Therefore, before you pass prejudgment on the tale you should consider reading it first. Perhaps in this instance the old adage applies: do not judge a book by its cover.

      Andrea Perron ~ Author

    • Margie Mersky

      Depth does not equate overwritten :)
      The Warrens are just a small piece of this story. It is filled with history, mystery, and involves the entire community where the farmhouse was located. You must read volume one to appreciate what this gifted writer has accomplished. Enjoy, but leave the lights on ;)

  • Wayne

    Think you mean “The Conjuring” instead of “The Courting”…

  • Wayne

    You’re welcome.

    • Adam Chitwood

      Thanks! My apologies.

  • Margie Mersky

    The Perron family deserves so much more than low budget horror for exposure of their true story. Andrea Perron is brilliant, and so is her trilogy. If you are truly interested in the real story then follow her f.b. book page, follow her website, but please do not twist this incredible and historical story into some freak show. House of Darkness House of Light deserves respect and honor. Have you read the first book yet?
    Margie Mersky

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  • Keith Johnson

    Anyone who is interested in this case, I highly recommend reading Andrea Perron’s newly released book, detailing the personal, first-hand experiences of her and her family living in this house! Although I have been involved with a great many paranormal cases over the past nearly four decades, this one will always stay closely with me. At the time I was 18 years old, and was a member of an organization called Parapsychology Investigation and Research Organization based at Rhode Island College. I’d placed an ad in a local newspaper regarding our services, and it was answered by Andrea’s mom three weeks later, which was how we became involved in her situation. It did not take long to discover that this was the REAL DEAL, and that genuine, incredible spirit activity was taking place within this house…something which these family members had to live with on a daily and nightly basis! Although we were a young college-age organization, we assured them we would do all we could to help.
    Once we’d investigated and realized the genuine validity of the phenomena taking place, Donna, our chairperson of P.I.R.O., contacted our friends Ed and Lorraine Warren and consulted with them, because of their years of experience and valued advice. And in fact, Ed and Lorraine did more that just consult with us; they offered to become personally involved in the case as well, which we greatly appreciated.
    ~Keith Johnson