Jason Sudeikis Takes Out a Contract for BOUNTY HUNTER

     June 17, 2009

jason_sudeikis_01.jpgIn a sane universe, any film called “Bounty Hunter” would be an insane action spectacle with so much testosterone that your body would be forced to overcompensate with estrogen and you would get bitch tits.  You would walk out of the theatre looking like Meat Loaf in “Fight Club”.

But we live in an insane universe and “Bounty Hunter” is a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler and will probably not make one Boba Fett reference.  Aniston plays Casidy, a woman who jumps bail and Butler plays the hunter who goes after her.  Oh, and she just happens to be his ex-wife.  They may end up falling love again.  Just a wild guess right there.

According to THR, the film has received a little saving grace in the form of “Saturday Night Live’s” Jason Sudeikis who has come on board to play Stewart, a work friend of Casidy who mistakenly thinks he’s her boyfriend and goes off searching for her when she goes missing.  Unfortunately, he’ll soon realize that while he’s funnier that Casidy’s ex-husband/bounty hunter, his tragic flaw is one most of us share: we will never look like Gerard Butler.  You can’t really compete with that bag of handsome.

The film is directed by Andy Tennant (“Fool’s Gold”) and written by Sarah Thorp (“Twisted”) and if you think this film is gonna be great, you’re adorable.  Hopefully, the talented Sudeikis will find himself in some better and more prominent roles in the near-future.

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