Jessica Chastain Passes on IRON MAN 3

     May 7, 2012


In late April, we learned that Jessica Chastain was eyeing a role in director Shane Black’s Iron Man 3.  Well, not entirely unexpectedly, Chastain has had to decline the role due to scheduling difficulties.  The role was reportedly that of a “sexy scientist” who rivals Robert Downey Jr.‘s Tony Stark in intelligence.  Last year, the incredibly talented Chastain burst onto the scene with roles in seven films including The Tree of Life and The Help.  She’s become very in-demand as of late, and her schedule just became too crowded to make room for Iron Man 3.

Hit the jump to read her statement and to find out what other projects she has on the horizon.

Jessica-Chastain-iron-man-3Chastain posted this statement on her Facebook page:

“Sorry to say that Iron Man 3 isn’t going to work out. My schedule is jammed packed and I can’t fit anything else in. The press announced my possible attachment far too soon. I know many of you wanted me to be involved, and I’m so sorry to disappoint you. Hopefully there’ll be another Marvel film in my future. Shane Black and everyone on the IM3 team are really wonderful. I’m very excited to see the film when it comes out. xx”

I was definitely looking forward to seeing Chastain play around in the Iron Man universe, but hopefully she’ll be able to star in a different Marvel film down the road.  She’s currently filming Kathryn Bigelow’s drama about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty and she’s poised to star in the drama The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her.

It’ll be interesting to see who Black and co. nab to fill Chastain’s role in Iron Man 3.  The impressive cast already includes newcomers Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce, so hopefully they choose an actress of the same caliber.  Iron Man 3 opens on

  • mee


    • CocaineHeart

      awww, dang I think she would have made a great addition to Iron Man! :(

  • Lance

    “Sexy scientist” sounds like the route Michael Bay would go. “Oh, here Tony, let me adjust that microscope for you…” As she leans over her lab coat opens up to reveal a glistening, bikini-clad body that we zoom in on and pan around in slow motion, to heavy guitar riffs…

    Sure, that movie would make millions upon millions. But I’d rather have something with a real story than just a bunch of music video sequences and CGI explosions strung together.

    • DamnBASTERD

      Seems accurate, considering you essentially described Black Widow’s role in Iron Man 2.

  • potterboy

    sexy scientist? more like feisty and sassy. i’m gonna go with McAdams but i don’t think she’ll take it. Chastain was already an inspired choice. might i suggest, BRIT MARLING?

  • Elitist Prick

    After Natalie Portman (an actress I like) in ‘Thor’ (a movie I enjoyed), I don’t want to see any more sexy female scientists in superhero/action movies ever again. It just always turns into a stupid, thankless, and uninteresting role. How about a sexy dude scientist and have Tony Stark go gay for the second act of Iron Man 3? Just fuck with the formula a bit…. ok, maybe not the man-on-man part, but still, do SOMETHING different.

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  • Xten

    What a loser, what could be better than Iron man. It would have propelled her career up, anyway Rebecca hall looks a lot “sexier” than her and a cool chick. It worked out for the best.