Javier Bardem Offered Lead in Ron Howard’s THE DARK TOWER

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Well that was fast. Earlier today, we told you that Christian Bale was the current frontrunner to be cast as the lead in Ron Howard’s ambitious adaption of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Now, it’s being reported that Javier Bardem has officially been offered the lead role of gunslinger Roland Deschain in the film.  The part has been one of the most hotly sought after in Hollywood at the moment, with the shortlist of actors being considered for the part growing every day. The book series will be adapted into three films by screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind), with a two-season TV series bridging the gaps between each film. Hit the jump for the details on how all of this will work, including how one of the TV seasons might be a prequel.

Included in Deadline’s report that Bardem has been offered the lead role of Deschain are details on exactly how this whole adaptation will work out. Apparently, Howard will direct the intial film, as well as the TV component that bridges the gap between the first and second film. After the second film, another TV component will follow but this one will be a prequel, showing Deschain as a young man. The third and final film would reunite the original cast and conclude the series.

So if Bardem signs on, he will appear in all three films and the first “season” of the TV component. In addition to the films, Goldsman is set to write the TV portions as well. Curiously, Deadline’s report states that Howard “plans at this point to direct the initial film as well as the TV component that will create a bridge to the second feature.” Does this mean that Howard won’t be helming the final two films and/or the second TV “season?”  At this point, nothing’s confirmed. What’s likely is that the director’s only contractually obligated to direct the first film and TV component, with an option to return to the director’s chair for the subsequent films if he so desires. However, this is all conjecture. Nothing’s officially been reported as to Howard’s directorial plans past the first film and TV season, so this is purely a guess. Expect more information on the project soon though, as it sounds like things are starting to pick up.

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  • twmmy

    Pleeeeaaaseeeee: NO JB!

  • toxiclogic

    Fuck and Yes! I can’t believe this is actually happening!

  • film101

    While I do think Javier has the chops to pull this off he just doesn’t fit the role. Roland is basically Clint Eastwood sans the blond hair. Tall, thin, sharp features with piercing blue eyes. I just can’t imagine Javier Bardem yelling “Gunslingers to me” with that thick accent. Oh well it will still be neat to see the ka-tet on the big screen.

  • aorta

    If they follow the books, there will definitely be a prequel because the 4th book in the series, “the Wizard and the Glass” is Roland telling stories about himself when he is younger.

  • Marc

    Description of Roland: Tall, thin and lanky, peircing blue eyes, a keen resemblance to a younger Clint Eastwood in the American Western Tradition.

    Ron Howard’s response: Let’s hire a bulky, thick-faced European with a big nose and a heavy accent. Striking brown eyes.

    If this is how the casting is going to be, I might as well give up on the hope that Howard could possibly bring my favorite book series to life in an honorable way. What’s next? Susannah will be white, Eddie and Jake will be fused into one character played by Zac Efron, and Oy will be street-savvy raccoon voiced by Eddie Murphy.

    Oh Discordia!!!

    • Al

      “street-savvy raccoon voiced by Eddie Murphy”, That’s hilarious!
      Susannah could also be a track star!

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Best book series ever finally gets brought to life and Roland’s a Spanish guy? Absolutely no offense to Mr. Bardem, he’s a good enough actor, but Roland Deschain he’s not.

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  • MWH

    So as far as I’m reading this, they’re rolling Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, and The Dark Tower all into one third and final movie? Greaaaaaat…. Wolves was my favorite movie of the whole series and do believe they could manage two movies out of the final three books.

    • MWH

      I totally meant that Wolves was my favorite book, not movie. Oops.. xD

  • SK Fan

    Serious fans are readers of the seven volume novels. Introduction of material from comic books will be instant death.

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