Jason Statham in Talks to Star in ECHELON

     February 10, 2011


Jason Statham is reportedly circling the thriller Echelon.  The project will mark the directing debut of stunt coordinator Simon Crane.  As you may recall, Crane was originally set to direct the adaptation of Kane & Lynch, but dropped off the project.  According to Deadline, the film is based off novel Firewall and would have Statham playing “Nick Stone, an SAS soldier who finds himself caught between the Russian Mafia and western secret agents trying to get their hands on the Echelon computer program.”  Presumably the role requires lots of punching, kicking, shooting, and growling in a menacing-yet-charming brogue.  Firewall is the 3rd book in a 13-book series by former SAS soldier Andy McNab, so if the movie is successful, Statham could be looking at a potential franchise.

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