Jay Leno Gets THE TONIGHT SHOW Back; I’m Still with Coco

     January 14, 2010


According to TMZ, NBC has returned The Tonight Show to Jay Leno (he’ll start hosting again after the Winter Olympics), which officially ousts Conan O’Brien from not only his job hosting the program, but NBC as well.  Some in show business may see this as a humiliation for Conan, but I only see it as a humiliation for NBC.  It would be great to stage a boycott of NBC for their pathetic, cowardly actions in this drama, but would anyone really notice?  They are the network of fourth place, and other than their killer Thursday night comedy line-up, it’s a network of nothing.

Hit the jump for why NBC will continue sucking the sour tit of failure from this change-up and how Conan will be better off elsewhere.

tonight_show_conan_o_brien_im_with_coco_image_01.jpgLeno may have been king of the Late Night heap before he went to host the awful Jay Leno Show, but is there any guarantee he’ll return to that position?  Who’s to say that the late night viewers who moved to watch Letterman will return to watch Jay do…whatever it is he does.  If Jay Leno were such a spectacular host, why was his show absolute poison to NBC affiliates?  And why is it that the only time anyone ever talks about Leno, it’s only when he has on a major guest, like the President.

The older late night audience is fading and younger viewers are looking for someone who appeals to their comic sensibilities.  That’s why they’re watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report and [adult swim].  They’re also watching the Interwebs where great sketches and moments spread like wildfire.  I’ll wait why you go find me a funny Jay Leno sketch that you sent to your friends because it was so hilarious.

It’s ridiculous that NBC expected Conan to build a hit show with a new audience in less than a year and it shows that NBC has no long-term vision, which might help explain the whole “fourth place among the major networks”-thing.  NBC President Jeff Zucker has threatened to “ice” Conan for his behavior in this whole mess that Zucker created.  It’s an empty threat, and Conan will go to another network (most likely Fox), and he’ll take his devoted audience with him.  And remember that news Fox hands its schedule over to local programming starting at 10, not 11 like on all the other networks.  So now you have Conan starting earlier than Jay so he’s not in direct competition and staying with his younger audience while Jay Leno broadcasts to millions of viewers who fell asleep during their local news and forgot to turn off their TV.

Congratulations on your new long-term plan by going back to the old, irrelevant guy no one cared about.  I’m still with Coco (as long as Max Weinberg comes along).  And if you’d like to see Conan’s absolute shredding of NBC the past couple of nights, watch the opening monologues from the following shows, plus the interview with Ricky Gervais from last night where they both ripped apart the network:

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    NBC iz a piece of shit. Leno iz a piece of shit. Coco waited patiently for his turn and this is what he gets. Conan will be fine i think. NBC will lose many many viewers.

  • 4 coco


  • Smit

    Are you serious? Fox? I hate fucking Fox……..but I love Conan….aaaaaaaaaaaggghhhh.

  • http://twitter.com/cablebfg Bill Graham

    Still with Coco as well.

  • aleks

    TEAM CONAN, boycott NBC and their shit programming, especially LENO and HEROES

  • Disgusted

    Love the objectivity of this piece. Ha! East Germany had nothing on you. And what's all this Coco bullshit? His name is Conan. If you had bothered to watch Jay's retirement speech five years ago you would have seen that his heart wasn't in it. He was being forced out by NBC because Conan was making noises about leaving. The Tonight Show was doing quite well, and was still beating Letterman. As to Conan, it's really sad that no one realized his brand of comedy; for the highbrows who enjoy movies like Step Brothers and The Hangover, would translate well to the Tonight Show. I knew it, I am sure many of the public knew it, but the idiots who run NBC didn't have a clue apparently. Conan excelled in what he was doing on his late show, he should have stayed there. Jay excelled at what he was doing, HE should have stayed here. I guess the biggest laugh I am having is about you young people writing your bullshit opinions about 'old irrelevant guys' when one day, barring death; you will ALL be old…do you really want someone running about calling YOU irrelevant? How harsh you are while you are still so young and ignorant. One day you will read an ignorant piece such as this and realize how arrogant you were.

  • http://collider.com Matt Goldberg

    I'd like to be called irrelevant if I am, but age has nothing to do with it. Look at Letterman. That guy is still hilarious and still relevant.

    Again, show me something funny Leno's done in the past year. Go ahead. I'll wait.

  • Patti

    I think things need to be put in perspective. The world is brimming with desperately poor people,disasters that kill tens of thousands,starvation,violence and on and on.
    I find this late night thing entertaining,and I have found Letterman hilarious,Conan classy,Kimmel brilliant with his Leno impersonation,and Leno,Boring and unclassy.
    Having said that,I hope people don't turn this into to much of an “Important Drama.”
    There is injustice in this world,and if only the majority of injustness was a situation where a talented comedian attains his dream,becomes a household name,and thru actions of others and not his own actions,he will be able to go to another show “smelling like a rose,and last but not least get paid million and millions. How many out there would go thru what Conan has for 40 million dollars? I got screwed over on a job once and got a tee shirt and a $2,000 severence check.
    I just got thru watching 30 Rock. It might be the best comedy on network tv right now. go figure.

  • Matt

    All due respect, Matt, I agree with most of what you've said, except NBC also has the best network drama – FNL.

  • Matt

    All due respect, Matt, I agree with most of what you've said, except NBC also has the best network drama – FNL.