JACKASS Director Jeff Tremaine to Helm REVENGE OF THE JOCKS

     March 15, 2011


Director Jeff Tremaine, who previously helmed all three Jackass films, will be making his narrative feature debut with the comedy Revenge of the Jocks. The Warner Bros.-produced flick tells the story of three once-popular high school jocks who, as adult men, must come to terms with living in world run by the nerds and geeks that they used to torment as adolescents.

THR reports that the original script, by Rami and Etan Cohen (the latter of whom wrote Tropic Thunder), is getting a rewrite by Jeff Baena.(I Heart Huckabees). Treamaine’s Jackass 3.5, an assembly of segments cut from Jackass 3D, is being released exclusively online on April 1st.

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  • junierizzle

    I guess there is more to it but right now I’m thinking, who the f*ck wants to see Jocks get revenge???

    • Eric Nixon

      That was my exact thought. Who wants to see a character with the mindset of, “Hey I made your life horrible when we were younger. And you rose above it and made something out of yourself, while I’m still a bag boy at the Save-A-Lot. I’m angry at YOU for that! REVENGE!!!”

      This is the worst idea since Greedo shooting first.

    • Tonan

      Jocks, that’s who. There are tons of ‘em out there, living in a world run by nerds. Awesome idea for a movie.

  • cpagi

    correct me if im wrong….but isn’t this revenge of the nerds reversed? and maybe there hasn’t been a specific title but i am pretty sure there already have been movies such as this….or at least with the same plot….