Jamie Foxx Playing Mike Tyson for the Writer of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET

     July 30, 2014


This could work.  This could really, really work.  Jamie Foxx is now attached to play Mike Tyson in an as-yet Untitled Mike Tyson Movie.  Equally good news?  Terence Winter is writing the project.  Even if you’re not familiar with Winter’s HBO work on The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire, you’ve surely seen The Wolf of Wall Street by now.  Even if this movie follows the standard, tired bio-pic formula can you imagine the panaché they could pull this off with?  Winter wrote the hell out of Wolf of Wall Street.  It’s true that Tyson is in some ways even more reprehensible than Jordan Belfort, but that doesn’t mean there’s not an interesting story there.

There isn’t a director yet, but I imagine it won’t be too hard to find one with this combo.  Hopefully they don’t sanitize the less than savory aspects of Tyson’s life but, given the frankness of Tyson himself and his one-man show Undisputed Truth, I doubt they will.  I’m not a fan of Tyson (it’s hard to pull for a convicted rapist) so I’d much rather see an honest character examination than a glorification.  Hit the jump for more on the Untitled Mike Tyson Movie.

terence-winter-mike-tyson-moviePer Variety “it’s unknown exactly which parts of Tyson’s life Winter will focus on, he has plenty of material to cover over the past 30 years.”

Where do you guys fall on all of this?  It’s important (for me) to remember that Tyson, despite his funny Hangover persona, has done some truly atrocious things.  I, for one, don’t think chronicling his life in a film is a necessarily bad thing if done properly.  It’s an interesting tale, but not one without darkness.  If this turns out to be (and with Winter involved I doubt it will) a blind celebration I’ll be kind of bummed about it.

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  • Oliver Queen

    I got so confused by this title, i thought Jamie Foxx and Terence Winter are having an affair and Foxx is role playing as Mike Tyson for Winter in bed. LMFAO!

    • Werefon

      Oliver Queen! YOU HAVE FAILED THE HUMOR!!!

      • Mezmero

        I agree Epic Fail

  • Broken Skateboard

    Evan Dickson definitely sounds stoned the way he writes his posts.

  • Pk

    Tyson is a convicted rapist?

    • DeathoftheEndless7

      Yes he is.

      • Innocent bystander

        If Tyson is actually guilty of rape then OJ simpson is actually not guilty of murder. Jury screwed up in both cases!

      • DeathoftheEndless7

        Either way they’ve both done terrible things.

      • Werefon

        The woman that he allegedly raped just month before that accused another guy for a rape and took his money. She did that few more times.

        And now think, does millionaire need to rape someone when he could get woman for free, or buy a best hooker?. Also, he was at the top.

        So, yes! He is convicted rapist BUT did he really raped that woman? NO.

      • Mezmero

        That’s the point most women will lie to get in your pocket and some people need a law book to understand what convicted really means. Their are convicts and killers who got thier own movies but it seems like people want ignore that bitch that should have won best picture.

      • James Franco

        Who did he rape??

  • DeathoftheEndless7

    He already has the gap in his teeth and everything!

    • Werefon

      He doesn’t anymore. Electric Eels-mutants fixed it with a bite and turned his entire body into complete electric substance cause they can, I guess!

  • Davis

    Personally i don’t think mike tyson raped that female, but how come the writers don’t go at woody allen and roman polanski whenever you see post about them on the site?

  • Strong Enough

    how many times on one page must you say Mike tyson is shit? lmao jesus. we get it

  • Munier Sharrieff

    Michael Jai White was an amazing Mike Tyson in an HBO movie years back.

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  • Werefon

    I can see that. He need to put some weight and make his neck as big as his head and we go.

  • TigerFIST

    Since Robin Givens is a real actress with talent should she play herself?

  • Mezmero

    Jamie Foxx has to be playing older Tyson or this unconfirmed. HOLLYWOOD is insane for this and really should find an known unknown Tyson’s name alone will sell. Chadwick Bosmen was only in small roles before 42 now he is a big name and I hope Marvel approaches him for Black Panther.

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    NO!!! Call Michael Jai White up and have him reprise the role!!! He was fantastic!!!

  • Tim

    What about forgiveness?

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