Jeffrey Wright’s Beetee and Jena Malone’s Johanna Revealed in New Posters for THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE

     March 6, 2013


Continuing on with Lionsgate’s daily release of new posters/portraits for the characters in director Francis Lawrence’s upcoming sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, two new such portraits have been released online today giving us our first look at Beetee and Johanna.  Jeffrey Wright plays Beetee, a previous Hunger Games winner from District 3 who specializes in electronics and wiring, while Jena Malone plays the highly anticipated character Johanna, another previous Hunger Games winner from District 7.  I’m incredibly impressed by the designs for these two new characters and look forward to seeing them in action.

Hit the jump to take a look at the new posters.  If you missed the previous portraits, check out Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen here, Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket and Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman here, and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy and Lenny Kravitz as Cinna hereThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens November 22nd.

Via Moviefone and Mockingjay.  Click to enlarge.



Here’s the official synopsis for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE begins as Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a “Victor’s Tour” of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell) – a competition that could change Panem forever.

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  • Albert

    Awesome costumes!

  • Bruce LeeRoy

    I Know Why This Film Has A Sequel Now And Survey Says?!! Money! I Gave It Chance Just Not At The Theaters and I Saw Some Good Things Outside Jen L.Sexy Ass! But The Story Played Out With A Shoulder Shrug Ending! And The One Where I Felt I Want 2 See Another Maybe On Date But She Better Grateful Afterwards I Don’t Mind Sittin As Long I’m Gettin!LMAO No Really That’s How Bad It Was.

    • Matt1

      Ummm… What?

    • Elena

      First of all, I’m honestly not sure whether or not to take this comment seriously, as the obscene butchering of the English language renders half your comment completely unintelligible. Second, of the little I could decipher of that cryptic message, it would appear you didn’t understand the ending of ‘The Hunger Games’ and don’t understand why they are making a sequel, ‘Catching Fire.’ Are you aware, sir, that both movies (and next one, ‘Mockingjay’) are based on books? The end of ‘Hunger Games’ didn’t tie everything up neatly because the story isn’t anywhere near over. If you didn’t like the film, don’t watch the sequel. If you don’t plan on watching the sequel, don’t read articles about it.

  • illwillbuc

    Is it me or does jena Malone look like Kristen Stewart in that poster

    • Michael Horne

      Yeah, she does a bit!

  • lee

    Nice. First Philip Seymour Hoffman and now Jeffrey Wright. Good quality cast.

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  • ernest schoenmakers

    But Jena Malone is the best cause she can keep up with JLaw.