Watch: Jean-Claude Van Damme Wants To Be In Your Movie, Posts Free Green Screen Footage

     February 4, 2015


At a time when copyright law and piracy are at odds like never before, Jean-Claude Van Damme is making a peace accord. Sometimes when a celebrity tells people to use their image at will, it can be great (like Wil Wheaton on Twitter), or it can be one of their worst PR mistakes (Bill Cosby). But the Muscles from Brussels is not afraid, because he is a great sport about poking fun at his own image.

In the three-minute clip, JCVD cuts together a ton of hilariously non-contextual scenes for use in an amateur film, a meme, a video clip, whatever you want. (Bonus points go to the first person to create a mini-movie out of just these clips). There’s JCVD pulling you to safety, covering your back as he shoots off crazy rounds of bullets, staring off into the distance, shaking his head and telling you “no!” and threatening various imaginary foes. Most importantly, “do you like sushi?”

He even helpfully includes sound effects, explosions, and even lets you save the girl as he diffuses a bomb in two seconds (and has immense fun in doing so).

Nothing more can be said, this is utterly fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing Reddit flooded with submissions in the coming days and weeks. You can try it yourself by downloading the reel via Keep Vid.

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