Jesse Eisenberg talks ADVENTURELAND and ZOMBIELAND

     April 1, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Opening this Friday is director Greg Mottola’s new film “Adventureland”. Since I’ve already written about the movie a ton on the site, let me get right to the reason you’re here – my exclusive video interview with the star of the film, Jesse Eisenberg.

While many of you might only know Jesse from his great work in “The Squid and the Whale”, I think that’s about to change, as he’s currently filming a movie for Sony called “Zombieland”, and he’s wrapped production on a number of independent films.

What that means is, Jesse’s star is on the rise and he’s an actor you might like to learn about.

Anyway, during my extended interview we talked about not only making “Adventureland” and “Zombieland”, but how he preps for a movie and what it’s like to work for a writer/director. It’s a great interview and one worth watching.

Finally, for more on “Adventureland”, click here. And a big thank you to Jesse for giving me so much of his time.

Jesse Eisenberg part 1

· Where did he fly in from and is it hard for him to jump into pr mode after filming the day before

· Adventureland – how did he get involved

· He talks about reading the script and how it was really descriptive

· I’ve been going to a lot of movie sets recently and have seen how long the hours are and how hard actors work. I ask if it’s hard for him to stay in character all day and what is his process like

· What was it like to work with Greg Mottola and how he’s a writer/director

Jesse Eisenberg part 2

· Holy Rollers talk

· How much research does he do to play a part

· Zombieland talk

· Is it easier to do press while he’s filming a movie or does he like doing it after he’s wrapped

· Working with Woody Harrelson talk on Zombieland

· Since he’s made Adventureland and Zombieland, I ask what is the third in his trilogy of ‘land’ films

· Is he excited about what Zombieland could do for his career

· What does he have coming up – he says he wrote a play and he’s signed on to a few things

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