April 11, 2011


With Warner Premiere’s Mortal Kombat live–action digital series premiering tomorrow on Machinima.com (a new episode will launch every week), the studio held a press junket today in Beverly Hills and I got to speak with Jeri Ryan, Michael Jai White, director Kevin Tancharoen and game creator Ed Boom.

As most of you know, Tancharoen and the same cast filmed Mortal Kombat: Rebirth last year and the success of the short led Warner Premiere to offer Tancharoen the job helming the new live-action web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy. While the short film was a tease at what Tancharoen wanted to do with a feature, the web series is being released in conjunction with the new Mortal Kombat video game and it’s goal is to offer gamers the history of the warriors they know and love.  Obviously if the new series is a success, I’m sure we’ll get more installments.  But I’m still hoping that Tancharoen will get the keys to a hard R feature…

Anyway, during my interview with Ryan we talked about how she got involved in the project, what was it like to film all the action, is she signed for more Mortal Kombat series or even a feature, and we talked about Body of Proof on ABC and what’s her karaoke song. Hit the jump to watch.

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Jeri Ryan

  • What’s her karaoke song
  • :50 How did she first get involved in the project
  • 2:05 Does she do a lot of action in the series
  • 2:20 How much was the action new for her (talks about how she might have been the only one not a trained fighter in the cast)
  • 3:45 An any point did she play Mortal Kombat to help get ready for the role
  • 4:40 Is she signed on for any more series or a movie
  • 5:05 What was it about the character and show that got her to sign on to Body of Proof on ABC



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  • rockman_blues

    She’s so cool~! I hope the series does well enough for more seasons and a new movie. Best of luck to all involved and my fellow fans hoping for this to be awesome.

  • Chris

    Such a cool and sweet person! I think of all the interviews I’ve seen this is my favorite simply because of her kindness, energy, and for saying “badass” a few times. I cannot wait until the premiere tomorrow!

  • JoshWMC
  • Mark

    There are elements of the new Mortal Kombat reboot judging from the film short that are brilliant, namely the brutality of the games and darker tone, and a fine cast.

    But if they keep those idiotic baclstories and attempts at realism, they are going to ruin what could have been the start of an excellent franchise.

    Jax, Sonya Blade and Scorpion look really good, and i’m glad Scorion holds the focus point, but….

    Baraka is now a black market plastic surgeon whos peircings cannot be removed?

    Reptile has a disease that requires him to eat human flesh? WTF?

    Again ‘judging’ by the film short, they have eradicated the best element of the MK games that seperated it from all the others…mythology, mysticism and the magical fantasy element.

    I really hope they haven’t eradicated the above for the full movie, because judging by the film short, they almost have it nailed.

  • aefjs
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  • Hagenrok

    Ok first of all is a alternat vision to Mortal Kombat so it could have been striped of its fantasy and in return give it a more down to earth feel … when someone has a new vision for something you have to have an open mind about it or most of the time you are going to be disappointed.

    .. oh and he didnt have a deasise that made him eat flesh … just a person with a defect on a normal psycho killer … maby he eats the flesh because he couldnt buy anything because everyone thought he was an ugly**** …. Who knows?

    (ps I have Bad Spelling… want some?)

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