Jamie Foxx in Talks to Join Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’

     September 8, 2015


Filmmaker Edgar Wright continues to put together the cast for his next film, and now he’s added an Oscar winner to the ensemble. Per Deadline, Jamie Foxx is in negotiations to join the cast of Baby Driver, an original film (the nerve!) from Wright about a mute getaway driver who relies on music to maximize his driving skills. Ansel Elgort leads the pic as the titular driver, Cinderella actress Lily James also stars, and now Foxx makes the third addition to the cast as a crime boss who coerces Elgort’s character to work for him.

Baby Driver has previously been described as Wright’s version of a musical, and while I think many (myself included) would have loved to see what he would’ve done on a large canvas with Ant-Man, I’m thrilled we’re about to see an original, music-driven piece from one of the best filmmakers working today. Wright is known for his meticulously crafted films, from script to visuals to editing, and this particular premise sounds like it’ll be a swell showcase for Wright’s talents as well as an ambitious conceit with regards to character. We got a taste of what Wright can do with a car chase in Hot Fuzz, so imagine an entire film revolving around a getaway driver.


Image via Focus Features

Foxx has been making curious choices as of late, moving seamlessly between big comic-book movies (Amazing Spider-Man 2), family films (Annie), comedies (Horrible Bosses 2), and actioners (White House Down). With Baby Driver, however, Foxx moves back into Django Unchained territory with a singularly talented filmmaker at the helm, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what a collaboration between Wright and Foxx looks like.

Wright is working with longtime collaborators Working Title on Baby Driver with Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan producing alongside Big Talk Productions’ Nira Park. Foxx, meanwhile, is currently filming the action thriller Sleepless NightBaby Driver is slated for release on March 17, 2017.

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