Rare Video of Jim Henson Teaching How to Make Puppets

     August 17, 2010


Last December, with little to no fanfare, Iowa Public Television posted a rare 1969 clip of Jim Henson teaching the art of puppet making.  The clip (from the show Public See) is obviously only the first in a what was a series of segments featuring the famous puppeteer.

The 15-minute video is a wonderful look at the man who usually hid himself below the stage.  It is also bursting with great ideas for parents who are looking for ways to keep their children busy.  Henson, along with Don Sahlin (the head Muppet’s designer until his death in 1978), demonstrate how easy it is to make simple puppets out of common household objects such as socks, tennis balls, styrofoam cups, wooden spoons, envelopes and even produce.  My 7-year-old has already made it clear that she’s not going to let me rest until we’re created at least one of each.  As a bonus for Muppet fans, it even features a cameo from Rowlf the dog!

This clip is a rare treat which less than 10,000 people have viewed so far.  All you have to do to enjoy it yourself is to hit the jump.

Credit to Topless Robot for uncovering this wonderful video.



  • Villainboy

    I love Jim Henson's voice. You can hear all those memorable characters.

  • Dc_2739

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this

  • Ti Alan Chase

    I felt all warm and fuzzy watching it – I had to share!

  • DoCtOrWho1987

    Awsome! Cannot wait for the new Jason Segel muppet movie!

  • Swlotrre

    i fucking llllllllooooooooovvvvvvveeeeee that his normal voice is literally kermit the frog. Fucking awesome

  • Giomets154575

    Thanks for this !

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  • Jssxiii

    thats frank oz i hear.