Exclusive: Jason Segel and Amy Adams Talk THE MUPPETS at CinemaCon; Plus Watch as I Call Adams Miss Lane

     March 29, 2011

Jason Segel and Amy Adams Talk THE MUPPETS slice CinemaCon

Shortly after Disney’s presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas ended, I got to talk to Jason Segel and Amy Adams backstage about The Muppets.  While Disney has yet to release any footage from one of my most anticipated films of 2011, during the presentation, they showed a number of clips and everything looked great.  While it might have taken a number of years for The Muppets to make another movie, I really think audiences are ready to see Kermit and friends.

Anyway, while I only had a few minutes, Segel talked about finally getting the opportunity to make the movie and what the Muppets mean to him, Adams talked about how Kermit and Segel sent her a DVD asking her to be in the film, and I asked them both what is their go to karaoke song.

But I’ve left out my favorite part.  As the interview began, instead of just saying hi, I said, “nice to see Mr. Segel and Miss. Lane.”  In case you didn’t know, Adams is playing Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s Superman movie.  Also, as the interview ended, I told her how happy I was that she got the part and you can watch her reaction.  Hit the jump to watch:

Jason Segel and Amy Adams

  • Watch as I call Amy Adams Miss Lane…
  • What’s their go to karaoke song
  • What’s it like to finally see The Muppets come to life. Segel talks about Amy Adams and Chris Cooper
  • Adams talks about how she got a DVD from Kermit and Segel asking her to be in the movie
  • At the end I tell Adams how happy I am that she’s doing Superman. She says that she is, “so excited.”



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  • MonsterKilledThePilot


  • Limbooda

    Good stuff!

  • junierizzle

    FROSTY, thanks for telling Amy what we all are feeling.

    • Richard of Norway

      +1. Excellent! So glad she’s stoked about it too.

  • Womanizer

    That publicist that appears at the end of the video came off like a b%#tch. You were being a nice guy and complimenting Amy Adams and she was implying, “Whatever, don’t bring your hand close to the actress! Goodbye!” Which is why Amy Adams is a star and whomever the publicist is is a nobody. Don’t worry Frosty, I will hunt that publicist down, convince her to come back to my place and treat her like a total wh^re. Then after words when she tries to cuddle I will tell her to get the hell out. I’m just delivering god’s justice. In the mean time, I hope the publicist gets fired.

  • usa news

    Amy Adams The Story So Far – http://t.co/qiMEAWl

  • J.R.

    She didn’t like it at first, when you said Miss Lane, look at her face? lol! at the end she did fine, good actress………………