Jason Statham Turns Down Role in FAST SIX

     April 12, 2012


Apparently Jason Statham is able to turn down movie offers.  The star of two Crank films and The Bank Job has apparently turned down an offer to star in the upcoming sixth entry in the Fast and Furious franchise.  Director Justin Lin is returning to the director’s chair in the apparently globe-spanning Fast Six, but Twitch reports that Statham was unable to work out a deal with Universal to join the testosterone-fuel cast.  Dwayne Johnson is reprising his role from the surprisingly great Fast Five, and Vin Diesel and Co. are expected to return as well.

Johnson recently revealed that Fast Six will not be shot concurrently with Fast Seven, but both films will be shot separately in the UK and Germany so we’re in for some international racing this time around.  I loved the hell out of Fast Five, so I’m excited to see where Lin takes the series now.  Production on Fast Six begins next month

  • Jesus

    This makes complete sense to me, Statham is more of a hand-to-hand or on foot kind of action star. Fast Five was great, but the only reason Dwayne made sense in it was through the insertion of a few hand-to-hand fights (notably the big one with Diesel). They could have just done the same with Statham, but it would’ve been weird as Statham’s fighting is based on speed whereas Dwayne/Diesel are based on pure strength brawling.

    • renner

      You do realize he made his career in the US by driving a car in 3 Transporter films, don’t you?Add The Italian Job and Death Race and you have the guy starring in 5 driving movies.

      This film series isn’t so much about combat, but driving and stunts.And now that they’ve transferred it into a heist film series and are downplaying the car aspects, he’s perfect for this film.There’s going to be a lot of physical stunts in this film that he’s known for.

    • Sam

      As much as I love the Fast franchise with the current stars who are rumored to be involved (Will Smith, Willow, and Rihanna) this film looks like its veering away from the adult scene and bringing in more “kids” actors. I am turned off that they will possibly be in these installments. I like Will Smith but none of those actors have NO place in the installment, and I for one will not be the first in line to watch THAT particular movie. As for Jason Statham not being involved with the movie it is sad to hear. It would have been much better with him as they wouldve taken REAL action stars (not kiddie ones) and could’ve expanded more into the racing, martial arts, and action with some real good scenes. Though Statham’s franchise made less money than Fast’s did he didnt have to split it with 20 different damn people. BAMN

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  • jack

    bring back eva mendes for more than just a cameo

  • Tony

    “Shitty call” by Statham. The Fast and Furious franchise is bigger than anything he has ever been apart of, and it would have given him tons of exposure.

    • Alex–

      Firstly Statham is bigger than anyone in that series. Remember he has his own transporter series and routinely headlines action films.

      But although he would have made a perfect fit for this film, the films was probably just too crowded. It has a huge cast and too many male co-stars.

      I’m sure Statham has passed on this film but will be open to a future sequel where he gets a more substantial role.

      • Tony

        Statham might headline action flicks, but they rarely do that well in box office, save for Transporter 3 and Expendables.

        You bring up the Transporter series, well let me throw some numbers at you: The Transporter series as a whole made $238 million worldwide. Fast and Furious, the fourth film in the franchise made $363 million worldwide. One movie from the F&F made more than Stathams entire franchise. So now tell me that Statham is bigger than those guys.

  • mattinacan

    smart, smart move on his part. stay far away from this crappy franchise

  • Eric

    Tony, that was the best fucking comment ever.

  • JCRZ88

    I hated the fast and the furious but I went because my brother loves these movies…then came the fourth one and I was really impressed having seen the previous, then came number five and now I’m a huge fan. Justin Lin has done something special with this series, and I’m very excited for the future of this series. It takes itself serious enough but also allows itself to have fun, which makes it a great thrill.

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  • Nex

    Dammit! Jason would have been a perfect fit.