Jason Clarke Talks ZERO DARK THIRTY, William Monahan’s MOJAVE, Roland Emmerich’s WHITE HOUSE DOWN and More

     January 15, 2013


One of my favorite films of 2012, director Kathryn Bigelow’s drama about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty, is finally playing in theaters nationwide.  Loaded with amazing performances, an incredible script by Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker), and perfect direction, Zero Dark Thirty  should definitely be seen in a theater, and it’s absolutely worth the price of admission.  In the film, Jessica Chastain plays a CIA operative spearheading the manhunt, and she stars alongside Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke, Chris Pratt, Mark Strong, Scott Adkins, Joel Edgerton, and James Gandolfini.  For more on the film, read Matt’s review.

During the Los Angeles press day, I got to speak with Clarke. We talked about what the last few years have been like since he’s landed some high profile projects, the way people are responding to the film, his reaction to seeing the film for the first time, deleted scenes, and more.  In addition, we also talked about some of his upcoming projects like Roland Emmerich’s White House Down and William Monahan’s next film, Mojave.  Hit the jump to watch.

If you missed my video interview with Jessica Chastain, click here to watch.

Jason Clarke:

  • What have the last two years been like after paying dues as an actor for a very long time.  He’s now in a number of high profile projects
  • Talks about the way people are responding to the film
  • What was his reaction to seeing the film for the first time
  • Deleted scenes talk
  • Talks about William Monahan’s next film Mojave
  • Talks about Roland Emmerich’s White House Down and getting 2 broken ribs and busting up his ankle


  • Carlos

    I want to read Frosty’s top 10 list, please :)

    • Jose

      I second that

      • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

        I third that. I don’t yet know what my top ten is as I haven’t seen all the movies. Also, I leave for Sundance tomorrow and am swamped with work so….

  • Cahoot

    Seems like a cool dude. I think he gave a performance every bit as good as Jessica Chastain’s – and not to take anything away from her either, she deserves the praise she is getting. But his performance is more under the radar.

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