Jim Parsons (Sheldon on THE BIG BANG THEORY) Exclusive Video Interview – Backstage at the 2009 Saturn Awards

     June 30, 2009

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For my final interview from this year’s Saturn Awards, I bring you one of the leads on CBS’s awesome sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. If you watch the show, you know how funny Jim Parsons is as Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D. Each week I’m amazed at how much nerdy dialogue Jim is forced to say, and after speaking with him, he admitted that all the things he says are foreign to him. Yes, it’s all an act…Jim isn’t a geek. Nevertheless, his work is always great and if you read sites like Collider and you aren’t watching “The Big Bang Theory”, you’re definitely missing out on a show you’d enjoy.

Anyway, after the jump you can see Jim talk about Comic-Con, what it’s like to lose his anonymity, did he buy anything special after getting a two season pick-up, what filming in front of an audience is like, and what is he looking forward to this season. Oh and we talked about rock, paper, scissors, Spock.

If you’re a fan of his show, you’ll love the interview. Take a look:

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Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D.

  • Saturn Awards talk
  • Comic-Con talk – what is he looking forward to this year
  • What is it like losing some of his anonymity
  • With a two year pick-up is he getting a new car
  • Has anyone from Pasadena ever asked him any questions about his TV show job
  • Rock, paper, scissors, Spock talk
  • What is it like on set when they are getting ready to shoot
  • What is he looking forward to exploring with the characters over the next two years

Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory.jpg