Watch Jay-Z’s Performance Art Film PICASSO BABY, Directed by Mark Romanek

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Never one to go the traditional route, Jay-Z has taken a rather fascinating approach to the video for his latest single, “Picasso Baby.”  The hip-hop artist collaborated with director Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go, One Hour Photo) to put together a piece of performance art for the track, and the result is a 10-minute short film called Picasso Baby that debuted on HBO Friday night.  Jay-Z and Romanek set the piece up at Pace Gallery in New York City with the intention of seeing what would happen if Jay-Z performed specifically to a single person instead of an arena full of fans.  The result is a highly entertaining piece of work with appearances by Judd Apatow, Michael K. Williams, Taraji P. Henson, Alan Cumming, Adam Driver, Jim Jarmusch, Jemima Kirke, and many more.

Of course, Romanek has plenty of experience crafting memorable music videos, as he’s the man responsible for Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer,” and Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.”  He also worked with Jay-Z previously on the video for “99 Problems.”  Hit the jump to watch the performance art film Picasso Baby.


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FB Comments

  • Qbay3000

    This video is brilliant!!!!!

  • stylus59

    ripping off Kanye West… the master clearly has succumbed to the apprentice

    • RNDYM

      how is he ripping off Yeezy here? that doesnt even make any sense lol.

      • stylus59

        i mean this guy used to rap about murder and the thug life. now, artsy-hova has a 6-hour performing art act. yeezy was always and still is the ‘artiste’ of the genre (think cruel summer and runaway short films). i’m not saying that it is bad to switch styles in one’s career but when you trample on someone else’s niche, that’s rude and disrespectful

      • For You Know Not

        Shut the fuck up kid

      • stylus59

        k. i don’t know how to respond to that irrational comment

      • JD

        By shutting the fuck up.

      • stylus59


      • JD

        By shutting the fuck up.

      • Strong Enough

        jay-z never rapped about murder lmao

        besides it called growing up. he;s rich why rap about the “streets” anymore?

      • stylus59

        check out ‘Murda Murda’

        well of course he can stop rapping about murder and the streets but he shouldn’t be all too ‘Picasso’ about it

      • Strong Enough

        how did i know you were going to say that song? Jay-Z isn’t a gangsta rapper. he has a few verses but never rapped about killing in a whole song of his. come on. if you listen to kanye you know this. stop acting like an idiot.

  • jay

    thats so cool.

  • Matt1

    That was lame.

  • Dobby

    Anyone else think that Jay-Z is just an overrated ass?

    • DoobieDave

      Yes, people that don’t like good hip-hop think that. Is all of his music great? No. Can he be an ass? Absolutely, just like anybody. But he is a legend, and a master of his craft. You can’t talk about the greatest MCs of all time and not have his name come up.

      • mr_teaspoon

        Can he be an ass? Absolutely, just like anybody.

        Mmm, no. Not like just anybody, you’re a special class of asshole when you say things like ‘my presence is charity’.

  • Dobby

    Anyone else think that Jay-Z is just an overrated ass?

  • Doot

    That’s the damn Avengers of hipsters !!

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