Jason Momoa in Talks to Play Drax the Destroyer in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? [Updated]

     February 15, 2013


With Chris Pratt now set in the lead role of Star-Lord, it looks like casting is moving right along on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.  Writer/director James Gunn has now posted up in London to continue pre-production on the film with shooting set to begin in a couple of months, and now a new report has surfaced claiming that Gunn and Marvel have settled on the actor that will play Drax the Destroyer.  The character is one of brawn, and he actually began life as a human before his family was attacked and killed by the ubervillain Thanos, after which his spirit was placed in a new, much more powerful body.  Rumor has it that none other than Khal Drogo himself, Jason Momoa, will bring Drax to life.  Hit the jump to read on. [Update: THR now reports that Momoa tested for the role, but has no offer. More after the jump.]

[UpdateBorys Kit of THR Tweets that his sources tell him Momoa only tested for the role and has not received an offer for the part:


He followed up by saying this doesn't mean Momoa won't end up being their guy, but he has yet to receive an official offer.  Hopefully we hear one way or the other soon.  Our original story follows below.]

jason-momoa-guardians-of-the-galaxyThe folks over at Latino Review (who posted a killer Star Wars scoop earlier today) report that negotiations have begun with Momoa to take on the role of Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Apparently the actor flew out to London earlier this week to test for the role, but his audition went so well that he was subsequently offered the part.  Also reportedly in the running for the role were Isiah Mustafa, David Bautista, and Brian Patrick.

Negotiations are said to be ongoing and nothing has been confirmed, but Momoa seems a fine fit.  Though the film was a box office disappointment, the actor has experience as the lead in a large-scale adventure pic with the Conan the Barbarian reboot.  He also memorably played Khal Drogo on HBO’s Game of Thrones, and earned notice as one of the only good things about last month’s Sylvester Stallone actioner Bullet to the Head.

We recently learned that Marvel will be using a heavy amount of visual effects to bring two other Guardians members to life—the giant tree Groot and the talking raccoon Rocket Raccoon—so if Momoa does indeed sign on as Drax, that leaves the female lead of Gamora as the last remaining live-action role to fill on the Guardians team.  The film’s villain is rumored to be Thanos, but we’ve yet to hear any casting mumurs for that part.  With production set to begin soon, look for more news in the coming weeks.  Guardians of the Galaxy opens in 3D on August 1, 2014.


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  • Tone

    It’s a joke right? early April Fool’s?

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  • Tyler

    I’m actually not upset about this. He was good in BTTH, so I think they should give him a shot.

  • Sylvester Stallone

    The ONLY good thing about BTTH!? I know the movie didnt do well for some reason…but there was a lot to like as far as I was concerned about that movie.

  • kenny38606

    Is he gonna have to cut his hair? There’s no way you can fit all that under a bald cap.

  • kenny38606

    Is he gonna have to cut his hair? There\’s no way you can fit all that under a bald cap.

  • Bob

    I would rather Vin Diesel please………………………….

    • Bob

      Haven’t seen Bullet to the Head, but he was good in Game of Thrones. But still, would rather Vin Diesel.

    • dodoriz

      I don’t mind Jason Momoa, but I have to agree that Vin Diesel is a much better choice.

      • Michael

        Why? Because he’s bald?

      • Bob

        This reply is really for michael but my computer for some reason wont let me respond directly to micael. I think Vin Diesel is the best choice because I like his voice for the part, I think he’s a great action star thats not to bad at acting, and he’s a badass in F&F like this character should be, and if u have seen the Riddick movies he uses 2 knifes in those movies and hes awesome as the character. Plus I think his buffness is the perfect size for the part. Being bald is just a bonus.

  • Nathan

    I really don’t understand Marvel making this film. Coming hot off the huge success of Joss Whedon’s Avengers film that had the luxury of playing with well established characters, they’re going to attempt to introduce an entirely new team of characters who, let’s be honest, strain believability for your average movie audience. A talking raccoon, a sentient tree, a human who’s spirit was implanted into a powerful body, the sole survivor of an alien race, and a man called the Star Lord?

    And this whole thing is going to be brought to life by a director who’s most notable directorial achievements have been Super and Slither?

    To use a familiar phrase, my spidey sense is tingling.

    This does not seem like it’s going to work. But hey, we won’t know for sure until it hits the big screen.

    For now I have zero expectations for this film, and I’m a little worried this might be a step backwards for Marvel.

    • anonymous

      People said the same thing about Iron Man. “For the first movie from Marvel Studios, you are going to make a movie about a guy in a robotic suit thing that the average movie audience doesn’t know about, and you are going to have a washed out druggie alcoholic actor play him, and its going to be directed by the guy that made Elf.”
      And we all know how that turned out.
      So kudos from me that Marvel is stepping out of the box and taking risks. I know nothing about GOTG but then again I didn’t know anything about Iron Man at the time. I am looking forward to this movie and I am excited about what they will do.

  • sense 11

    That’s good casting believe it or not haters,

    • ThanTheMan

      I don’t even know why there ARE haters. This is ideal casting.

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  • it is known

    Aubrey Plaza for Gamora. I called it!

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