Jamie Campbell Bower, Ed Speleers and Leebo Freeman Up for Role of Jace in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS

     May 16, 2011


Now that the cast of The Hunger Games is just about set, it’s time to move on to the next teen fantasy/adventure book series film adaptation: The Mortal Instruments. Lily Collins (Priest) is locked as the lead in the Scott Stewart-directed flick. The Wrap reports that Jamie Campbell Bower, Ed Speleers and Leebo Freeman all tested opposite Collins on the Sony lot last week.

Bower is somewhat of a veteran of teen books-turned-films, having appeared in both Twilight (as Caius) and Harry Potter (as Gellert Grindelwald). Speleers is best known for 2006’s Eragon and Freeman is a newcomer. The book series centers on 15-year-old Clary Fray who witnesses a murder only to discover that she has encountered the “Shadowhunters”, a secret tribe of warriors who are on a mission to destroy demons. Hit the jump for a synopsis of the first novel in The Mortal Instruments series.

Here’s the synopsis for The City of Bones:

When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder—much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It’s hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing—not even a smear of blood—to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?

This is Clary’s first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It’s also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace’s world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know…



  • Clary F

    hot hot hot leebo freeman! darnnnn it

    • Barry

      Ed Speleers is soooooo much Hotter than Leebo

      • Sal


      • TessaTMILover


      • Richard

        Leebo is soooooo much sexier than Ed Speelers. E

    • Nissa

      I agree-Leebo for sure. The other 2 look like girls

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  • Strong Enough

    so am guessing by the pics this is a role for a gay man?

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  • Claire


    PLEASE, the movie is for THE fans. So at least pick someone who THE FANS want. & Alex Pettyfer, and Max Irons are both top choices. Either one of them.

  • Mary

    Wow. I just googled that Leebo kid. He is gorgeous. And Ive read all the 4 books and he is JACE. After all that i have read about Alex Pettyfer, I think its reason enough not to see the movie. He is not even that good looking. Jamie is ugly. I go with Leebo. For sure. Boy is fine!

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  • pshhhhh

    LEEBO he’s perfect!!!!! The other two look like lesbians

  • Nicole Palermo

    Leebo is 100 percent PERFECT for it!

  • Joshua

    I have been dying to find out who gets this role. I swore it was only Alex Pettyfer but he has such bad press and was ghastly in Beastly. Leebo is smoking. I want to do very dirty things to him. I recognize him from modeling but hes so right for this book and it just seems like he is Jace at the core. Id let him talk down to me anyday. Heyyyyyyyy!

    • edspeleersFTW

      Ummm, I would only let him do dirty things to you if you want herpes. Cause that’s what it looks like he has in the photo. Do you really want a guy with herpes playing Jace? No.
      Ed on the other hand, wouldn’t give you herpes. He’s too good a guy to even get herpes.
      He is the only guy for Jace – the best looking, he’s established and he is the most talented of the lot.

    • Belle

      Joshua, I like the way you think ;) But I would wayy prefer to have Ed do dirty things to me.
      Since when does the ultimate bad boy have white hair?
      Oh yeah, Draco Malfoy…but he was a pussy.

    • SusieQ

      When I read the books and imagined Jace, he was masculine, and chisled and beautiful. Ed is the only one who matches up to that.
      He is also the only one with the talent for the role. In Eragon he has that angelic side to Jace. In Echo Beach and other roles he’s shown his ability to be jerky and vunerable.
      Leebo has no experience – casting him would be risking for this film since they want it to establish itself as a franchise.
      Jamie doesn’t suit – too weak and weird looking.
      Ed is Jace personified and would rocket this film to stardom.

  • BigFan

    Leebo is the way to go, he’s brand new on the scene and, well, look at him!!! He’s the only one to keep it intense and he’s just so damn watchable

    • Ariesgirl

      This is a no-brainer. LEEBO FREEMAN without a doubt! I met this kid recently. He’s a star. Why this is a question is beyond me. There’s no contest.

      • edspeleersFTW

        How can you say that he’s a star! He’s too new and too inexperienced! Ed has the experience, and this role would shoot him and the movie into superstardom!

    • Marcy

      Yes, but if you read ALL the books, you’ll know that Jace isn’t always intense. He has a very deep, vulnerable and romantic side to him as well. Whoever plays Jace needs to be able to balance the light and dark sides of his personality. I just don’t think this Leebo guy has the experience or the look to pull off the “softer” side of Jace. He’s just too tough and bad-ass looking to do the role justice.

      ALEX PETTYFER would have been ideal, and he still is. But if he can’t make it, then I’d rather have someone like Ed.

  • Mei Li

    Make it Leebo Freeman!!!!!! I DEFinately want to see him on screen!!!

  • munchkim

    Next please!

  • alex

    No no and no.
    Leebo looks like he’s sort of high,
    or tired,

    come on but seriously, I believe that they should contact Alex Pettyfer, and ask him, to make his decision, so we can def know cause right now it’s stupid.

    Not Jamie. No No and Ed looks too old and isn’t hot or what I imagined Jace to be. Find a extremely hot unknown or Alex Pettyfer. I also like Max Irons if not Pettyfer but yeah..

  • leebofreethatman

    Ok. Wrong pics posted of Leebo. The others are ugly but looksy what me find. All the fan sites seem to be embracing freeman. im on that train. boys fine.


  • edspeleersFTW

    Ed definitely has the best potential for this role. I am a huge fan of the books and he is exactly what I imagined Jace to be. Angelic looks, but you can definitely see him as being menacing. He is a top actor – saw him in The Ride at Tricbeca film fest. He is so the guy for this. Fingers crossed!

  • JessieL

    Ed Speleers for Jace. The others arent right!!! Jamie is not hot enough, Leebo isnt either and actually does look like a horrible guy – not someone youd fall in love with with. If you’e read the book, you’ll know that Ed Speleers is the right guy for this. Come on guys, he’s a proven good actor too.

  • Loulelle Francette

    Love the books – Ed is the He’s Hot and perfect for Jace .. gorgeous with just then hint of something menacing …

  • JessieL

    This is the best comment I have seen regarding all three choices -

    written by Cassie Clare herself: Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. – ED SPELEERS

    ED SPELEERS FOR JACE!! He is the only one that looks like an angel, Leebo is not hot, hes way too intense for this character. Ed speleers is the only one who matches the description AND also could be cocky. Sorry but no to jamie too. Jamie and leebo just arent right. ED FOR JACE!

    • ClaryMary

      Totally agree with you – Ed for Jace. The other two should just go for other film roles – this just isnt right for them. Its not a bad thing – Ed is just simply the best candidate for this role!

  • Barry

    Ed Speleers is a lad and should play Jace!

  • Andrew19

    For us true fans who have read all the books there is only one choice… Edward Speleers! His devilishly arrogant charm combined with his enticing vunerability make him perfect for the role of Jace. Plus doesn’t harm that he’s the most handsome of the three…!!

    • Kristenluu

      Very well said, ED SPELEERS FOR JACE!

  • Sabi

    ED SPELEERS!!! he is a great actor and he is really hot!
    GO ED!!!

  • Marcy

    ALEX PETTYFER is still my top Jace. I will continue to hope that he gets it. The movie just won’t be the same without him as Jace.

    Of these 3 actors, I think ED SPELEERS can pull off the tough vs. vulnerable contrasts in Jace. And we all know he can do action roles.

    Leebo looks tough, but not sure if he’s too one-dimensional. He can do “bad guy” Jace, but I don’t see him as vulnerable or romantic. 2nd runner up would be Jamie. He’s a good actor, but between these 3 I would vote for Ed.

  • James Dean1

    I love the books because Jace reminds me of my fathers (and my) hero James Dean. I would have loved to have lived in his generation and that is why the edgy ED SPELEERS has to be Jace because he has the potential to be the James Dean of my generation. Ed as Jace could start a new generation of rebels……

  • Belle

    Ed Speleers most definetely. Who are all you leebo fans? You obviously don’t know a good looking man when you see one. Just look at that gorgeous face! FROTH!!!!!!

  • Mikey

    Good luck to all three of them, but i’ve seen Ed Speleers in a few things now and in my mind he is perfect for Jace. He’s charmng, good looking and can be a badass!

  • Jenny

    Why would anyone want Pettyfer as Jace?? He only gets by on his looks and will be found out very soon….!! The casting director has done well to steer clear of him!!
    If they are going for a dark, vunerable, edgy but still alluring Jace (as it should be) they have to cast Ed Speleers, I’m surprised they haven’t snapped him up already. P.S he is soooooo easy on the eye!!! x x

  • KelseyQueen

    I’m melting looking into Ed’s eyes right now…

  • Naila

    Ed Speleers for Jace. ED SPELEERS!!! ED SPELEERS!!! ED SPELEERS!!! ED SPELEERS!!! ED SPELEERS!!! ED SPELEERS!!! ED SPELEERS!!! ED SPELEERS!!!ED SPELEERS!!! Ed Speleers for Jace.Ed Speleers for Jace. From VENEZUELA.

  • TheoMADDOG

    Yeah I’ve read the books. If you haven’t read them I don’t think you should bother commenting, and so I’m telling you that this Ed guy looks better for the role. Based on his past experience too, I believe that he would be able to handle the emotional complexity of Jace’s character.

  • Diana

    How is the gorgous Ed Speleers being compared to these two plain actors… I’m a fan of the books and in my head Jace is Ed Speleers, a WOW he’s amazing!!!!!! x x x

  • Belle

    Australia digs Ed ;)

    • Mina Blak

      Damn right we do!!! Ed for Jace all the way!!!xoxox

    • Caggie


  • Claire@Empire

    I’m so happy that they are making the films… I literally cant wait! For me Ed Speleers is the strongest candidate; he would dominate the complexity of Jace with his lovable darkside. Furthermore there always seems to be something mysterious about him, something really intreging… everyone is drawn to him!

  • Troy

    Ed Speleers is Jace! Ed will make this story come to life with sheer blinding awesome!!!

  • BarbaraSLO


    GO ED, GO ED!!! :D

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  • amber loveys

    Please, out of the lot Ed Speleers is the only one in the running who can actually act let alone play the lead hero with any conviction. Also I don’t think I’m alone in saying this “He’s FIT!!!!!”

  • Frank Simpson

    Having read the book recently it has to be Ed!

  • Aurora Luciano

    Love the books and Ed Speleers would be perfect as Jace!

  • YOYO

    The Mortal Instruments!! Ed Speleers, is a first choice. Looking forward to the movie, cheers.

  • Mina Blak

    Ed Speleers IS the only one for Jace! He embodies all of Jace’s qualities!

  • Bárbara

    I’m rooting for Ed. Not only because I believe He will be the ideal Jace and perfect for the saga as also I believe he deserves greater prominence in the media since he has developed incredible work that’s artistically and socially. Nothing against Alex, Jamie or whoever else is in search of paper, but Ed is the best option (;

  • Johno

    Anyone who’s read the books will know that casting ANYONE except Ed Speleers for this is complete madness!

  • Jackie H

    Ed, only Ed! Please people think about this one! Campbell makes me sick, he’s pale and weak, how the hell woul that work with the book!! I’ve heard in Ed’s new film he rocks out, Leebo makes me think of Draco Malfoy – who is a creep on film and in real life. Maaan.

  • Mast

    Leebo is a stud. He’s perfect for the role. Watch out for this buzzboy

  • Móni

    I’VE TOLD YOU!!!!!! Ed is the one! Ed is the one! Ed is the one! Ed is the one! Ed is the one! He does deserve this role and he’s such a great person, so sweet. Ed, please. If you really want to involve the fans in the movie process, then you choose Ed.

    You know what I’m afraid of? That TMI will be a blockbluster and the next Twilight. THE NEXT TWILIGHT!!!!! The Hunger Games will be the next Harry Potter, TMI will be Twilight…. :(

  • **TMIFAN**

    It has to be Ed! Jace is a bad boy with a good, romantic sensitive side and I just don’t see the others fulfilling that role. Plus he’s gorgeous and a really great actor. No doubt, Ed Speleers should get it.

  • JO

    Wow…I think all three of them are interesting picks. There’s probably a mob of casting directors who are working on this movie who are carefully making the decision. I don’t trust them completely since Twilight has forever been ruined for me with that drug addict-looking cast they put together, but with these three, no choice is wrong. I think this could be Leebo’s chance to showcase his talents and versatility. Look him up, he’s already got a lot of versatility. The other two are already emblazoned into my head as other characters. Idk, again, no choice here would be wrong in my opinion as Ed and Jamie are great actors and Leebo has a lot to prove.

    Why can’t they be the three teenagers? Like, if one doesn’t get the role, the other two can’t be the other two that are with Jace the night Carly witnesses the murder?

    Sorry for talking out my ass, I just wanted to put my opinion out there. Thanks…

  • SlimeyChassi

    I think Ed Speleers is the hottest of the bunch. I heard from a close source that Alex Pettyfer has erectile disfunction problems, hehehehehehe!!

  • Ella

    Ed would be a great choice. He has the looks, he has the talent, he has the dedication. He also very much fit’s Jace’s character perfectly.

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  • Vivica

    Its gotta be Ed. He is so perfect for Jace. If they want this film done well and to get the perfect Jace, then they need Ed Speleers. JCB is just a no and has been in too many other franchises. Leebo again no, he looks one dimensional and is not as hot as Ed. Ed will be the best Jace due to his acting skills, looks and star quality. ED FOR JACE

  • Wladi

    Crap…another twilight-type franchise…NOOOOOOOOO….no wonder why all young peeps today r such a faggs or shallow golddiggers…

  • Jackie Mazziotti

    Leebo Freeman!! He is just perfect for Jace. If you have read the books there is no way either of the other two could be an option. His eyes are amazing.

    Just look at HIM!! Leebo would be the perfect shadow hunter for THIS specific role.

  • Petez

    Ed gets my vote to be Jace definitely

  • Louise

    Ed Speleers… oh hai photoshop.

    Alex Pettyfer all the way.

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  • MeganandAli

    Okay, Ed is by FAR the best out of these three…please GOD do not give the role to Jamie. He may be a great actor, and he may have the most experience, but he just is not Jace. Leebo would be interesting, and is definitely not a bad second, but as far as these three go, Ed is definitely the most Jace.

  • Billy


  • Sarah

    You know, I would actually be ok with any one of these guys, and that’s totally unusual for me. I’m slightly particular :P
    But yeah. I love Ed Speleers. Huge fan, and I think he will best for Jace because he can portray Jace’s vulnerable and tough sides.
    Leebo Freeman NEEDS to change his hair. HATE the bleaching. If he does that he will be just as good IF he can act. All I see on my searches is modeling links, and frankly there are a lot of people(teens) really hoping for this to turn out well and I, for one, will be pissed if it doesn’t because it turned out Leebo can’t act.
    Jamie’s all around ok for this role. Nothing really special, but no problems either.
    Also. I am glad Alex Pettyfer is out. I think he’s got way too much of a tough-guy thing going on to portray Jace’s vulnerable side right. I always imagined Jace with slightly more delicate features, as well.

  • Steph

    Jamie Campbell Bower is a definite NO for me. He’s just…ugh.

    I really like Ed Speelers; I would be great with him as Jace…

    But I ADORE Leebo Freeman. He is a BABE. And he has this Jace-like intensity that I just love. I know people are concerned that he might not have the acting abilities, but seriously- if he’s one of the top three contenders, obviously he’s got something going on!! Give him a chance. :)

  • nancy


    I’ve seen him modeling, he’s hot and not just a bad look.

  • Joanna

    Damn looks like Alex Pt won’t star at Mortal instruments..He was the perfect Jace for me – and i’m not the only one who thinks that.
    Anyway from these 3 actors i would choose Ed Speelers. The other 2 are just so “not Jace”.Especially Leebo i mean he’s so creepy..If you have read the books Jace is the opposite of that gyu..

  • Sierra

    In my opinion, Leebo Freeman is perfect for this role. The photo shown does not showcase his true depth. He isnt just a model; hes also a talented musician. He plays drums in a death metal band and mixes his own Trance music. Aside from that, he just oozes the confidence and charm that I see in Jace. Just look at some of his shoots! His passion is amazing. Nothing against Ed or Jamie, I just really feel like Leebo’s depth of personality would really work here. Hes an artist, and he has it going on.

  • Cheech

    Well, we already know who got it but now I’m def on my Leebo tip. He is smokin’ hot. With a capital frickin’ ‘S’.

  • Jessika

    ALEX PETTYFER will be making the biggest mistake if he doesn’t do Mortal Instruments, If he plays Jace then the Mortal Intrument series will be BIGGER, BETTER AND SOOOOO MUCH MORE POPULAR THAN Twilight. This will make him a even BIGGER, MEGA STAR. The Director should not go ahead if Alex doesnt take the part as the ratings will be bad and alot of the Mortal Intrument fans will be very disappointed. its a dominos effect if the movie is shit cos Alex isn’t Jace then the future books will be duds, because people wont be able to imagine Alex as the Perfect Jace. If you ever read this Alex Pettyfer think of your fans and think of how big you will be staring as Jace Wayland!!!

  • AliceDarcia

    I’m so damn disappointed that Jamie got the role… it’s such a shame. It’s should have been Ed. Leebo could have played Sebastian (with dark hair) and then play Jonathan with white hair :)