THE ARTIST Star Jean Dujardin Auditions for Every Villain Role Ever

     February 9, 2012


A staple of foreign actors making it big in America is signing on for the obligatory villain role. Christoph Waltz followed up Inglourious Basterds with The Green Hornet, Javier Bardem did No Country for Old Men shortly after The Sea Inside, and now The Artist’s Jean Dujardin is poised to follow suit. He’s a Best Actor nominee (and possible winner) for the likely Best Picture champion, and the charismatic Frenchman has teamed up with Funny or Die to poke fun at the whole “foreign star as the next big villain” thing. It’s an amusing video, and we see Dujardin tackle everything from Bond villain to the baddie in Jack and Jill 2. One thing’s for certain: Dujarin could charm the pants off of just about anyone.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

Via Funny or Die


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  • pills_26

    Good god. This would almost make me want there to be a Jack and Jill 2.

  • Ringbearer1420

    What about Baron Zemo in Avengers and Captain America 2?

  • Edward Lee

    Funny or Die: still not funny, but now with accents!

  • potterboy

    i haven’t seen the Descendants or The Artist(i live in the philippines), but with this kind of videos, i’m picking Dujardin to win. nice timing and campaign on Harvey’s side.

  • RogerBacon

    His Die Hard 5 villain was definitely the best

  • Christian

    When he said, “it appears you have bought your last zoo” I was on the floor. Jean Dujardin is AMAZING. He comes from humble beginnings and has made fantastic French films. He deserves this break.

    • Ben

      That was my favourite line too. I thought it this was great!

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