Jamie Foxx in Talks to Play Villain Electro in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

     November 1, 2012


Things are moving right along on the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.  Just over a month ago we learned that director Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were all returning for the follow-up, and we recently got wind that The Descendants star Shailene Woodley had entered talks to take on the role of Mary Jane Watson (making a minor appearance in this sequel).  Within that report we also learned that the film’s villain was rumored to be Electro, and now it appears that Sony has settled on Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx to take on the electrically-inclined antagonist role.

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[Update: Click here to read what Webb had to say about Foxx's casting, Electro being the villain, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in general.]

Per Variety, Jamie Foxx is in early negotiations to play the film’s villain, Electro.  The appearance of the character isn’t all that shocking (sorry), as the post-credits sequence in The Amazing Spider-Man featured a shadowy figure confronting Rhys Ifans’ Dr. Curt Connors in a jail cell, asking if Peter Parker knew the real truth about his parents.  The figure’s appearance and disappearance were accompanied by lightning sounds, and as we all know Electro gained the power to control electricity after being struck by lightning.

Foxx is an interesting choice to tackle the villain role, but if you look at the cast that Webb has assembled it’s really a fantastic line-up of talent.  Variety’s report doesn’t mention the appearance of any other villainous characters in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but given that most sequels up the ante in the antagonist department, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another villain pop up in a minor role at some point.  Production on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will begin next year in anticipation of the film’s May 2nd, 2014 release date.

Foxx himself commented on the news story, seemingly confirming that he’ll be taking the gig:



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  • Aaron

    From Jamie Foxx’s twitter:

    “Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night. Costume fits well.”

  • jrocm

    Jamie is good in just about anything….im down to watch him kill it in spider man!

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  • adambramble


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  • Collin V.

    We didn’t get a black Spider-Man, so sure, why not?

  • C.R.

    Epic Failure! Why don’t they just have Jim Carey make an appearance as the Riddler…Oh, that’s Batman, never mind. The first one was good, but now it will start the downward spiral. Fox is NOT the person to play Electro!!!

  • C.R.

    Epic Failure! Why don\’t they just have Jim Carey make an appearance as the Riddler…Oh, that\’s Batman, never mind. The first one was good, but now it will start the downward spiral. Fox is NOT the person to play Electro!!!

  • T


    • stove

      you can’t believe the choice, or your blatant racism? There was nothing inherently white or black about Electro. If so, find me the issue. Then I will find you the issue of Superman where he hits on his cousin…. yep… so characters can change…. unless you don’t care and you are doing this just for provocation, then in that case you’d still be a dick.

      • Pedro Almeida

        Sarcasm, you dont get it.

      • stove

        I guess i didn’t. But I do see it now: using capitals and exclamation marks to account for clarity of said sarcasm is a totally better method of expression, rather than using clever opinions or original thoughts and ideas…just don’t forget to make a convoluted statement and hit CAPSLOCK before starting to type….it’s better that way.

      • Jay McKells

        You still don’t get it.

      • Anonymous

        shut the fuck up

      • stove

        no i did. It’s just poorly written. And telling someone to “shut the fuck up” on a message board is about as constructive as making a building out of jell-o.

      • Random Bystander

        He wasn’t trying to be constructive, he was just telling you to shut the fuck up, and was the first in a long line to do so. You need to gain a better grasp of subtext, or lack thereof. Sometimes shut the fuck up is just shut the fuck up, so shut the fuck up.

      • stove

        The bitterness is only washed away by your tears.

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  • James

    Terrible choice. I’m not a big fan of Jamie Foxx (although I did like him in Ali and Collateral). He does better at playing sympathetic characters.

  • Griz

    So they’re going to explain Michael Massee’s appearance at the end of the first movie . .. . .how? Was he beta testing Foxx’s equipment a la Rhodey in Iron man?

  • Will

    Jamie Foxx sucks. He is horrible in Law Abiding Citizin, which is a serious role. If they frick this up and put Jamie Foxx I will not see this movie. Respect Jamie Foxx, just hate his acting.

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  • cedartreeradar

    jaime fox was amazing in… everything hes ever been in all the way back to in living colour. If he was twenty years younger he could even play spiderman perfectly

    • ScaredForMovies

      Even Bait & Booty Call?

  • moross318

    Jamie Foxx is the man for those who don’t know. I think he will do good for the role. We are now livning in a world that holds no color barriers, yet we do.

  • Genomi


  • Peter

    Sub-villain: White Rabbit! C’mon!

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  • copperboy

    For the people who think race is an issue for Electro, what about Nick Fury? White for decades in the comics, black for a few years in the Ultimate Universe, then black in the movies, yet I think the black Fury is great. Foxx will do a great job, just wait and see, then comment!

    • daveyboy

      Exactly. The great thing about comics is that since the same characters have been around for 50 years at least, if they want to use those characters set in a different universe it’s excusable to change the details. That’s why the Ultimate line of comics work so well, because it is a completely different universe, and Nick Fury can be black. Not to mention a great marketing idea because Nick Fury says in the comics Samuel L. Jackson is the only actor that could play him in a movie. And that was like 2002 or something. The new Spider-Man films are taking that same idea and setting the world in an entirely different universe, and so Electro can be Black or Mexican or White or whatever. They made the Lizard and Peter Parker completely different characters too. It won’t be like in Daredevil where they made the Kingpin the same character just randomly Black. And Jaimee Fox is a great actor.

      • Nerdgasm

        Okay number one Davey Boy… you need to stop talking. In 2002 Marvel actually PAID Sam Jackson to use his Likeness in the comic book and that was just a inside joke in the comics when Sam Jackson was mentioned as to being the only dude that can play him. SECONDLY Peter Parker wasn’t all that different (Aside from his back story which wasn’t shown in the film anyways so at this point he is still the same peter unless they choose to dive into his Origin more in the second but it seems like they are scrapping their made up Origin as they did in the movie.) and aside from being subtly Euro – The Lizard wasn’t a stretch either and if you KNOW ANYTHING about Dare Devil you would know that THAT movie is further away from it’s source material than Amazing Spider Man is and your argument would have looked better flip flopped but instead you look like a tard. I was actually fine Asthetically speaking for KingPIn’s Race change plus i liked Duncan as an actor. Idris Elba also FANTASTIC and what they did with HIemdall was awesome. His look, his demeanor and hisvoice. BUT not only do i despise the Always Smug skin Deep acting of Jamie Foxx i also think that he as a whole and the color is comepletly wrong for the character. He is a psycho, a shrill, laughing, egotistical, meek Badass. without his powers he isn’t suppose to look like he can take anyone and Foxx is Cheesey as all hell constantly at how tough he is. and not to sound racist but it’s easier for a white guy to pull off how i just described the character to be. and IMO the character of Nick Fury himself is better played by a black dude being as a white guy couldnt have pulled him off even back in his Pale Skin days.

        The issue in place is that people jump to the conclusion that someone is racist but you have to look at a character. Im all for race chance and sex change.. i think it would work for Electro to be Female. but not black or atleast not Jamie Foxx too sound less racist to those of you who think you are FIGHTING FOR A GREATER GOOD that will call me racist after this.

  • will

    The fact that Motherf*cker Jones is going to play a Spider-Man villain just cracks me up. But I do like Foxx as an actor, so I’m cool with this. At the very least, he’ll be more than the disappointing non-presence that Rhys Ifans’ Lizard turned out to be.

  • Robert Downey

    I hate the new Spiderman and I hate Jamie Foxx.
    Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst made 2 perfect films and one mediocre one.
    Why the hell this needs to be rebooted I don’t know.


    • Bruced Branner

      You realize that this article is referring to the second “rebooted” movie. You are a bit late on your rant. New Spiderman will not miss you at the theater.

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  • Jay McKells

    The character Electro is a joke, everyone knows if you get struck by lightning you become faster than the speed of light… Plus Spiderman was the most boring superhero film ever.

    • stove

      more than Superman Returns? Impossible, at least Spidey threw a punch.

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  • Jay

    I don’t care what race the new Electro will be.
    What I do care about however is whether the character will be believable.
    Electro needs to be manic and unbalanced, fidgety, jumping to conclusions, etc.
    Now look at Jamie Foxx. He looks far too laidback to be able to pull this off.
    He could probably pull off an intense, confident villain reasonably well, but someone as manic and insane as Electro? I don’t think so.

    • Jay McKells


  • KP

    this version of sipderman sucks

    • Jay McKells

      Real talk.

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  • pch

    Foxx should be Shocker or Mysterio instead, being customed the whole movie and leaving his race ambiguous.

    • pch


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  • danzo

    I’m not really in favor for Jamie Foxx playing Electro, I believe he is a terrific actor and wonderful comedian, and he might give the character a great portrayal, but the fact of the matter is, Maxell Dillon (Electro) is caucasian. Let me pose a question, [What if instead of Wesley Snipes playing Blade you had Bruce Willis or instead of Don Cheadle playing War-Machine you had Ashton Kutcher.] My point is I would be just as confused as to why that would be, just as much as the other way around, because i feel that you are not being true to the person in the comic book, and that is all I’m asking for.