Jamie Foxx in Talks to Join ANNIE Starring Quvenzhané Wallis

     April 29, 2013


A couple months ago, Beasts of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhané Wallis was tapped to star in the remake of Annie.  For those unfamiliar with the musical (or the comic strip on which it was based), Annie centers on a poor orphan who is adopted by Daddy Warbucks, a wealthy benefactor.  According to Heat Vision, Jamie Foxx is in talks to play “Benjamin Stacks”, who is “a variation of the Daddy Warbucks personage” and in case you couldn’t figure it out, his name comes from stacks of $100 bills.  While I understand that it’s appropriately updated, I couldn’t help but hear a needle-scratch when I read that name simply because of how corny it sounds.  Hopefully, it works better in the context of the movie and the tone director Will Gluck and producers Will Smith and Jay-Z are going for.

Foxx is currently filming on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and is developing a horror series for SyFy.  He’ll be seen later this summer in the action flick White House DownAnnie is eyeing a fall production start for a 2014 release.


  • Anonymus

    This is gonna be rich. Hope it’s better than the Wiz!

    What a novel idea – create an unoriginal remake of an all-white Broadway musical, starring ALL colored people, so that poor black chillun can have a vision of Role Models and a History that NEVER existed for them during the time of the Great Depression.

    And next, we’ll have the first black Olympic Ice Skater, during the Civil War! Many years before the Olympics even started.

    Seriously, this is bullshit.

    BLACK KIDS – embrace the sadness of your history, and pick up and be better people today. BLACK CELEBRITIES (and Tarantino) – quit trying to sugar-coat the past, or make up an entirely new version.
    WILL SMITH – you’re just another low-life n*gger who cheats on his wife, except that you have a lot of money. You are NOT a role model for young black kids.

    F uck you. Thank you.

  • Mr. Nibs

    I think all this hateful racism above, should be deleted Collider. I think an all black cast can be a fun twist on an old concept. (If it’s done well) I know I sure don’t want to see or hear another white version of it. lol