Jessica Chastain to Play Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s BLONDE

     April 22, 2014


Jessica Chastain may soon be adding “biopic” to her already impressive resume, though not in the traditional sense of the word.  Per The Wrap, the actress is near a deal to play Marilyn Monroe in The Assassination of Jesse James director Andrew Dominik’s next film Blonde.  Though Naomi Watts had previously been attached to play the famous leading lady in the pic, she fell off the project some time ago.  The film is not your traditional “cradle-to-grave” story, as Dominik previously described it as a “sprawling, emotional nightmare fairy-tale type movie” and it is based on author Joyce Carol Oates’ historical novel of the same name.  Hit the jump for more on this exciting prospect.

jessica-chastain-marilyn-monroe-blondeDominik’s frequent collaborator Brad Pitt has been onboard to produce Blonde for some time now, and The Wrap notes that the actor was instrumental in convincing Chastain to sign on.  Obviously a figure like Marilyn Monroe comes with incredibly high expectations, but Chastain is an insanely talented actress, so one imagines she certainly has the chops to fill Monroe’s shoes.  Moreover, with a filmmaker like Andrew Dominik involved, we can rest assured that Blonde will be anything but bland.

Dominik first made waves with his 2000 film Chopper, but it was his 2007 masterpiece The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford that put him firmly on the map.  He crafted a moody, haunting, and powerful portrait of the notorious outlaw that was far from derivative, and I’m eager to see his sensibilities put to work on the fascinating life of Marilyn Monroe.  Though Dominik’s bombastic, aggressive 2012 political drama Killing Them Softly failed to catch on with audiences, Blonde will surely turn audiences heads thanks to its subject matter.

Dominik penned the script for Blonde and production is expected to get underway this August.  Chastain is currently finishing up filming on Guillermo del Toro’s gothic romance Crimson Peak, and she’ll also be shooting The Zookeeper’s Wife this year in addition to Blonde.  As for completed projects, she’ll be seen this fall in Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi pic Interstellar and J.C. Chandor’s drama A Most Violent Year.

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  • James

    Jessica Chastain is so gorgeous! I love her! I haven’t seen many people portray Marilyn Monroe but I did see ‘My Week With Marilyn’ and thought Michelle Williams knocked it out of the park with her performance as Marilyn. I think Chastain can pull it off because she is insanely talented.

  • blake011

    This is an incredibly dense, long, and bleak novel. I wonder how it will be adapted.

    • Strong Enough

      you just describe Andrew’s style lmao

  • Sawyer

    It’s a crime that Jessica Chastain wasn’t discovered sooner than she was. We’re talking about a woman that didn’t hit it big til she was in her mid thirties. That being said, she is remarkably talented on screen, and I am excited to see any film she is in because her presence alone can elevate the film’s quality.

    • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

      Yeah, it’s a real shame, because everybody knows you have to stop acting when you are 40.

  • Chris

    She got some balls taking this on after Michelle Williams did such an amazing job in My Week With Marilyn. Yes JC is talented, but not always believable in parts she plays. Also Pitt producing is a bit of a worry.

    • randommale7

      Why is Brad Pitt Producing worrying? He’s produced The Departed, The Assassination of Jesse James By Coward Robert Ford, Kick-Ass, The Tree of Life, Money Ball, Killing Them Softly and 12 Years A Slave…I don;t really see a need to worry plus he isn’t producing by himself, there are other producers involved.

      • Chris

        You forgot to mention, Eat Pray Love, that movie was so bad and offensive I still have stomach pain thinking about it. Pitt I am sure will cast himself again in a nice cushy role, just like he did in 12 Years.

      • randommale7

        Considering Dominik and Pitt are frequent collaborators (Pitt being in his last 2 films and producing them as well) I’d assume he’s acting in it too. Also if you look at every producers bodies of work you’ll find several stinkers. Just know there is a difference between a writer, director, producer and a badly written novel…

      • Chris

        Eat Pray Love was bad from the outset. Typical mainsteam BS crap. That Jesse James Movie was pretty bad too and if Pitt had any sense of good movie making he would have ordered a re-cut and also cast somebody else as James. The guy can’t act for shit

      • randommale7

        I think we’ll have to disagree about Jesse James, I actually want to see the 4 Hour cut of that…guess we just have different movie tastes

    • -

      When has she not been believable in a part?


    She’s kinda skinny to me. Marilyn was full figured,and from a man’s perspective I like the best of both worlds. But this is a movie so she might have time to gain some pounds,she dose look more like her than other actress’s.

  • Reina

    excited to see more Jessica Chastain in the coming years!

  • The Flobbit

    Jessica Chastain is an incredible actress, and Andrew Donmink is one hell of a director. Watts, I think, looks more like Marilyn, but Chastain will knock it out of the park!

  • André Camilo

    Fun to know that Chastain was initially cast in the Princess Diana biopic, but dropped out and was replaced by Naomi Watts. Watts was initially cast as Marilyn in Blonde, and now Chastain got the role. I really hope this movie get better praise.

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